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    [–] By the Pope! H8SHYAMALAN 10 points ago in CrusadeMemes


    [–] the coolest guy H8SHYAMALAN 4 points ago in dankruto

    This might be the best meme I've seen in this sub in a long time

    [–] Sweats a LOT. H8SHYAMALAN 1 points ago in Cringetopia

    Never use asterisks in text unless you're correcting yourself or including a caveat is a policy we should all adhere too

    [–] Cursed_Soup H8SHYAMALAN 2 points ago in cursedimages

    This is the future the liberals are gonna force on you! /s

    [–] The Naruto that will never be H8SHYAMALAN 5 points ago in dankruto

    It's a shame I can only upvote this once

    [–] What are some of your All time favorite talk radio rants? H8SHYAMALAN 32 points ago in NYYankees

    Don's Ed Kranepool rant has me laughing every time I watch it

    [–] GET TF OUT HANABI H8SHYAMALAN 16 points ago in dankruto

    I can't believe they took my man from looking like this to looking like a potato in boruto

    [–] Obsidian is certainly not pulling punches with this one H8SHYAMALAN 1845 points ago in gaming

    The Outer Worlds. It's obsidian's new game that they announced at the game awards tonight

    [–] Happy Thanksgiving Naruto Fans!!! H8SHYAMALAN 20 points ago in dankruto

    Top 10 anime disappointments