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    [–] I’m a fan of last podcast on the left and got this from listening to their ripper series but it’s kind of a hard read so far do i continue with it GonzoNawak 2 points ago in graphicnovels

    Tbh most of the things I have read from Moore is hard to read. I have this one too and i didn’t pass a quarter of the book. I know i need to read it and it’s great but it’s a pain to read to be honest

    [–] M Solo calling out OnnThinIce lmao GonzoNawak 28 points ago in Eminem

    Yeah I’m fuckin wondering too lol

    [–] Yelawolf and DJ Paul are going to be in Jackass forever! GonzoNawak 2 points ago in yelawolf

    Same, they are not in the teaser so you could think it’s just music but MGk is actually in it so who knows

    [–] Tim Skold at Donda’s place. It’s looking more and more certain they’re writing on Ye’s label. GonzoNawak 4 points ago in marilyn_manson

    I do not nejoy most of Kanye's music, but the dude is a god of production and insanely creative, no doubt that having is touch on Manson's album would only helped

    [–] As requested earlier.. Bad Guy on Stan beat GonzoNawak 1 points ago in Eminem

    I strongly agree. Songs like so far and rhythm or reasons are great lyrically speaking but offers little replay value due to the beats imo.

    Even the beats on his fun songs like slim shady or my name is are fuckin straight up fire and full of energy

    [–] As requested earlier.. Bad Guy on Stan beat GonzoNawak 16 points ago in Eminem

    This show what’s wrong with his last albums and also why relapse is so appreciated.

    If you switch both beats,then bad guy would be consider way better than Stan.

    Beats are so important and one of the main reason why Ems first album are so successful is his amazing beats.

    People always say he doesn’t have the same energy or anger he used to, I think a lot of the energy of his songs came from the beats. Try to listen to the instrumental of til I collapse or the way I am and you will see that you still get pumped up because the beats are simply this fire. Listen to the beats of deja vu mocking birds rock bottom and you will see that you still get depressed even without the lyrics because the beats are that good. I love side B and Side A ans kamikaze, but none of the beats on those album contains the same emotion , the same level of energy than the first album beats did.

    Take any songs of the last albums and switch the beats with a similar song from the first albums and you will see a clear improvement.

    I discover that when revival was released and I listened to walk on water. I seriously hate that song despite the clear amazing lyrics. But one day someone dropped a fan made remix on this sub with a compete, deeper beats and the song was absolutely amazing.

    [–] New stack. Most excited for DMZ. GonzoNawak 5 points ago in graphicnovels

    Wow where did you find this xstatic ? The omnibus is oop so I may go with the trade like you

    [–] WILL FORTE AND MÅNESKIN NEXT WEEK! GonzoNawak 2 points ago in LiveFromNewYork

    I went them to sing the slave one and go nuts

    [–] I landed my first kickflip! Time to do it a lot more! GonzoNawak 2 points ago in NewSkaters

    Agree I need to try that because carpet and grass gives zero pop, and concrete is complicated, I think this is a great in between

    [–] [US] [Selling] Dorohedoro Volume 23 - $7.50 GonzoNawak 3 points ago in mangaswap

    I have been looking intensively for +1 year for it

    [–] Kanye West Takes Shot at Pete Davidson in New Song GonzoNawak 3 points ago in LiveFromNewYork

    link to the video ? I love pete and have no idea about that beef

    [–] I fixed season 9! GonzoNawak 0 points ago in DunderMifflin

    I discover that show a month ago and watch all seasons twice. It’s amazing

    [–] I fixed season 9! GonzoNawak 305 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Two things bugged me in the last seasons regarding them.

    The paternity test that’s negative when the baby is in fact Dwight.

    Angela not going straight back to Dwight when she learns that the senator is banging Oscar.

    [–] I fixed season 9! GonzoNawak 0 points ago in DunderMifflin

    I think you people are reading too much into my post it was just meant to be fun not psychoanalysis the characters and predict their most lickely behavior.

    Second to those who say those jobs are outsource and she was bad at it, she still could design and write down sales flyer/presentations/mailing/ company promotional pictures etc. No need to be a photoshop expert

    Third those who say she would leave a job she loves and her friends, she is not actually friends with anyone in the office, they are colleagues plus she is bad at sales and chose sales because it was a great career advancement for her from being a receptionist not because she had always dream of being a sales person.

    Have a great evening everyone, and again don’t read too much into my post please this is absurd.

    [–] Tyler the Creator weighs in 🤧 GonzoNawak 14 points ago in Eminem

    You answered yourself. The problem is substance. He has nine albums and plenty of songs. He is rich and barely has any life barriers/challenges. So he doesn’t have things to talk about. His songs main topic used to be his poverty,then his success, then his drugs use, the his role within the hip hop world. But now the only thing he can focus on in his songs/ only drive he has is the technicality. Try to picture the mindset someone has to be to write a song. You write about things happening to you things important to you things that impact you. When you have none of that, you write complicated bars and crazy Rhyme schemes. Even if looked at Kamikaze, a great album, but only half of songs are really that great, and that the songs where he fight against his critics and people who diss him. All the others songs are not that amazing (nice guy even manage to be one of the worse song ever recorded).

    [–] Man I’m honestly surprised GonzoNawak 2 points ago in Eminem

    It’s not that the verse itself is bad, it’s that it doesn’t match the beat or cordae.

    [–] What Em lyric made you do this? GonzoNawak 0 points ago in Eminem

    The chorus of Nice guy remind me of that video of John Lennon and chuck Barry singing love together while Yoko Ono is screaming in her mike while hitting her fuckin tambourine

    [–] What Em lyric made you do this? GonzoNawak 3 points ago in Eminem

    I don’t think it’s form those kind of nights