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    [–] What was hugely hyped up but flopped? Grown_Man_Poops 6 points ago in AskReddit

    Mayweather is undefeated and he is way to prideful to throw a fight and blemish his record.

    [–] What are some positive things Trump has done as POTUS? Grown_Man_Poops 18 points ago in AskReddit

    Under his presidency, several confederate statues around the country have been taken down.

    [–] What are some signs that a TV show is running out of ideas? Grown_Man_Poops 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Characters who wouldn't ordinarily be attracted to each other, start having sex.

    [–] Trump’s Phoenix Rally Boasting Quickly Contradicted By Fox News Grown_Man_Poops 2 points ago in politics

    Let's wait and see what evidence Robert Mueller comes up with, that may be a game changer.

    [–] Trump’s ‘God whisperer’ says resisting him is an affront to God Grown_Man_Poops 15 points ago in politics

    I don't remember them spouting this bullshit when the black guy was president.

    [–] What Trump has said about Afghanistan in the past Grown_Man_Poops 1 points ago in politics

    "I love the war in Afghanistan, it's my favorite war. I hope it goes on for a thousand years."

    [–] Christopher Columbus statue smashed in Baltimore Grown_Man_Poops 6 points ago in politics

    That is certainly an option. I do think consideration must be made to the historical significance of Columbus. While he most certainly did not "discover" America, his voyages ushered in a monumental change in human history. The "Columbian Exchange" transformed the way humans exist on this planet. He is remembered primarily for that transformation and not for the atrocities committed against the indigenous peoples (although, we certainly should teach and remember those atrocities.)

    I feel Columbus is very different in that regard than Confederate generals and soldiers, who are remembers solely for engaging in violent rebellion against the United States for the purpose of perpetuating slavery.

    [–] Christopher Columbus statue smashed in Baltimore Grown_Man_Poops 39 points ago in politics

    I'm much more in favor of leaving statues of Columbus in their place and erecting plaques that provide the history of the atrocities he committed against indigenous peoples.

    [–] Breitbart staffer: If Trump breaks campaign promises, we’ll help impeach him Grown_Man_Poops 22 points ago in politics

    I seem to recall several tweets about how much of a waste of money the war in Afghanistan is.

    [–] Trump Settles on Afghan Strategy Expected to Raise Troop Levels Grown_Man_Poops 13 points ago in politics

    It's nice to see the president fulfilling his campaign promise to escalate the war in Afghanistan. /s

    [–] Trump ‘Sad’ Over Removal of ‘Our Beautiful Statues’ Grown_Man_Poops 15 points ago in politics

    Slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment which was passed in 1865. If Grant owned slaves after the war, he did so as a criminal because owning them was an illegal act.

    [–] The huge problem with comparing Lee and Davis to Washington and Jefferson Grown_Man_Poops 26 points ago in politics

    The difference is this: Washington and Jefferson did not lead a violent rebellion against the United States of America for the sole purpose of securing the continued legality of slavery.

    Anyone who doesn't understand that is either ignorant of history or a racist or both.

    [–] Trump Doesn't Understand MS-13 Grown_Man_Poops 2 points ago in politics

    Trump Doesn't Understand

    Sounds about right.