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    [–] Swagger Sunday - March 24, 2019 GojiBelt 16 points ago in bjj

    I was able to make it to the quarter finals in my Pans division this weekend. I went on a pretty bad losing streak in 2018 so confidence levels were low. But, I managed to win both of my matches pretty dominantly and not have a point scored on me in either.

    The guy who ended up beating me had a bye the first round and a no show opponent the second round so he was fresh. Although I lost the match on points I ended it with threatening a submission.

    I was so close to making the podium but I am satisfied with my performance and ready to do worlds. Last year was rough. I competed 6 times and only managed to win a single match out of all the competitions. i almost didn’t sign up for pans but i am glad my professor talked me into it. Sometimes small victories can make all the difference.

    [–] Edson Barboza brutalizes Dan Hooker GojiBelt 1 points ago in MMA

    I hope Hooker takes an extended break after this. Not only did he take a shit town of damage here but if you watch some of his sparring footage he willingly just eats shots. (also this happens to be great footage of him doing rounds with the style bender.


    [–] UFC fans are not happy at all with the UFC’s new PPV deal with ESPN+ GojiBelt 1 points ago in MMA

    ESPN+ is a great service if you're a general sports fan, but I don't know if asking people who are solely MMA fans to subscribe to the service just for UFC will be enough.

    Would I like the WWE model? Absolutely, but I don't know if the UFC has enough non-PPV revenue streams to find that as viable. I'm sure they could make a profit but probably not enough to leave them satisfied. WWE has a massive merchandising side of its business that I'm sure makes a huge chunk of its revenue so giving people the choice to opt out of the $50 PPV model (or however much their cards cost) wasn't as big of hit. There are a ton of other factors too ie Weekly shows and storylines that help funnel everything to their big cards that the UFC simply just doesn't have.

    Once the UFC can have more viable revenue outside of Media/PPV we could see a model like this but it could be a while. They're trying with Reebok but I don't know how much success they've had and I've felt like they've done the bare minimum promoting the gear.

    [–] How I realized my MMA stalled my jiujitsu GojiBelt 2 points ago in bjj

    MMA grapplers have a different tool box than a lot of BJJ guys. I wouldn't say they have a smaller or lesser toolbox but just a different set of tools. In BJJ you can find success with being passive on the bottom. Think of someone like Jeff Glover, he has a high level but also very passive and playful style but I'm not sure if that could translate well into MMA. He is one of the best grapplers in the world and he is rewarded for having a passive style at the highest levels.

    MMA grapplers have variety of other factors they have to worry so they generally focus on being tight and eliminated any space when they grapple. This neutralizes a lot of risks as they simply don't give people the space to work. On bottom they do not rest as they will be punished for it on the judge's score cards or get beat up with strikes. The MMA guys i've rolled with are generally caught off guard with my more sport specific passing (long steps etc) and sweeping positions (deep half etc) as they don't see that stuff as often but my god are they difficult to hold down.

    [–] Digging this classic back up GojiBelt 2 points ago in GODZILLA

    Save the Earth and Unleashed had the most fan fare and monsters but DAMM without a doubt had the best and most responsive controls. The other two, while fun, had always felt slightly off to me.

    DAMM is GOAT Godzilla game.

    [–] What would you predict would be the release date for the Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake? GojiBelt 3 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    My money would be on early October. Pokemon will be their big game for November/Black Friday and they may want to give Astral Chain some breathing room because it releases at the very end of August. My guess is that Animal Crossing will be their big December game.

    [–] What song/soundtrack do you personally associate with each Nintendo console? GojiBelt 1 points ago in nintendo

    NES: Original Mario Theme

    SNES: A Link to the Past Title screen theme

    N64: StarFox 64 soundtrack

    Gamecube: Luigi's Mansion Soundtrack & Metroid Prime Soundtrack (IMO the best no mario related soundtracks)

    Wii: Wii Shopping Channel/Brawl main theme

    Wii U: ???

    Switch: Jump Up Super Star

    Gameboy: Pokemon Red/Blue Soundtrack

    GBA: Unsure

    DS: Advance Wars Dual Strike soundtrack

    3DS: Pokemon XY Sound track

    [–] David Branch puts Thiago Santos’ lights out in the first round GojiBelt 1 points ago in MMA

    Great win at the time that only keeps getting better in retrospective.

    [–] Coop gaming with younger kids GojiBelt 2 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Pokemon Let's Go has a really great co-op feature for younger kids or less experienced players. It makes every battle 2 v 1 so it is much easier, but my wife and I played like this and it's a great time.

    [–] Johnny Walker Flying Knee - UFC 235 GojiBelt 2 points ago in sports

    I really want to Johnny fight a top 8-5 ranked guy. He's looked stellar but his first 3 fights in the UFC were against lower ranked guys and Misha, while absolutely legit, has seem to made a bad habit of getting caught early in a fight. 3 of his last 4 fights he was caught early like this.

    [–] [Official] UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith - Live Discussion Thread GojiBelt 2 points ago in MMA

    DC is deservedly #1 on the p4p list. He would have ended this shit in the early rounds.

    [–] UFC 235: Tyron Woodley vs. Kamaru Usman GojiBelt 2 points ago in MMA

    I feel like a fight with GSP would have looked very similar.

    [–] [Official] UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith - Live Discussion Thread GojiBelt 1 points ago in MMA

    I feel like GSP would have put an absolute beating on Woodley judging by this showing.

    [–] [Official] UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith - Live Discussion Thread GojiBelt 1 points ago in MMA

    As long as we keep him and Reyes away from each other. Those two don't need to fight each unless it's a #1 contender or title fight. No need to waste the two freshest and rising contenders.