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    [–] Euro F3 Test entry list Hammelj 3 points ago in F1FeederSeries

    it may also be because it keeps them from having to take a stance on international politics for example if there is a driver from a Palestinian part of Israel or from crimea

    [–] Polycarbonate racing car windshield vs aerospace-spec polycarbonate fighter jet canopy - struck by a 20 kg (44 lbs) projectile at 225 kmph (140 mph) Hammelj 1 points ago in educationalgifs

    for a few reasons

    1. the jetfighter method is out as it didn't just deflect the wheel but bounced it and that is asking for it to hit a marshal/spectator/cameraman

    2. there is no need to worry about visual distortion via refraction

    3. It was stronger and less flexible

    4. It could be added to the existing chassis wihout a major redesign

    [–] Cambridge Analytica Bragged About Using Fake News, Bribes, And Ukranian Hookers to Influence Elections Hammelj 4 points ago in politics

    the tricky thing I think is either you cant run on that or must be overwhelmingly popular. We know they can influence elections, they are at best amoral, and with their fingers in may pies. I highly doubt they would have any qualms about using their experience to prevent politicians who would put them out of business from being elected

    [–] FIA dismisses "carnage" fears over standing restarts Hammelj 2 points ago in formula1

    OK I'll take you up on that even with favorable odds you are looking at 1 in 20 races geting a red flag and 1 in 20 race starts where a car launches off of another which results in roughly 400 to 1 odds

    [–] Why does John seem to get a standard 20-some downvote all the time? Hammelj 55 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    I assume they are bots or click farms trying not to get noticed as spam

    also FYI he spells it Jon not John

    [–] WH doesn't blame Russia for nerve agent attack Hammelj 3 points ago in politics

    given trump has shared classified info with Russia (source) the UK may be a bit reluctant especially as it may identify UK's source there as well (source)

    [–] Britain just got tough on Putin — and put Trump in a very tough spot Hammelj 3 points ago in politics

    I think dumping food and munitions in implies giving them to the UK not selling them to the UK (at the market rate as well rather than any discount or anything)

    [–] Question: What if a car finishes but lost 2 wheels Hammelj 2 points ago in formula1

    red bull received a $50,000 fine for letting him continue with a damaged car, for over a lap at the 2009 Australian gp

    [–] Some teams consider using 4 PUs per season despite grid penalty in one race. Horner: "Better to use max power in all races and get a penalty then to run detuned for the whole season" Hammelj 1 points ago in formula1

    It depends, if you are a backmarker the reverse applies, if you are last anyway you may as well have a penalty for an engine, however at the race half the grid takes their penalties you want to be able to move up the starting grid

    [–] Women should focus on 'easier' Formula E over F1, says Jorda Hammelj 1 points ago in formula1

    looking into the times I think it may be because it dried out that it is 14 secs, if you compare it to the other driver who didn't get that far it goes down to 7.3 secs but Jorta in race 1 made it to the end which in my opinion makes the wrong tyre suggestion not ring true as surely they would have pitted her if the tyres were doing it as that sort of time loss I highly doubt would just be overlooked

    [–] Women should focus on 'easier' Formula E over F1, says Jorda Hammelj 1 points ago in formula1

    IIRC she was on the wrong tyres for the 19 seconds one, which explains how she randomly went from those 4-7 seconds slower to 19 seconds slower.

    what about the 14 secs?

    [–] Remember the Eau Rouge chicane? Hammelj 8 points ago in formula1

    no, this was in 1994 after senna and Ratzenberger both died

    [–] 2011 Japanese Grand Prix - Race Highlights (Vettel Does The Double) Hammelj 15 points ago in formula1

    If Vettel scored a single point or JB had 1 2nd place rather than a win or race with half points at Japan, Korea, India, Abu Dhabi or Brazil so I think he had come to terms with it

    [–] Could Different Tyre Manufacturers Make Formula 1 More Interesting In 2019 ? Hammelj 1 points ago in formula1

    It may do in theory however it may go the other way, if last year's tyre was made with merc in mind we may not have seen a championship fight. Also if Merc was with Bridgestone and they did a better job than Pirelli then it could have been a 4th year of domination.

    A tyre war may add battles but it may equally take them away

    [–] So... why does Sauber sell cowbells? Hammelj 0 points ago in formula1

    it's easier than a cuckoo clock