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    [–] [Gigguk] Attack on Titan is Still Incredible H-K_47 24 points ago in anime

    That's not a titanfolk poll, it was community wide. It was stickied on tf but also added to the sticky of SnK, circulated on Discord, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

    [–] [Gigguk] Attack on Titan is Still Incredible H-K_47 80 points ago in anime

    incoherent laugh-gagging noises

    [–] Real Ending H-K_47 2 points ago in titanfolk

    That scenery.

    [–] It's better this way.. H-K_47 28 points ago in Chainsawfolk

    Oh yeahhh. Glorious days await.

    [–] Discussion Chapter 139 - FINAL H-K_47 2 points ago in titanfolk

    A couple of years ago he drew what he planned to be the final panel, a man holding a baby. Lots of theories like Eren holding Historia's baby, Grisha holding Eren, etc. It ultimately wasn't the final panel but it did appear halfway through this chapter as Grisha holding Eren.

    [–] Dumb question that I cant find the answer to H-K_47 2 points ago in titanfolk

    Zeke was 7. Grisha was 26. I don't think we ever got Dina's age but it was probably similar to Grisha.

    [–] my opinion on the ending summed up in a meme H-K_47 5 points ago in titanfolk

    I never thought it was possible for me to hate the Mong this much back in 2014.


    [–] Can someone explain this to me H-K_47 12 points ago in titanfolk

    Wait I think you're right.

    If he can apparently control Titans in any era, why doesn't he just release them right then and there yeah?

    Or maybe it would "disturb the timeline" or something. Gah I hate time travel. . .

    [–] Did Freckles Ymir fall in love with Historia before even meeting her? H-K_47 10 points ago in titanfolk

    I think it's more likely that she realized that Christa was probably super important so it would be smart to get close to her, either so she has leverage or she can kidnap her as ransom if needed. Then after they met, she fell in love.

    I think.

    [–] Besides "Isekai", what is a plot or premise that is so overused in anime that its become cliché or generic? (Example in description) H-K_47 1 points ago in anime

    How about the "monsters wiped out all of humanity except this one last bastion that is fighting back and also there's deep conspiracies behind it all" genre. That's been pretty overdone.

    [–] Where's the enemy (Attack on Titan S4 H-K_47 19 points ago in anime

    And Reiner on an airship.

    [–] Death Note but it's SNK 139 H-K_47 161 points ago in titanfolk

    Kiyomi's kindness will never be repaid. :,(

    [–] Ahh you just start eating H-K_47 11 points ago in titanfolk


    [–] what is left of titanfolk H-K_47 54 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in titanfolk

    We went from SandLand to SaltLand.

    [–] Chapter 140 is done H-K_47 10 points ago in titanfolk

    Too early in the month for this.

    [–] Has Isayama said anything regarding AOT ending? H-K_47 6 points ago in titanfolk

    Yeah, he's never had Twitter. Not even a blue check mark on that one.

    [–] Has Isayama said anything regarding AOT ending? H-K_47 11 points ago in titanfolk

    I checked his twitter

    He doesn't have Twitter and has never had Twitter. Probably looking at a fake account.

    [–] Bruh H-K_47 186 points ago in titanfolk

    Bruhhh I didn't even realize he wasn't there. LOL oof.

    [–] Damn this aged poorly H-K_47 266 points ago in titanfolk

    He'll do it by killing all other heroes and being king of the ashes.