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    [–] me irl HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago in meirl

    Oh shit this blew up

    For the record this isn't mine, source is @marsmallow on twitter

    [–] SleepyCast S2:E26 - [Calipornia Creamin] HarpoTheSquid 20 points ago in Sleepycabin

    I mean he did street race when he was younger. He probably got drunk and ran someone over.

    [–] Feeling stuck HarpoTheSquid 5 points ago in ClickerHeroes

    You transcend as soon as possible

    [–] Do you talk to yourself? HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago in INTP

    I love Peterson. I gotta get around to watching his personality lectures though.

    [–] The void isn't that bad HarpoTheSquid 10 points ago in place

    It's simply the process of death and rebirth, the natural order.

    To create, one must destroy.

    [–] Elephant Gym - Midway HarpoTheSquid 2 points ago in mathrock

    ah man I didn't know they had a new project out. Thanks for this.

    [–] LITE - Live From Lincoln Hall HarpoTheSquid 2 points ago in mathrock

    first song has me doing calculus and shit

    [–] hentai_irl HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago in hentai_irl

    I got this from 4chan my bad