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    [–] How do you all feel about Michael Crichton? HailTheMoose 1 points ago in books

    He is my favourite author. He was a fantastic writer. There is not a bad book he has ever written. He really seems to have researched and thought through his work and whatever he is talking about.

    [–] Redditors who were born deaf but had your hearing restored, what sounds nothing like what you expected? HailTheMoose 7 points ago in AskReddit

    I was thinking the same things. I am so blind without them I feel so uncomfortable (not the right word I am looking for, but the only word that I could think of to describe it) and vulnerable.

    [–] Just finished Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeere HailTheMoose 3 points ago in books

    For sure. I look forward to reading rhe book.

    [–] Inferno by Dan Brown HailTheMoose 2 points ago in books

    Robert Langdon says he didn't think that Sienna actually meant to kill her and it was truly an accident.

    I was wondering the sane thing also, but I think he wanted them to find it so that that they would know what he did and he could have even more credit.

    I think that was just to twist the readers mind. I know for me I wasn't expecting it to be Sienna and I liked that plot twist.

    [–] Dan Brown's Inferno movie adaptation? (SPOILERS) HailTheMoose 1 points ago in books

    Ha Ha! My best friend and I just finished reading this and we had the same discussion.

    She had watched the movie before the book but totally forgot about what it was like so after the book She went back and watched the movie and just bitched about it. I then watched it and I couldn't believe how much they changed. The ending of the book was a real thinker and had my bff and I having quite a conversations about this and how it would change the world and society. Then the movie was like that's too much of a thinker lets change it. I can't believe Dan Brown let them do that.

    [–] Just finished Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeere HailTheMoose 1 points ago in books

    I did not know this was a movie. I want to read this book so I am going to stay clear of the movie.

    [–] Sphere by Michael Crichton is an intense and deeply riveting thriller. HailTheMoose 2 points ago in books

    I LOVE Crichton. His books are fantastic. I am currently reading Sphere right now actually. I also really liked Micro and Prey. They were really interesting.

    [–] Your Last Meal HailTheMoose 3 points ago in Winnipeg

    I love there feta and pineapple pizza.

    [–] Do you read background on books before/during reading? HailTheMoose 1 points ago in books

    I read the back of the book or description of the book in Goodreads. If it's something I will really like and I can tell by the description I just go with that. If its a book that sounds good but I'm not sold I will look at ratings on Goodreads and maybe some reviews. As a history lover as I read something that mentions or takes place during a time in history I usually look more information up as i read to have more understanding of my interests are just peaked.

    [–] I can’t get into The Library at Mount Char. HailTheMoose 2 points ago in books

    I am in the same boat. I was very interested right st the start then its slower down interest wise.

    [–] Very Beginner Drawing. Advice? Thoughts? HailTheMoose 2 points ago in drawing

    Should you look at drawings for the shapes they are made out of to start your drawing?

    [–] [WIP] RICO Table Runner HailTheMoose 1 points ago in CrossStitch

    This is so beautiful. I wish I was braver to try new fabrics.

    [–] [WIP] Page 6 is done! Whew! HailTheMoose 1 points ago in CrossStitch

    I love this. Did you make the pattern on your own?

    [–] Why don't public libraries have many ebooks? HailTheMoose 1 points ago in books

    My library has a fait bit of ebooks and a little bit of audiobooks. I wish they had more audio books.

    [–] Is there anyone having a hard time getting into any of Stephen King’s book? HailTheMoose 1 points ago in books

    I find that it takes a bit to get into his books because of the amount of detail he puts into his stories. The Shining was my first Stephen King book and I found it as a good introduction into hia books because it wasn't too long and not too much characters and the storyline was really interesting.

    [–] Does it bother anyone else when the poster for the movie is used as a book cover? HailTheMoose 2 points ago in books

    I feel like it cheapens the book, like the original title wasn't good enough until it was made into a movie or book.