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    [–] When you die where do you think you go? Gracefulomission1212 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Nothing, you’re nonexistent in both the physical and spiritual sense, but a part of me wants to believe that our conscious or soul remains intact...

    [–] almost trafficked with my best friend. Gracefulomission1212 18 points ago in LetsNotMeet

    Nothing about this remotely resembles human trafficking

    [–] What's the richest thing someone has done in front of you? Gracefulomission1212 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Spent 10k on a DINNER. Also bought a 5 million dollar house for the heck of it

    [–] What’s a sport you think deserves a lot more recognition? Gracefulomission1212 2 points ago in AskMen

    Yea the fighters get paid like shit, after you add in all their expenses their not making much more than your average worker

    [–] [Serious] Outcasts in school or those who were bullied, marginalized, left out or made feel less of themselves, how are you today? Gracefulomission1212 1 points ago in AskReddit

    20 years old, had a very bitter time during middle school and highschool, was made fun of for being ugly constantly, short, dumb, etc Had a girlfriend for about a year before she left me cause everyone would be giving her hate saying “what’s wrong with you why are you dating him and ew he’s so ugly” , there’s this one particular girl who used to “bully” me verbally and was just very rude to me, also had very little friends and the people who did hang out with me only did so cause they were bored or felt bad, how am I today? Well I try to keep a positive attitude but I’d be lying if I said all that shit hasn’t deeply affected me psychology speaking.