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    [–] Statement from Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft Hardmeat_McLargehuge 1 points ago in Patriots

    In general, people can and generally will use your viewpoints against you in some manner if they disagree with you and can exercise some sort of power over you. Best just leave everything off facebook or any social media because it can really only ever get you into trouble.

    Folks supporting a cause know there will be backlash from those who oppose their views and that's a risk they accept. My problem is when people say "kneeling during the national anthem should be a crime!" next they will say "disagreeing with the president is a crime!" etc... It's a dangerous cycle

    [–] Statement from Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft Hardmeat_McLargehuge 9 points ago in Patriots

    Something i can't seem to reason with my friends who support trump: why the hell are they so scared about losing their second amendment rights, yet get so angry when someone expresses their first amendment rights? You can't pick and choose this shit.

    You wish these folks would die in a fire? really, you would wish that on someone who is peacefully protesting something and trying to bring awareness to a cause they believe simply because you don't agree with it? That in it's own is unpatriotic.

    [–] 1 day out - Amateur Natural manlet Hardmeat_McLargehuge 2 points ago in bodybuilding

    to be fair "Croissant ass" made me chuckle

    You look solid as fuck /u/baftub , especially with that croissant ass

    [–] Cooks ‘Disappointed’ In Self, But Taking ‘One Play At A Time’ To Gel With Brady Hardmeat_McLargehuge 3 points ago in Patriots


    Randy is a completely different animal than cooks. All the respect in the world to the young man, but Randy is on a different level. No reciever in the league right now can just run against 3 defenders and simply "beat them" because he's such a freak

    [–] Tom Brady has No. 1 book on Amazon, Hillary at No. 2. As they said at Michigan, all he does is win. Hardmeat_McLargehuge 3 points ago in Patriots

    All the repsect to Tom, but there's nothing to be gained by buying and reading his book for information or some new angle on dieting. However if you are interested just in TB12 and what he does to keep himself in shape, that's a completely different matter. So exactly what you just said :)

    [–] Need help understanding air rifle triggers Hardmeat_McLargehuge 1 points ago in airguns

    interested - because if you look at the torsional spring on the green lever, it looks like it is preloaded to spring upwards, not fall down.

    [–] A new meme format will do fine Hardmeat_McLargehuge 7 points ago in PrequelMemes

    This is getting out of Hand! Now there are two of them!

    He misquoted a prequel line

    Kill him kill him now

    [–] It's not a story I would tell you Hardmeat_McLargehuge 66 points ago in PrequelMemes

    so this is how memes die, with thunderous applause

    [–] It's not a story I would tell you Hardmeat_McLargehuge 130 points ago in PrequelMemes

    It's treason then.....

    autistic screeching