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    [–] [NO SPOILERS] do you play videogames? Grokrash 4 points ago in lifeisstrange

    I play too many video games. Heck, I listen to too many gaming podcasts. The video game playing circle of people I used to work with got me into Life is Strange and i thought it was odd (a cool kind of odd) that this game was as popular as it is outside of traditional gaming circles.

    As of now, I just restarted RDR2 because I sort of mainlined that game in the first weeks it came out so I'm going back to see all the cool stuff I missed and I recently 100% beat DOOM 2016 and Let's GO Pikachu. At this very second, I'm preparing a Tom Nook effigy to burn during my black magic ritual tonight to ensure that tomorrow's Nintendo Direct announces an "out very soon" release date for the New Animal Crossing on Switch.

    [–] Saw this on my Instagram feed today, truly disheartening. Grokrash 22 points ago in bisexual

    In my attempt to show ironic transphobia, I ironically wound up generalizing trans people. This irony vortex has consumed me.

    I acknowledge that there are still elements of the greater lgbtq+ community that I still have little to no knowledge on. And I appreciate you sharing your experiences and information to help me expand my understanding.

    [–] Saw this on my Instagram feed today, truly disheartening. Grokrash 125 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in bisexual

    two things:

    1. Transmen are men and Transwomen are women. Even if bisexuality was still defined by it's no longer used archaic binary definition of "Attraction to men and women", Transgender people fall squarely into those categories and to say that bisexuality is trans exclusionary, is saying that Transgender people need to be in a separate category from "men and women" which is, ironically, transphobic af.
    2. That's a way better explanation of the Bi-flag symbolism than my go to of: "It symbolizes vaporwave"

    Edit: I put all trans people into a binary box and regret doing so.

    Edit 2: I can strike though my text because i'm no longer on mobile.

    And since this post is locked, I will say here that my attempt at affirming the Bi and Trans communities was invalidating to non-binary people. My intent is irrelevant and does not make it any less problematic or damaging. Non-binary people are valid.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? Grokrash 226 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Honestly, I feel like Peggy Hill in the King of the Hill episode where she finally figures out that Joseph is John Redcorn's son.

    I love Chris Pratt's work and consider myself, at least at the time of typing this, a big fan. But I had no idea about the level of his religious devotion until this whole thing happened.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? Grokrash 11 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    The last time a popular and beloved celebrity made all the headlines for saying, doing, or associating with Anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, it was comedian Kevin Hart.

    If only Kevin Hart wasn't white. Because if Kevin Hart was, hypothetically of course, an African-American dude, the gay bashing elements of his older act and his non-apology would be totally ignored by the mainstream media.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? Grokrash 9706 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in OutOfTheLoop

    Chris Pratt said on a late night show that he goes to a Hillsong Church Hillsong associated Church. Hillsong has many trendy megachurches across the world and is known for not being cool with lgbtq people. Ellen Page, noted LGBTQ actress and activist, called him out for attending an "infamously anti-lgbtq church."

    It's getting a lot of ink because, while "Religion vs the LGBT Community" topics will always get talked about, this is a lot of people learning for the first time that Chris Pratt is hella Christian. And it's also a platform for people to be critical of and/or make fun of the current fad of hip/trendy churches trying to attract youths with emojis and celebrity cameos at service.


    The church isn't a Hillsong church, it's Called Zoe Church and is associated/linked with the Hillsong Church empire.

    Edit2: Chris Pratt talked about his farming, his faith, and his Biblical Daniel Fast diet on Colbert and didn't explicitly say what church he was going to.

    [–] Not so sweet victory Grokrash 13 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    The whole super bowl as an event was bad. The game was low scoring and you'd think that at least means that the defense was looking good and making plays, but no. The halftime show was uninspired and weak even without considering the cynical sweet victory baiting. And, besides the commercial with Jeff Bridges/Sarah Jessica Parker and the one with the legendary football players, the commercials were weak.

    If I wasn't watching it with people, one of whom is a Rams superfan, I'd have turned it off. Even most people living in the New England region thought it was a bad event.

    [–] Today's xkcd has a McElroy-ish feel to it. Grokrash 7 points ago in MBMBAM

    The boys in Alaska ordered boat drinks.

    [–] [NO SPOILERS] Max Caulfield IRL (Cosplay) - If you could go back in time, what would you change...? Grokrash 1 points ago in lifeisstrange

    1. Rad cosplay. You totally killed it.

    2. I played this game enough to know that changing the past will go suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper bad. So I would go back and stop myself from playing this game so I can go back and do something cool without fear of damaging space and time.

    [–] They are right, you know Grokrash 3 points ago in katawashoujo

    If yall want a visual novel/dating sim set in North Korea, I hear that "Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of north Korea!" is pretty good. It's made by the Panzermadels people so how could it not be?

    [–] "Wahahaha!! You won't be able to collect the infinity stones that easily, Thanchan~!" Grokrash 21 points ago in katawashoujo

    In the books, Thanchan's snap results in Japan sinking into the ocean. Misha is the avatar of Japan's vengeance.

    [–] It’s treason if you don’t agree with this Grokrash 1 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    The show that began with a Tiny Tim musical closing sequence also had special musical guest Pantera in season 2 and got Motörhead for the movie. Spongebob shreds.

    [–] [NO SPOILERS] This old screenshot from the first game. Grokrash 11 points ago in lifeisstrange

    There is a lot of weird thematic parallels between both Life is Strange 1 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Both are games about regret, loss, and growing older and I love them both. But the combined use of spirit deer and sunset imagery in both is by far the weirdest coincidence.

    This screen shot is rad.

    [–] [ALL] This Warren Graham... (a reasoned defense of a teenage try-hard) Grokrash 21 points ago in lifeisstrange

    The whole Warren thing is a conversation that transcends the character or even the game. It's an ever ongoing gender politics issue.

    I have said, even in the thread this post originated, that I do feel like he's got a good heart and is not malicious. But I just don't think his good intentions and general teenage boy confusion invalidates people who find him creepy or his actions problematic. That's the point of his character. He's a normal dude: smart, good heart, caring, but he's young, inexperienced, and rollin' hard on that testosterone while being told, by every cell in his body and by cultural depictions/expectations of masculinity, to do things that many people find hella creepy and frustrating.

    Warren is an important character. Like. More things should have a Warren. More things should have a teenage boy learn (or at least demonstrate) that no matter how appealing he is to other girls, no matter how much he might like someone, no matter how smart, no matter how much of a "cutie pie" he is, and no matter how much of a genuinely nice of a guy he is, the person he likes might not like him back that way. That's life and that's okay.

    That's an incredibly important message for young people to hear.

    It's easy for someone like me, who was at one point a straight teenage boy, to look at Warren and see that he means well, give him a pass, or defend him from criticism. And it's easy for me now as a feminist/progressive man (not as straight anymore) to look at Warren and see all the ways his actions are uncomfortable and bad and forget that he's, in the context of the video game he's a character in, a very young confused human being. Warren can be (and I would say totally is) both super creepy and a misunderstood casualty of his biology and how our society treats/raises/expects young boys and men to deal with that biology.

    But ultimately, Warren does and says things in the course of Life is Strange that many people find creepy and I can't invalidate that or explain that away. Sure, he's not anywhere near Eliot's or Nathan's level of problematic heteronormative masculine entitlement. Warren and them aren't even in the same zip-code. But if a player thinks he's creepy or is put off by his actions, their not wrong to do so and that reading is 100% valid.

    [–] [NO SPOILERS] The ladies of Arcadia Bay by Dotsotbibimbap Grokrash 21 points ago in lifeisstrange

    Warren is a complicated character for me. He's creepy as all hell, awkward, says and does problematic faux macho bullshit, and clearly has no idea how to talk to people he likes. But, like, so was I when I was his age. So were/are most 16 year old boys. Besides Kate, he's the character I saw a lot of my younger self in. And that is incredibly embarrassing and painful for me to realize. Like reading old facebook posts you made years ago.

    It's a weird cocktail of emotions where I understand why he does the dumb stuff he does and genuinely think his heart is in the right place, but I also have the overwhelming desire to pull him aside and tell him that he needs to learn what he's doing is super not good and that he needs to make some positive changes.

    Regardless, I'd be genuinely interested in reading that Warren post.

    [–] [NO SPOILERS] The ladies of Arcadia Bay by Dotsotbibimbap Grokrash 29 points ago in lifeisstrange

    I feel bad for Warren because he was so clearly super into Max who was so clearly not into him that way. But, i mean, there's somewhere between 2-4 Arcadia Baes who were into him. Shoot, Kate calls him a "Cutie Pie."

    Like, Game over, man. Warren wins.

    [–] [Artist Unknown] I want to question this, but I'm not sure how too... Grokrash 1 points ago in katawashoujo

    Of all the random Southeast Asian countries I could have pulled outta my ass and all the other figures of speech I could have used, I ended up using two that shouldn't be used in conjunction. Now I feel bad.

    I'm adding "Cambodia" to the ever expanding list of things I'm not qualified to navigate.

    [–] [Artist Unknown] I want to question this, but I'm not sure how too... Grokrash 4 points ago in katawashoujo

    Tanned skin and/or freckles are common visual signifiers of the tomboy archetype like bandages, short haircuts, and pony tails. The idea being that tomboys spend a lot of time outside doing sports, working jobs, or doing some other type of "not-traditionally-for-woman" activities and that sun exposure causes both freckles and tans.

    I'm not saying she cant be southeast Asian or something, but what little canon information we have suggests that she's just tomboy af.

    And maybe it's the idealistic American idiot in me, but she totally can be of Cambodian or whatever decent and still be Japanese. But separating and distinguishing an ethnic identity from the national/cultural identity is a minefield I'm not qualified to navigate.

    [–] Daniel Bryan’s NEW eco - friendly WWE Championship. Made from Hemp and Oak Grokrash 5 points ago in vegan

    Yeah, but it's more like a very physically involved performance. Even though it's all worked and the outcomes are predetermined, they're still getting slammed onto mats and taking hits. Concussions and CTE are huge issues in pro wrestling. Heck, Daniel "Almost Vegan" Bryan was forcibly retired a few years back for head injuries and was only recently cleared to wrestle again. He probably shouldn't be wrestling because of that...

    and because his current gimmick of the "Environmentally conscious Vegan bad guy" is hella weak.

    [–] [ALL] I heard Ya'll Like The Sims. Here's a Chloe Because the Other Ones I Made Aren't As Good. Grokrash 1 points ago in lifeisstrange

    It's from the "Get to Work" expansion pack. It also happens to be the same pack with the photography skill and the rainbow hoodie.

    X-files theme plays

    [–] [ALL] I heard Ya'll Like The Sims. Here's a Chloe Because the Other Ones I Made Aren't As Good. Grokrash 3 points ago in lifeisstrange

    Special thanks to u/ivanovic1222 for posting a hella dope Sim Chloe and inspiring me to reinstall and fight through the Xboxone's convoluted screenshot function.