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    [–] [Spoiler] Jessica Aguilar vs. Jodie Esquibel GojiBelt 3 points ago in MMA

    Had no idea this was JAG's first UFC win.

    [–] instructors - ever have a class just run flat? (semi-vent) GojiBelt 3 points ago in bjj

    It’s a process, man. I’ve been teaching kids classes for a few years now and man oh man can those go horribly wrong if the kids aren’t engaged.

    I believe being a good instructor is one of the most difficult skills to master. But my best advice is keep digging at it. Havinf classes go flat is similar to have a bad open mat, it’s going to happen no matter how long you’ve been doing it. The more you do it though the less likely those will occur, but they’re inescapable. One bad class, like one bad open mat or even tournament is not a true gauge of your ability or skill level.

    [–] Corey Anderson replaces Latifi and fights Glover Texeira at UFN 134 in Hamburg. GojiBelt 6 points ago in MMA

    Really confused as to why Glover vs Shogun isn’t the headliner. It’s a great headliner for a non ppv.

    Anderson vs Smith is a solid fight and makes a lot of sense for Smith.

    [–] The Stupid Sweep AKA Idiot Sweep AKA Push Sweep GojiBelt 3 points ago in bjj

    Great video. I love this sweep, it’s great way to set up takedowns if unsuccessful and they step back with one foot to catch themselves

    [–] Christians who are anti abortion, what do you think the USA specifically, should do to solve the problem? GojiBelt 1 points ago in Christianity

    I think making adoption and the adoption process easier and more affordable would help a lot. Also, be willing to curb health cost of pregnancy of those mothers who plan to put the child up for adoption. Unfortunately, I think outlawing abortion as a whole would do a lot of harm to women as people will seek out abortions wether they are legal or not. We need to make other options more appealing to expecting mothers.

    [–] Lyoto Machida dominates current Bellator MW champ Gegard Mousasi for 5 rounds at UFC FN 36 Highlights GojiBelt 104 points ago in MMA

    This fight was probably the best balance of aggressive/defensive Machida. He’s suffered for being too defensive before against Rampage and being too aggressive against Shogun. But he had a really good rhythm in this one.

    [–] Philippines : Battle Royale GojiBelt 1204 points ago in gaming

    How long until PUBG takes the Philippines to court for copyright infringement?

    [–] TIL Nintendo sold more Nintendo Switch consoles in its first year than Wii U consoles in its entire lifetime. GojiBelt 11 points ago in todayilearned

    I was honestly expecting Star Wars to surpass Pokemon in the next 3 years in terms of money made with episode IX coming and all the Stories movies...but TLJ (to a lesser extend) and Solo seem to slow the positive momentum it had.

    [–] The Lesson We Can All Learn from Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct GojiBelt 17 points ago in nintendo

    I like Arlo's videos but man is he beating a dead horse at this point.

    [–] Possible Echo Fighters: Version 2! Featuring way more characters than the first one, and the removal of confirmed and deconfirmed ones. Please remember the difference between “possible” and “likely.” GojiBelt 1 points ago in smashbros

    Honestly, if I had to put some money down on Echo fighters I'd probably go with Dark Samus (as possibly DLC to help promote Prime 4) and Dixie Kong.

    Dark Samus is similar yet different enough in the Prime games. She has the ability to fly/levitate so that could make some interesting differences. And it could flesh out the villain roster a bit.

    EDIT: Also a suggestion for a possible echo Character is Giovanni for Pokemon Trainer.

    [–] Metroid Critical Reception Over Time GojiBelt 2 points ago in nintendo

    Yeah, FF was a victim of poor timing and IMO a poor choice of art direction. I feel like if they hadn't had chosen the super deformed style and just went with the same visuals as the normal Prime games it would have been much better received.

    [–] Pokemon Trainer's skins in Super Smash Bros Ultimate represent each generation GojiBelt 18 points ago in pokemon

    I kind of wish we could have a 2nd pokemon trainer representing the 3 generations without a pokemon.

    Maybe like

    1. Mimikyu
    2. Herdier
    3. Gardevoir

    Or just Giovanni. Smash could use more villain characters.

    1. Meowth
    2. Nidorino
    3. Ryhdon

    [–] Yoshi Delayed to 2019 According to eShop GojiBelt 4 points ago in nintendo

    It's starting to make sense as to why there were rumors of "nintendo putting immense pressure on Gamefreak to release LGPE in 2018". Fire Emblem is a big seller in Japan and Yoshi would have filled the year out more, so 2018's momentum would have come to a craw without something. Thankfully Pokemon is big enough to help curve those (and of course Smash is going to be huge as well).

    2019 is going to be GREAT.

    [–] Do you want another single player campaign in Smash Ultimate? GojiBelt 1 points ago in nintendo

    I would imagine single player will return considering we have to unlock nearly everyone. Can only do so many "play X amount of matches to unlock".

    I hope a single player mode is closer to Melee's than Brawl's. A little more meaty than Melee's, but still short enough to where I can play through it in a single sitting, but it focuses on speed time and high score.

    [–] Nintendo E3 Treehouse Day 2 Megathread GojiBelt 5 points ago in nintendo

    I feel like we could see a Custom Robo revival via toys to life system similar to Starlilnk's, if it's a big success.

    [–] Fortnite: Switch vs PS4 graphical comparison GojiBelt 5 points ago in nintendo

    I played a decent amount of Fortnite on Xbox and I couldn't tell a difference. The Joycon's sticks are still not optimal for shooters IMO, so I hope gyro aiming happens in an update.

    Fornite is also a slower paced shooter(you are not running and gunning the entire time), so I think it being 30 FPS doesn't really hurt it IMO.

    [–] Krystal from StarFox is an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GojiBelt 85 points ago in nintendo

    20 years of memes to get ridley in the game.

    That means we will see Waluigi in 2038.

    Krystal in 2058.

    and about 38 Fire Emblem characters inbetween them.