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    [–] Fan Art - Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Bundle (Updated) GojiBelt 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I think the idea and concept are great but I don't think it's visually appealing.

    technically the mock up is very well done.

    [–] Jeff Monson's promo GojiBelt 1 points ago in MMA

    I like how they have it framed just enough to where it looks like Monson is doing this promo nude.

    [–] [OC] Prof Oak's Lab in Lego GojiBelt 1 points ago in pokemon

    This makes me want a lego pokemon game similar to the star wars ones. Pokemon has the massive amount of characters needed for those games.

    [–] Took 3rd in Beginner NoGi at the Oregon Open yesterday... GojiBelt 6 points ago in bjj

    That Shiner is gonna be a conversation starter for days. Spread the word of jiujitsu.

    [–] Kit Dale wins super fight against Tommy Langaker GojiBelt 1 points ago in bjj

    I don't think it was under any particular official promotion. It was similar set up to his last super fight in Europe where it was live streamed/recorded but not apart of any promotion.

    [–] [Official] UFC 228: Woodley vs. Till - Live Discussion Thread GojiBelt 12 points ago in MMA

    Please, Zabit, we know you want to move up in the division but schedule a fight with Yair again. We need to watch two angry helicopters go at it.

    [–] [Official] UFC 228: Woodley vs. Till - Live Discussion Thread GojiBelt 17 points ago in MMA

    Lmao Zabit probably saw the sub earlier and thought "why not?"

    [–] [Official] UFC 228: Woodley vs. Till - Live Discussion Thread GojiBelt 10 points ago in MMA

    The only downside to the awesome KO's are the 70 minutes of commercials to follow.

    [–] Into The Breach Review - "A Masterclass For Indie Strategy Games" GojiBelt 4 points ago in nintendo

    This game is hard as balls, but fair and very, very fun. I'm a big fan of Advance Wars (and to a lesser extend Fire Emblem) but one issue that i've had with those and other turn based strategy games is the amount of time sink it can be to finish a single mission. I really appreciate the short but very intense missions as I feel like I can make some actual game progress on my lunch break or between classes. This game is perfect for the Switch's mobility as it can enjoyed in short bursts without sacrificing depth.

    [–] The real takedown is in the background. Sound on GojiBelt 33 points ago in videos

    This is Jon Salter’s gym, Salty Dog Jiujitsu. He’s a very good MMA fighter, wrestler and jiujitsu black belt. All the gyms promo videos feature something in a similar vein with the hilrious scream.

    [–] Why are omaplatas so rare in mma but common in bjj & nogi? GojiBelt 2 points ago in bjj

    MMA jiujitsu and sport jiujitsu emphasizes different values when it comes to grappling. The guard is generally seen as a losing/lesser position in MMA (at least on the score cards and judges’ eyes) so I imagine they spend less time drilling low precentage guard submissions vs getting up and sweeping.

    [–] Damn Kaynan vs Gordon. This is gonna be interesting. GojiBelt 2 points ago in bjj

    My money is on Gordon. Kayan is a beast but even without heel hooks, the majority of Gordon's submission wins at black belt are perfectly legal IBJJF subs.

    [–] Having problem with the leglock game GojiBelt 1 points ago in bjj

    Jeff Glover has a great Leg Lock instructional that is very beginner friendly. Before he moved, one of our black belts was a Jeff Glover student. What he learned from Jeff was taught to us and is similar to what is on the DVD (this was before the DVD was out). Our school is primarily a gi school so our leg lock game is very rudimentary but he definitely gave us a much better understanding of it. It was simple but effective. I highly recommend Jeff's stuff if you're new to leg locks.

    [–] For those who love RomComs (or those who don't), what are your favorite RomComs? GojiBelt 2 points ago in movies

    It's hard for me to think of a better one than Love, Actually. It's got a bad ass cast, is legitimately funny and one of the few romcoms I hear a lot of guys agree is a great movie.

    [–] Recovery when training multiple times per day? GojiBelt 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in bjj

    I train full time as I’m the manager of our gym. Here’s what I’ve found works for me.

    Here’s my routine when NOT lifting:

    Monday- 3 times a day

    Tuesday- 1time a day

    Wednesday-3 times a day

    Thursday- 1 time a day

    Friday- 2 times a day

    Saturday-1 to 2 times a day

    Sunday-1 time a day

    When I AM lifting:

    Monday- 3 times a day

    Tuesday -1 time a day

    Wednesday- 1to 2BJJ, 1 lifting session

    Thursday- 1 time a day

    Friday - 2 Bjj, 1 lifting session

    Saturday- rest day

    Sunday 1 time a day

    Rarely do I roll 100% more than once a day. It’s not sustainable. Most training sessions deal with situational drilling/rolling. I also rest when my body is feeling worn down. This week I took Tuesday off and only rolled once today because I was feeling particularly tired.

    If you train every single day to close to it you should never try to win every single roll. Open mat isn’t something to be won, it’s to learn from. Experiment, have fun. Don’t focus solely one being the best every training session.

    Tap early. You’ll be able to train more effectively from it becaus your not getting your joints ripped apart fighting off armbars everytime. Learn how to block the submission before it’s actually a threat.

    Eat more and eat clean. Drink a lot of water!!

    Sleep enough. Everyone is different in the category so I can’t suggest an exact number but sleep enough to where it isn’t an absolute struggle to get up every morning.

    Lift weights consistently. You’ll be less injured. Before I lifted I use to pull my groin several times a year. I haven’t once since I started.

    My number one rule: if it stops being fun, take a break for a few days. Recharge your battery.

    [–] July 2018 NPD: Octopath Traveler on top of the charts GojiBelt 10 points ago in nintendo

    I hope this is not an outlier. A switch exclusive 3rd party game reaching number 1 is good news and hopefully encourages other 3rd parties to follow suit.

    [–] i am curious as to which gigan everyone prefers. i like 2004 gigan much better. GojiBelt 1 points ago in GODZILLA

    OG Gigan. 2004 Gigan looks like someone who spent too much time making edgy AMV's in the early 2000's.

    [–] Is Atos right for an athletic aspiring hobbyist? GojiBelt 1 points ago in bjj

    I have a friend who trains at Atos and he's also told me the same story. You get some many guys who just roll in the door wanting to try jiujitsu without a clue what the place is.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 08/20/18 GojiBelt 2 points ago in smashbros

    That's a great idea. Especially with the alt costumes.