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    [–] Me irl Hallopainyo 22 points ago in me_irl

    Current Objective: Survive

    [–] Just unsubbed from r/AmITheAsshole. Hallopainyo 20 points ago in JustUnsubbed

    I've heard it said that 4chan is good people pretending to be bad and reddit is bad people pretending to be good.

    [–] Small Talks -- Quiet Sounds [indie rock] (2019) Hallopainyo 1 points ago in listentothis

    Small Talks is such a great band. Their latest album is top tier and Honeydew might be one of my all time favorite songs just based on lyrics alone.

    [–] [Mental Health Discord] The actual danger it presented. Hallopainyo 4 points ago in HobbyDrama

    That is so important. People have this idea that since they can talk their friends down when they're having a panic attack that qualifies them to handle anonymous emotional support but they are night and day.

    [–] IT'S THE DAY AFTER! WHERE THE HYPE AT?! Hallopainyo 5 points ago in DallasStars

    From a Rangers fan and bigger Zuccarello fan, it's good to see the man gets some love and play good hockey for your boys!

    [–] [Mental Health Discord] The actual danger it presented. Hallopainyo 43 points ago in HobbyDrama

    It's really unfortunately common that mental health support spaces are breeding grounds for toxicity

    [–] Combat Engineer Frenya Hallopainyo 4 points ago in ImaginaryCharacters

    You should be really proud of that weapon design. Super clever!

    [–] same. Hallopainyo 19 points ago in skyrim

    Slap some vaseline on those dry boys before you go to bed. In the morning when you wipe em off they'll be smooth as a baby's you-know-what

    [–] Oops Hallopainyo 0 points ago in dank_meme

    Your not "living" your existing. Big difference. You seriously should try it someday, might change your life. Started riding at 9 years old I'm 42 now. Yes I'm crippled from a car hitting me while riding. But I still ride, will till it kills me most likely. Anyone who's been on a bike for 10 plus years probley walks funny from getting hit. Is the price we pay to feel alive every day. Not willing to get in a cage to get around. Only live once, make the most of it.

    [–] What have i done Hallopainyo 4 points ago in ffxiv

    I won't stand this brazen racism in my subreddit

    [–] Oooooo baby Hallopainyo 3 points ago in tacobell

    Were the fries in the burrito dry at all? I feel like that's always a risk with this stuff

    [–] The Super Smash Bros Melee community now has the capability to stream in full resolution while playing on an original console thanks to the efforts of modders. Hallopainyo -18 points ago in emulation

    *cracks knuckles for internet fight* Smash is an action platformer. It has more in common with Metroid or Super Mario than it does with established fighting games like Tekken or Street Fighter.

    [–] Amy Character Reveal Trailer (U.S.) Hallopainyo 9 points ago in SoulCalibur

    Her voice was the best of any SC game. It's so non-cliche and most like a real person.

    [–] Me_irl Hallopainyo 1 points ago in me_irl

    He's part of the Finn Wolfhard < Danny Sexbang < Weird Al Yankovic evolution line

    [–] RPCS3 Tokyo Jungle [NPUA80523] Playable. Hallopainyo 16 points ago in emulation

    That is the most fun game I haven't thought about since 2013

    [–] 🎶Dum-da, dum-da, dum-da, dum-da...🎶 Hallopainyo 5 points ago in FrasierMemes

    When he flashes back to that scene and he harmonizes with a third part kills me every time

    [–] Field trip with Zuko Hallopainyo 2 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    The first thing I thought of when I read this lmao. Frasier is top tier