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    [–] Yes, Dear GreetingsExaltedOne 1 points ago in funny

    Wait are you kidding me? I legit watched this entire video with no sound because I didn’t see the volume icon. smh my head

    [–] I love when my choke doesn't work! I also love getting killed by a green frog who is 5 feet away from me! GreetingsExaltedOne 6 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    Lately that’s all that has been happening to me. I click the choke/push button and it doesn’t work because the enemy just hit me. It’s even worse with Anakin and retribution because not only does it still take it away but it also makes you glitchy for a second leaving you open for attacks.

    [–] Someone explain please? GreetingsExaltedOne 1 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    It’s a bug that happens every once and again

    [–] How much did you pay for BF2? GreetingsExaltedOne 1 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    $80 and then $20 recently since I lost my old disc.

    [–] Nice (took me a while) GreetingsExaltedOne 4 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    All his Trooper classes are at level 69

    [–] LOOK AT THE KILLFEED! GreetingsExaltedOne 22 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    That’s damn impressive and satisfying