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    [–] Minecraft what the frick is this Graoutchmeuh 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Looks like an island. It’s a usually small patch of terrain that generates above water level in an ocean biome.

    [–] All of my video game experience tells me there should be a boss fight here Graoutchmeuh 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Did the music change? If not it's probably not a boss romm, but a secret room with a treasure hidden somewhere.

    [–] Broken egg, Me, Oil paint, 2012 Graoutchmeuh 2 points ago in Art

    It’s not broken, it just got out of its shell to share with the world his inner goodness.

    Kudos to you, egg!

    [–] Look I made a sheep out of sheep! Graoutchmeuh 2 points ago in Minecraft

    That right there? A serial killer in the making. Yes ma'am. And he'll never ever stop until he killed half of the universe.

    [–] Worth the effort Graoutchmeuh 143 points ago in Minecraft

    Everytime I see something like that, I always remember the time when I built one too.
    That's why I have to ask you : how's the inside?
    Because on my life I couldn't manage to fit something even remotely satisfactory in my building.

    [–] All of em. Graoutchmeuh 2 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    I came across 3 of those.
    The first one barely 1h into my new game. I didn't have enough money to buy it.

    The second one a little bit later. I had enough money to buy it, but I exchanged my old ship for a new one earlier and my millions of money glitched into 0 money before I could buy it.

    The third one I bought. Then the game crashed, I reloaded the game and I had no money and no new ship.

    Now I have a save editor, all my money, and when the next one shows up I'll not buy it.
    I will look at it from afar and as I let go of all my rage and fear of the next glitch, I will let it go too.
    Then I will climb aboard my fighter ship and blow the shit out of it.

    [–] i am covering the end biome in dirt. thoughts? Graoutchmeuh 1 points ago in Minecraft

    endermen can spawn on dirt, and take it away.
    Thoughts : Bad idea, unless you manage to have the whole End's light level at 8+ and never summon another dragon.

    [–] What's the strangest punishment your parents ever gave you? Graoutchmeuh -2 points ago in AskReddit

    8yo Me : do something.
    My mom : "Go to your room!"
    8yo Me (paraphrasing) : "You mean the one room in the house where all my toys are? Oh no! The cruety of a dictatorial system designed to mistreat poor defenseless children! You can lock me away, woman, but you'll never take my freedom of mind!"

    [–] Witches Sabbath, Me, Watercolor, 2019 Graoutchmeuh 6 points ago in Art

    And that's why I'll never be a witch : dancing naked in the forest in the middle of the night without shoes on? That's a recipe for trouble.
    Thorny bushes, pointy stones, cold, really not something I'd want for myself.
    Also I'm a man, so there's that too.

    [–] 'When Gaming Brings you Together', Me, Watercolor, 2019 Graoutchmeuh 3 points ago in Art

    Siblings can have dogs too, there’s nothing creepy with that.

    [–] Quiet T Flip-flop,, I'm not sure if this is useful but I thought it was smart Graoutchmeuh 4 points ago in Minecraft

    Stone button and a repeater on max delay after the comparator and the signal will not flicker anymore

    [–] Quiet T Flip-flop,, I'm not sure if this is useful but I thought it was smart Graoutchmeuh 3 points ago in Minecraft

    It didn't work and the signal flickered.
    I changed the wooden button for a stone button, added a repeater on max delay after the comparator, and now it works fine.

    [–] 'When Gaming Brings you Together', Me, Watercolor, 2019 Graoutchmeuh 580 points ago in Art

    Are you sure it's gaming? To me it looks like it's the dog.

    [–] Experts not required, just heroes Graoutchmeuh 0 points ago in MurderedByWords

    They didn't invent themselves, the soldiers stuck pieces and junk together, and thanks to a gestalt psychic field all those things just work.
    No need for labcoat-wearing weaklings.

    [–] If you don't work here, I don't work here Graoutchmeuh 19 points ago in IDontWorkHereLady

    Of course : when you pass it to someone else, your stress level goes down, serotonine goes up, heart rate slows down.
    He passed the curse to someone else, he's free, he doesn't work retail anymore.

    [–] Savage james Graoutchmeuh 1 points ago in funny

    Why do they even have backpacks?
    They can stash building sized animals in tiny balls, and those balls can miniaturize themselves, so why don’t they do that for luggage too?

    [–] An old lady goes to the doctor. Graoutchmeuh 45 points ago in Jokes

    Good. Since your hearing is fine, let’s work on those sinuses.

    [–] What is a minor inconvenience that absolutely destroys you? Graoutchmeuh 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The creation of the universe.

    Everything was fine, and then some protons and electrons decided to get together, and now I’m here and I hate my life.

    [–] A magical pet store is open, but the good pets are too expensive, what magical pets you find in the discount section? Graoutchmeuh 1181 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in AskReddit

    A magic rat.
    It doesn’t really do anything magic at all, but you know it’s a magic rat because he has a pointy hat with glittery letters spelling maje on it.

    Edit : another proof it’s a magic rat : if here in France it says maje, in English speaking countries it says wizzard.