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    [–] Spoiler: David Branch vs. Thiago "Marreta" Santos GojiBelt 4 points ago in MMA

    David Branch vs. Weidman would be a good one.

    [–] [Spoiler] TUF Undefeated Ep 1: Joe Giannetti vs. John Gunther GojiBelt 6 points ago in MMA

    This is a win-win situation for the guys, exposure on TUF and even if they lose, they still get to keep their undefeated record.

    [–] Waiting for E3 2018 to be like GojiBelt 1 points ago in gaming

    Also don't forget every action game being described as "Souls-like"

    [–] Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle | Official Japanese Trailer | Netflix GojiBelt 16 points ago in movies

    I really hope the pacing in this one is better than the first one. I still haven't finished it because I've fallen asleep twice trying to watch it and I'm a massive Godzilla fan.

    [–] Some Classic Mike Goldberg Fight Hype GojiBelt 117 points ago in MMA

    I always thought it was funny how intensely Goldie would stare at Joe at times while Joe was speaking.

    [–] Godzilla children's book? GojiBelt 1 points ago in GODZILLA

    I remember I got this from K Mart when I was 9 years old. Wish I still had this

    [–] Dan Hooker vs Ross Pearson GojiBelt 15 points ago in MMA

    How the hell did he ever make featherweight?

    [–] Lightweight Gi harder to grip - Braulio ACB 12 commentary GojiBelt 1 points ago in bjj

    Yep, the first night I wore a light weight gi it felt like I was was getting my neck sliced with a wire.

    [–] How come Nintendo keeps making these "___ Warriors" games? GojiBelt 2 points ago in nintendo

    I don't know if I'd call Hyrule Warriors a flop. It had a 10% attach rate which is nothing to sneeze at.

    [–] [Official] Submission Underground 7 - Live Discussion Thread GojiBelt 2 points ago in MMA

    I would say GB vs SBG was better from a technical standpoint but Brooks vs Currier was pure entertainment.

    Both were great for different reasons.

    [–] Hearthstone still no plans for Switch Port.... GojiBelt 4 points ago in nintendo

    I'm curious to see if they'll ever bring the Pokemon TCG online to the switch. Seems like a no brainer and could entice Hearthstone and MTG to try the platform.

    [–] Dear diary: fuck everyone who attends a nogi class with a big and baggy cotton T-shirt GojiBelt 9 points ago in bjj

    I didn't tear my acl but I did snap both my right forearm bones in a weird transition. I had to surgically repair both bones. My wife and I were both college students at the time so we had some decent, but not great marketplace insurance. The insurance saved us right at $25,000. I cannot tell people enough...get you some health insurance. Even if it's not amazing health insurance you will at least be saving some kind of money.

    [–] What is an "ugly" pokemon you really like? GojiBelt 2 points ago in pokemon

    I love Barbaracle reminds of a Lovecraft monster.

    [–] Chad Mendes making a good case for the skin cream in Garbrandt’s latest instagram post GojiBelt 2 points ago in MMA

    It just popped up one day, but it was genetic as her father has it too. One thing where we've noticed a difference is if she limits her carbs it does suppress it quite a bit.

    [–] Chad Mendes making a good case for the skin cream in Garbrandt’s latest instagram post GojiBelt 5 points ago in MMA

    Psoriasis sucks. My wife has it really bad. It itches constantly and destroys your fingers. She has difficulty doing Gi jiujitsu because of how bad the gi material hurts her fingers. She has medication for it and it controls it for the most part, but it flares up it's really bad.

    [–] HUGE crowds gather to watch the ending to Dragon Ball Super (Spoilers!) GojiBelt 5 points ago in videos

    I haven't really watched any Dragon Ball since the cell saga. I have so many questions.

    [–] Team Rocket has taken over the official Pokemon YouTube channel GojiBelt 36 points ago in nintendo

    I believe none of the original voice cast is still with the series. Once 4Kids lost the rights to series the actors were released from their contracts.

    I could be wrong but I think that's it.

    [–] IGN'S Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer. Still my fave April Fools Day thing in the past decade. GojiBelt 3 points ago in nintendo

    I would be okay if they gave it the Pokemon Generations treatment with 3-5 minute animated segments from the series.

    [–] Does anyone else think Video Game would be perfect for the Switch? GojiBelt 2 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    We all know the switch is just an iPhone 3 with controllers snapped on. It couldn't handle Video Game even on the lowest settings.

    Maybe if they gave it cel shaded graphics.