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    [–] Irish PM brings boyfriend to meet Mike Pence. Hambone3110 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in lgbt

    Taoiseach. Pronounced "TEE-shock"

    [–] Some do's and dont's for the Devs to consider. Hambone3110 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in SpaceHaven

    I think there is a reasonable middle ground between the extremes of the progressive/conservative spectrum, and I've tried to adhere to that middle ground as much as I can while writing for the game.

    People aren't going to stop being LGBT or having an ethnicity after the apocalypse, and I doubt the tensions surrounding those would simply vanish. The apocalypse could be as much a divider in the "your kind ruined the world" sense as it would be a reason to pull together, and I see no particular reason to shy away from that...

    ...But it's not the focus of the game, so I see no particular reason to focus on it either.

    Your crew have no spoken lines, their traits relate only to their ability to do their job on a spaceship, and so by and large whatever story and personality they may or may not have is up to the player's imagination. That open-to-interpretation minimalism has informed how the dev team have directed me as I go about writing the backstory and the missions, and I've endeavoured to give the player/reader as much freedom as possible to insert their own preferences.

    There is, for example, a young couple in love as a minor detail in one of the story log sequences. It was neither difficult nor unnatural to avoid referencing their specific genders or ethnicities, meaning that the reader has maximum leeway to create their own headcanon... and I'm not going to reveal what my headcanon for them is :p

    [–] The Pocket Hambone3110 3 points ago in RimWorld

    No-roof zone, I'm guessing.

    [–] Piers Morgan is an absolute twat, why is he even allowed on TV. Hambone3110 2 points ago in britishproblems

    Sure. He's a twat. My entirely empirical, 100% not-just-an-opinion, totally objective twatometer rates him at about 1700 milliCowells.

    [–] [OC][JVerse]The Deathworlders 53: The Wild Hunt Hambone3110 2 points ago in HFY

    That's just how an English-speaking narrator renders that word. In reality, "Awisun" "Jooyun" and "Loor" all share the same phoneme, which is super easy for a Ten'gewek's long tongue but super tricky for a human's shorter, wider one.

    [–] [OC][JVerse]The Deathworlders 53: The Wild Hunt Hambone3110 28 points ago in HFY

    Criticism is always hard to take, but I'd be a fool not to take it when given. You're not the only person to express this concern so, yeah. I'd better start listening.

    Thanks for offering constructive feedback, it's appreciated.

    [–] [OC][JVerse]The Deathworlders 53: The Wild Hunt Hambone3110 12 points ago in HFY

    THE OFFICIAL "Hey, I just posted this, and this is crazy, but I made some mistakes so fix them maybe" THREAD

    This comment chain is for drawing to my attention any glaringly obvious spelling, formatting or continuity errors.

    Please do not:

    • Report strange turns of phrase or colloquialisms, especially when spoken by a character.
    • Report cases where a character's subjective perspective may be leading them to form inaccurate or incomplete opinions.

    Please do:

    • Google any unfamiliar words, terms, idioms or figures of speech.
    • Check whether an issue you've found has already been reported
    • Refresh to check whether the issue you've found has already been resolved.

    When in doubt:

    • It was probably deliberate.

    Thank you!

    corrections pushed at 02/02/2019 @18:00.

    [–] Colossus needs a big fuckin Sword! Hambone3110 5 points ago in AnthemTheGame

    I love that build too. Combine it with Battle Cry and I call it the LARGE FRIEND build.


    [–] No ones made any cool Caustic art, so I made some! Hambone3110 3 points ago in apexlegends

    Pretty sure Caustic is still a better person than Heisenberg...

    [–] This is so dirty... Hambone3110 1 points ago in apexlegends

    $11 for a BANNER is what makes the price tag absurd.

    No, it just makes it more than you are willing to pay. Others may agree. everyone may agree. Others might feel differently.

    Just buy or don't buy as the case may be. Pricing is a function of what people are willing to pay. If they're selling it for that much then either enough people are willing to buy it at that price, or they've made a mistake and need to adjust the price downward.

    Either way, by not buying it you've already put in your most meaningful possible feedback, so all that complaining about it on Reddit will get you is a headache.

    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review Hambone3110 15 points ago in science

    This one's a bit of an urban myth, in fact. The food industry isn't interested in throwing out perfectly edible produce, that's lost profits!

    Mostly the "wonky" stuff that'd get left behind in the supermarket is picked out and used to make ready meals, sauces, soups, fruit juice and other prepackaged food. Or it goes for animal feed, or compost.

    After all, waste is not in the industry's best interests. At the very least they're going to minimise their losses.

    [–] To the Gibraltar in my game last night with no kills and 56 damage... Hambone3110 1 points ago in apexlegends

    Not the guy in the OP, but thanks for this! I've played 3 matches so far, all as Gibraltar, and felt like I achieved zip all. No kills, very few hits on target... but I was near my team, I popped my shield and threw my artillery and generally tried to be a team player. It's good to know that's appreciated, even if I'm officially a carry for now.

    [–] [OC][JVerse]The Deathworlders 52: Autoimmune Hambone3110 1 points ago in HFY

    That is indeed his first appearance, and no he wasn't among the researchers on Aru :)

    [–] [OC][JVerse]The Deathworlders 52: Autoimmune Hambone3110 5 points ago in HFY

    As ever, you're a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you!

    [–] [OC][JVerse]The Deathworlders 52: Autoimmune Hambone3110 4 points ago in HFY

    When they were originally created, the name was a pun on the Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan whose name is pronounced to rhym with "how," and "now."