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    [–] Ambient Bass Tapping HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago in Bass

    Always loved this kind of stuff

    [–] Does anyone feel like Peterson kept you from going full alt-right? HarpoTheSquid 3 points ago in JordanPeterson

    I like keeping yahoo around, he keeps us from devolving into hero worship (even if it still does happen sometimes, it could be much worse)

    [–] White stripes HarpoTheSquid 22 points ago in thighdeology

    thick thighs save lives

    [–] New Annie Player needs help HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago in AnnieMains

    This is a bit late, but honestly just focus on CS. This is going to sound counter intuitive, but you need to play to improve, not win. What I mean by that is that you need to not care about winning. Focus on improving the basic aspects of your game. Don't roam, don't try to do any fancy plays, just punish mistakes. The reason you do this is because, short term, going for roams and things that your opponent might not expect like that will work for a while and you'll see immediate results, but soon enough you'll plateau and you'll have to rethink the entire way you play the game. When you're focusing on improve, you're sacrificing in the short term to gain in the long term.

    Give your self a goal for CS (I use 100 CS at 15 mins, 200 CS at 25 mins, 300 CS at 35 mins, etc), look at the map in between every auto/spell and try to think about where the jungler is. Considering you used to be a jungle main it should be a bit easier for you. If your laner leaves lane to roam just shove the wave under the turret and go back to base. Don't leave your lane to take dragon with your team if your team can do it by themselves, take the time to shove the wave under turret.

    Just /mute all every game, 95% of the things that you want to communicate can be done with pings. If your team yells at you or spam pings you just stay calm and remember that they're just as bad as you are.

    [–] Peterson recently split his email into 6 accounts. Maybe he accidentally locked himself out? HarpoTheSquid 13 points ago in JordanPeterson

    I was suspecting that it was because he had started a second channel. Youtube really doesn't like when people start 2nd channels for some reason. I can recall a bunch of other youtubers complaining about it.

    [–] Montreal Morning HarpoTheSquid 5 points ago in montreal

    pretty sure he's talking about the ferris wheel delay lmao

    [–] Wall of Sorrow 11 | Bird Skip HarpoTheSquid 3 points ago in TheEndIsNigh

    I actually tried this and the setup is actually fairly consistent. The bird as the tendency to bob backwards while flying depending on the timing for when you jumped.

    [–] Challenge accepted HarpoTheSquid 9 points ago in JordanPeterson

    remember to take a lot of notes lol

    [–] AYYYYYYYY BITCH by Meme HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago in experimentalmusic

    soundclown is the most experimental genre

    [–] Figured somebody ought to tell y'all Solomon will soon be no more HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago in ClickerHeroes

    i'll never be able to experience broken endgame because i only have 200 as

    probably would have taken years anyway