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    [–] I'm just guessing Harambar 2 points ago in dankruto

    Holy shit those 3 flashbacks happen every episode

    [–] Sharing is caring Harambar 26 points ago in ofcoursethatsathing

    A fothermucker.

    [–] The Official AVENGERS: ENDGAME Release Megathread Vol. 10 Harambar 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    Why did Cap and Tony decide to go back to 1970 to get the space stone (since Loki stole the one in New York) when they could've just used the Time Stone that Banner just got to undo the mess that just happened, and then sneakily take the stone from their past selves again?

    [–] This is fine. Harambar 1 points ago in Minecraft

    I just checked and I'm nearly at 5 million

    [–] Dilemma Harambar 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Yeah I know the world will carry over, but for hundreds of blocks around my would-be house, none of the new update content would appear.

    [–] An email I sent as a 13 year old Harambar 4 points ago in iamverysmart


    Sent from my Smart Fridge

    [–] A small house I made to test out shaders Harambar 2 points ago in Minecraft

    I like how shaders makes anything look good