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    [–] Use these settings! GromitATL 1 points ago in MonsterHunterWorld

    No, that's only an option on the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

    [–] Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life [Alternative] (1997) GromitATL 17 points ago in Music

    I love that Sirius/XM uses this song in their recent promos for their family friendly, sing along with the kids pop station.

    I can just picture an SUV packed with kids all singing in unison, “SHE GOES DOWN ON ME!”

    [–] Bold 2018 SEC Predictions GromitATL 1 points ago in CFB

    Where are all of these UGA fans in Georgia constantly predicting national championships? Am I just sheltered because I don't listen to sports talk radio?

    [–] Monster Hunter World overtakes PUBG for #1 top paid game on the Xbox Store GromitATL 1 points ago in xboxone

    I'm 46. I'm thinking of picking up MHW for the PS4 Pro, but if I get the Xbox version I could play with my Dad who just turned 66 the other day.

    We haven't been playing much lately, but we were running rifts in Diablo 3 previously.

    [–] 6'3" Trump beside 6'1" Obama. GromitATL 2 points ago in pics

    I can't believe how many don't get the context.

    It's about the health report. The idea is that they fudged the numbers so Trump's BMI would keep him out of the 'obese' category.

    There's not a chance in hell that man is 6'3" and 239 pounds.

    But I get that they aren't going to say, "This is guy is a cheeseburger away from the grave". The numbers are going to be manipulated somewhat.

    [–] 6'3" Trump beside 6'1" Obama. GromitATL 2 points ago in pics

    This is exactly what I was thinking this morning.

    I still think Trump is obviously obese and they are fudging the numbers, but this isn't the typical Trump lie.

    [–] JAKE FROMM SEASON HIGHLIGHTS GromitATL 3 points ago in georgiabulldogs

    Thanks for posting this. I've been bummed for almost a week now and this reminded me that we just had an amazing season and the program is still ascending.

    Losing last Monday obviously sucks. But damn, it was an amazing ride getting to the point of being in OT in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

    [–] Saturday Night Live - Taco Town GromitATL 1 points ago in videos

    Is this just mocking Taco Bell or was it their inspiration?

    [–] Former Georgia QB Jacob Eason to transfer. GromitATL 2 points ago in CFB

    He's just awful in games. Along with the Eason/Fromm mixup and swapping out Michel and swift, he also referred to Blankenship as Pappanastos after Goggles kicked a 51 yard FG in overtime.

    If he's calling a big game in the future, I'm looking for alternative audio options.

    [–] Which team are you rooting for and why? GromitATL 1 points ago in CFB

    I don't know how, but I've been fortunate in that I've somehow managed to avoid all of these "this is our year!" Dawg fans.

    [–] Dear CFB: I’m going to the National Championship Game! GromitATL 4 points ago in CFB

    It’s 12:40 am and after a night of drinking, this thread is making me hungry.

    [–] Dear CFB: I’m going to the National Championship Game! GromitATL 8 points ago in CFB

    It may be the only lobster roll I’ve had in Atlanta, but I like the one at The Big Ketch in Buckhead.

    [–] Dear CFB: I’m going to the National Championship Game! GromitATL 7 points ago in CFB

    The Flip Burger in Buckhead closed a couple of weeks ago.

    [–] In honor of the National Championship Game on Monday between Georgia and Alabama, here is a hilarious call from the 2007 Georgia Alabama game. The game was headed to overtime, but the broadcaster had something more important on his mind. GromitATL 11 points ago in CFB

    Stafford lives near me but I heard he was moving to another house in the area, near Matt Ryan.

    No idea if that is true, but my wife and I saw him and his very pregnant wife at CVS a while back. He was trying to decide which pack of batteries to get based on which one was the best deal.

    We thought it was very cool that he bothered to care about saving some money on batteries.

    I think his wife just wanted him to make a choice so she could go home.