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    [–] Where is the lie? GreenPears33 11 points ago in Anarchism

    I would say anti-USA Not anti-America I am Canadian, I live in America, not USA

    [–] Rewatched the winter soldier today, noticed this awesome easter egg GreenPears33 2 points ago in movies

    You’re right, I don’t know why I missed it at first, was maybe getting a beer. I am just amazed now that I see it ! Maybe easter egg is not the right term, how would you call it ? In french we call this a wink ( clin d’œil)

    [–] Even if it is not the best siege weapon... made a popsicle stick catapult with my kids GreenPears33 3 points ago in pics

    It easily throws lego blocks a few meters away. And I can add more rubber bands to make it stronger

    [–] What to do during a Sunday layover? / Que faire durant une escale le dimanche? GreenPears33 2 points ago in montreal

    Le festival Montréal en lumière! De plus, dans la nuit de samedi a dimanche, aura lieu la nuit blanche. Vous ne pouvez pas manquez cela ! Je vous invite a aller voir les détails sur le web

    [–] They look so good together 😍 GreenPears33 2 points ago in iphone

    Nice setup ! Made me honestly smile

    [–] Baby Raccoon gets a helping hand! GreenPears33 1 points ago in aww

    Quick ! To the PeterRang !

    [–] Mission E in the Wild GreenPears33 12 points ago in Porsche

    They won’t be

    [–] Trial Of The Sword DLC GreenPears33 1 points ago in ZeldaBotW

    Cut wood Cook it Eat it