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    [–] BGP-001, FW25 From 2003 Announced for F1 2018! Hammelj 2 points ago in formula1

    in terms of age I agree I was just using something clear as an example

    [–] BGP-001, FW25 From 2003 Announced for F1 2018! Hammelj 1 points ago in formula1

    I'd drive them much more often if classic seasons with all cars of one particular season

    I am a bit looser, the cars follow roughly similar regulations and eras but each team has at most 3 cars and they must be distinct from the others and almost all teams get 1 car.

    For example, I would say (given refueling wasn't in 2017) you can group 2009-2016 together. From those year I would inculde cars like the 2011 Mclaren, 2012 ferrari, 2013 RBR, 2012 Sauber, 2014 Merc, Brawn, 2009 Force india, 2015 Williams, 2014 Manor etc

    so it feels like a realistic grid so long as the BoP is good enough between years but with the better cars from the era

    [–] Going for a stroll, 1973 Monaco GP Hammelj 4 points ago in formula1

    Stewart withdrew from the race because of his death

    [–] Three F1 teams approached McLaren over Norris Hammelj 16 points ago in formula1

    Norris is not destroying the filed in F2 like Leclerc and Stoffel did.

    He is 27 points ahead of second, and 36 ahead of the next rookie (Mercedes protege Russel) with a team that wasn't in F2 last year as well as the only track he has ever raced at in the past being Monaco in 2016. compared with Leclerc he is 3 points shy of the same lead at the same point. Compared with Vandoorne it's even more favorable as he wasn't even leading after his first 4 weekends.

    [–] Expensive race car pile-up Hammelj 1 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    Wow. small internet! I did used to live on the edge of Langton, in one of the houses at Shirly hall.

    [–] Expensive race car pile-up Hammelj 1 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    I think for that $5 mil figure you got it from a different set of regs or have taken an annual budget. for example the Audi GT3 car costs about $400,000. I think you may have taken the old GT1 regs cost or the cost to Audi, Porsche etc to develop the car as the cost ber car. Also it is incredably rare that a driver is sacked for a crash and also the costs per year are quite big but all of these cars made it to the main race IIRC. The repare costs aren't huge either because these are based on the road going equivalents to the stage that a good chunk of the parts are identical to the road version of the car.

    I think it is also worth noting tenths of degrees is about as precisce as it goes for the teams as the driver won't be able to tell the difference and you cant perdict conditions that precisly either

    [–] Expensive race car pile-up Hammelj 19 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    Its called a qualifying race but that's just because it sets the grid order for the main race. The name is a bit of left over from when more people tured up than could start. The only way this could keep you from starting the race would be if you totaled the car or proved to be a danger and blocked from starting.

    [–] With how unbelievably negative the Fallout subs are, I wanted to make a thread dedicated to positivity towards Fallout 76 with you jolly bastards. Hammelj 1 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    I am on the fence for now, Fallout with other people is something that I wished I could do in FO4 (I wanted to see how good my settelments were in terms of defence etc). I like the map so far especially the underground biome that was misslabeled as forest. Graphially it looks great. I like the C.A.M.P idea as well. I am a little disapointed it is always online. I'm not pro microtransactions but if it is to cover free dlc for all I can live with it. So far I would say the news is 95% good.

    My problem is what we don't know yet. I want to know what they mean when they say modding as that has 3 major options, open modding where you just add what you want from the nexus etc, modding where essentally you need aproval but if they make the UI a bit better for pc I consider roughly equal with open, or finally creation club only in which case I will be very disapointed as its less modding and more third party DLC. Also how the servers accually work, are they all public or not as quite often I want to work on a building and I don't want to worry about greifers while doing so.

    Im sure these are baseless fears and so far im looing forward to it

    [–] McLaren open to lending out Norris, but rules out long-term deal Hammelj 1 points ago in formula1

    you're comparing apples to oranges though. If in December Vettel announced that he was going to retire then you have a similar situation.

    [–] Trump Administration Launches Denaturalization Effort to Strip Citizenship From Those Suspected of Naturalization Irregularities Hammelj 5 points ago in politics

    That's like saying Hallie Berry is a porn star because you saw saw some of her breasts in Swordfish a decade ago.

    she may have had sex on camera in a film though it is disputed

    NSFW of course

    [–] Gasly will race a new Honda spec engine for today's race, will take penatly Hammelj 1 points ago in formula1

    the way I think of it is he didn't qualify, he was just allowed to start from last.

    [–] David Coulthard: Im planning a march towards Liberty office end of year for free to air coverage of Formula 1 Hammelj 1 points ago in formula1

    Fuck you you shill!!!! :P

    Seriously though it is worth noting the 721,000 is sky's peak this year so far and last year it's not hugely better with a peak at just over 1 million with a prime-time race with a brit going for the championship and exclusivity that weekend. Even if that becomes the average (highly unlikely) is is still half that of C4.

    Also, I think it is worth remembering that being the biggest motorsport doesn't mean much if motorsport in total is small, for example, Moto GP effectively has the same deal as F1 will have since 2014 and is the peak of bike racing had an averaged 1 million and peaking at 1.3 million most races in 2013. Including the next day highlights the best it has done since is 678,000. I know this is anecdotal but since 2014 I have noticed a major decrease in moto gp's profile despite there now being a British rider getting wins. Also demographically even though the total viewers has risen a little (due to the highlights moving from ITV4 to C5) the younger viewers still shrunk and long-term that isn't a good way to go.

    [–] David Coulthard: Im planning a march towards Liberty office end of year for free to air coverage of Formula 1 Hammelj 2 points ago in formula1

    Cricket struggled because it went behind the paywall over 10 years ago, when much fewer people had access to it

    but that has changed but the viewing figures haven't remotely reversed

    I’m not saying F1 won’t suffer at all when it moves behind the paywall, but it’ll be far from the doom and gloom some would have you think.

    The peak viewers on sky last year was just over 1 million and averages 721,000 watched Monaco and that was up on last year. with exclusivity, it was no higher which suggests these are sky's limit

    [–] David Coulthard: Im planning a march towards Liberty office end of year for free to air coverage of Formula 1 Hammelj 3 points ago in formula1

    Viewing figures are actually up this year so far on last year (and those figures were up on 2016)

    but are still about half those of the BBC in 2011 if you include C4, without C4 it is about 6 times less on average.

    [–] Monza seeking $9 million cut in F1 race fee Hammelj 2 points ago in formula1

    Rumor is it will be on a 10 yr contract though