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    [–] What kind of format does your bjj gym use? GojiBelt 1 points ago in bjj

    1. We have many coaches. 5 black belts. A few browns and high purples that fill in when needed. We also have a blue belt with a ton of wrestling experience that acts as our wrestling coach.
    2. We have a good crowd. Average class size is 25-30 people. Although wrestling and nogi classes are smaller.
    3. We don't not film classes. We have our own black log of flim techniques we have taught.
    4. Every month we have a different positional emphasis. This month are the two guards closed and half. Next month will be other kinds of guards like DLR, X, SLX. Month after that is side control. so on and so on.
    5. We have 3 different levels of classes. Intro, normal and advance. Intro teaches you very fundamental movements like shrimp, break falls and bridges, reviews the four main positions (closed guard, side control, mount, back control) every class and teaches one very basic pass, sweep or escape. No submissions. Our normal class acts as the standard class with a warm up, technique and drilling followed by open mat. Pretty standard. Advance class has little to no instruction. It is mostly positional rolling or goal orientated rolling. Stuff like first to score, every roll starts from butterfly guard, you must submit from mount, king of the hill etc

    My main suggestion to most academies is have an intro class for new people. It will give new people time to get up to speed and still allow you freedom to teach what you want during regular class without having to review basic positions every class. For the most part.

    [–] This lion dance move. GojiBelt 1 points ago in gifs

    Can't fool me. That's not a lion that's some uncooked ramen.

    [–] Oh those tricksy whitebelts GojiBelt 8 points ago in bjj

    Jeremy Arel is one of the best instructors I've ever seen. He recently gave a seminar at our school and it was great. We've had some big names come do seminars like Jeff Glover and Tom Deblass, but Jeremy's ability to teach is unmatched.

    [–] Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Official Trailer 2 GojiBelt 3 points ago in movies

    I actually wasn't aware of plot leak rumors until I saw this comment lol. But sure? I mean once Destroyah started evolving in his original film it didn't take him too long to get to his final form.

    [–] Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Official Trailer 2 GojiBelt 1 points ago in movies

    Well, the rumors suggest something happens to Godzilla in this film that could potentially change him.

    [–] Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Official Trailer 2 GojiBelt 7 points ago in movies

    Destroyah is the by product of a weapon called the Oxygen Destroyer used to kill Godzilla in the very first movie. It didn't manifest itself unit 40 years later in 1995.

    It's design is crazy like a winged demo with a laser horn.

    [–] Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Official Trailer 2 GojiBelt 590 points ago in movies

    My guess is that Godzilla becomes the apex predator of the world in this movie but is causing so much destruction now that he has to be stop. In comes Kong. While Kong puts up a good fight he isn't strong enough on his own so the military uses the super weapon the Oxygen Destroyer to hurt godzilla. Unfortunately a by product of this weapon creates Destroyah, one of Godzilla's most powerful foes and now Kong and Godzilla have to fight him together.

    [–] Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Official Trailer 2 GojiBelt 479 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in movies

    So the rumors about kaiju/titans outside of the main 4 look to be true with the weird scorpion/spider thing in the desert, which I doubt is kumonga but probably an original monster. I am pumped.

    Also any reservations I had about Mothra's new design is completely washed away seeing it in motion.

    Edit: nevermind, looks like the director said there would be new kaiju a while back.

    [–] Anyone else getting some Grand King Ghidorah vibes from the new design? GojiBelt 6 points ago in GODZILLA

    It really looks like it's taken the best aspects of most of the previous designs. Expect for maybe Kaiser Ghidorah, which is for the better IMO.

    [–] Best way to get new students in the door? GojiBelt 22 points ago in bjj

    Invest in facebook and instagram advertising. It's relatively cheap and is does a great job at reaching people in the area of the school. That's at least what we do.

    We also promote our school as a family gym. I would say roughly 75% of our memberships are either couple or family memberships. Post pictures of kids, women, couples all training on your social media accounts. We're able to have a big children's and women's program because of it.

    My goal from a business standpoint is not to just sign up one person, but their spouse and kids as well.

    [–] medical dummy looks like Zuckerberg GojiBelt 2 points ago in funny

    "Tell my wife...Smoking some meats"

    [–] Where are the Smash Ultimate Reviews? GojiBelt 3 points ago in nintendo

    Probably embargo until Friday at midnight.

    [–] The Viral Marketing Brilliance GojiBelt 2 points ago in GODZILLA

    Honestly, who ever is behind the marketing and advertising behind the MonsterVerse needs a raise. Every single debut trailer has been knocked out of the park. The I Am Become Death, Halo Jump, KSI premiere and Clair de Luna trailers have been some of the best crafted trailers in years.

    [–] This dogs knows GojiBelt 1 points ago in funny

    Label the wall Breath of the Wild and you have my wife's entire last year of her masters.

    [–] arm drags on sweaty opponents GojiBelt 1 points ago in bjj

    I like going for the russian tie if it's too sweaty for the traditional arm bar.

    [–] I finally played every game in the series, so here are my brief-ish thoughts on them all GojiBelt 5 points ago in Metroid

    I actually enjoy Other M more than the original Metroid. Other M had a terrible storyline and some half baked ideas/terrible gameplay design choices but it at least has some fun sections to it. I love Metroid but I can't play the OG Metroid for more than a few minutes. It's ugly, not very player friendly but the music is quite good and it is ambitious. I don't blame the game itself but what it wanted to do was ultimately hampered by what the NES could do. But still, it's not very fun to play. I think that's why Super and Prime are so good. It marries brilliant gameplay design with the hardware it needed to reach it's ambitious goals.

    [–] What Happened to F-Zero? - The history behind the series, and why it's been gone for 14 years GojiBelt 2 points ago in nintendo

    I'm curious as to why Nintendo doesn't create smaller projects with these cult franchises as Eshop exclusives. The price would be lower but it also wouldn't have the same amount of content as a $60 title. Like let's say a $20 F Zero game with 8 tracks and 16 racers? Sure it wouldn't be ideal but it could be a way to satisfy both Nintendo and fans alike.

    Another idea I would like is a side scrolling beat em up based on his Smash move set. Of course, the controls would need to be tweaked so it doesn't play as iffy as SSE but it could be fun.

    [–] Going in for surgery in the morning GojiBelt 2 points ago in bjj

    When I had surgery on my arm I remember the doctor telling me about the nerve block he was going to inject me with and then I woke up in my room thinking they had pushed my surgery back. It literally felt Instantaneous.

    I fortunately broke a bone that wasn’t a joint or a hinge so my recover was just rest and wear a sling. Your recovery may be a little more involved.

    My advice is find a new tv show you haven’t watched yet and binge. You’ll probably be high as balls the first day or two. I watched GOT. I didnt remember shit while zonked out so I got to enjoy watching the first season for the first time twice!

    [–] Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee: Release Discussion & Hype MegaThread Part 2: Electric Boogaloo GojiBelt 24 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I really hope the catch mechanic can be an option in the core games. I love the grind but I’m in my 30’s and work a lot of 12 hour shifts. I simply don’t have time like I use to. The new catch mechanic makes the game progression breeze and fast. I definitely don’t want it to be the standard but it can definitely help me when I’m not on holiday.

    [–] No Gi vs standing opponent? GojiBelt 2 points ago in bjj

    Two on one wrist control, sit guard, tripod sweep. aka the I'm terrible at any wrestling that's not a sprawl option.

    [–] One simple trick that made my D’Arce setups 100x better GojiBelt 2 points ago in bjj

    Or you could be like me be average height but have long skinny arms with the muscle definition similar to that of a 9 year old girl. No muscle to get in the way of my darces dammit.

    [–] Looks like Cowboy wants McGregor.. 👀 GojiBelt 355 points ago in MMA

    Conor, Cowboy, Gaethje and Pettis in an all violence striking LW tournament.

    Any wrestling gets you an auto DQ.