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    [–] Help with this puzzle? HarryPotter5777 1 points ago in mathriddles

    From the sidebar:

    This subreddit is for people to share math problems that they think others would enjoy solving. It is not intended for helping students with homework problems or explaining mathematical concepts. If you are searching for such a subreddit, you should consider /r/cheatatmathhomework, /r/HomeworkHelp, or /r/learnmath.

    Titles should be descriptive of the problem, and sensationalized titles such as "Completely stumped by this problem" or "One of my favorite puzzles" are discouraged.

    Codebreaking and "guess the rule" type posts are not permitted; if you wish to submit such a post, do so on subreddits such as /r/puzzles.

    As such, your post has been removed.

    [–] Yearly Math equations HarryPotter5777 1 points ago in mathriddles

    Doesn't root take two arguments?

    [–] Batting average HarryPotter5777 3 points ago in mathriddles

    This is a nice problem!

    This is possible iff the batting average is expressible as 1/n for some n>1. For any batting average of the form 1/n, there's always an integer number of misses (hits*(n-1)) which must be surpassed to have batting average sink below 1/n - since misses go up by 1 each time, and the threshold monotonically increases, there's no way to skip from "misses<threshold" to "misses>threshold without hitting it exactly at some point. For any fraction whose simplified form is p/q for p>1, you could get a hit (maximal batting average of 1) and then however many misses it took to get below p/q - since your batting average at all times was of the form 1/n, it could never have been p/q.

    [–] Zendo #14 HarryPotter5777 2 points ago in mathriddles


    • Statement (someone please reply if this can already be deduced from the above and I'm just missing something): Color is independent of order.

    • Statement: The set of multiples of k is white for all k.

    • Koan: The set of primes greater than 1000.

    A few koans in the OP implied by statements that could be taken out:

    • non-square numbers but alternating blocks of 10 are swapped with the next block of 10

    • 2, 1

    • 3, 2, 5, 6, ... (the non-square numbers, but the first two terms are switched)

    [–] How will Reddit's plan to include video advertisements and in-feed advertisements affect users? HarryPotter5777 37 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    Wow, didn't know this was a thing - it probably makes sense, from a revenue standpoint, but this is definitely going to change my willingness to leave adblock off for the site. It's a shame too, because I've actually clicked on some of the site ads before - they were frequently interesting things I hadn't heard of before, but I can't imagine videos scattered across the page are going to attract similarly high-quality content.

    [–] Number 3510: The Cardinal Rule HarryPotter5777 59 points ago in questionablecontent

    Counterbalancing some of the negativity recently: As someone who isn't usually a huge fan of the Brun storylines, I liked this strip! Interesting new backgrounds and perspectives with the art, some plot development without being pointless conflict, and bad statistics jokes :)

    [–] The Weak Collatz Conjecture HarryPotter5777 1 points ago in mathriddles

    Exactly my solution - nice work!

    [–] Single Elimination Lowest Possible Second Place HarryPotter5777 1 points ago in mathriddles

    For n a power of 2, it's simple: the losing finalist has to defeat n/2 teams, and so can be at worst the median team.

    For n not a power of 2, with k the smallest power of 2 less than n, we have n-k matches and 2k-n byes to get the second round to have k remaining participants. If n is in [k,1.5k], we can put all the byes in the winner's half, and give the second-place team the bottom k/2 teams to defeat, so the bottom team can be k/2nth percentile (okay, technically that times 100) which is capped at 1/3. If n is in (1.5k, 2k), we have to put some non-bye teams into the second-place team's competition, so we have n-k competitors to beat (n players, and 2*k/2 of them are in the other half). Thus, we can get at worst (n-k)/n, which is again ≥1/3. Both times this minimum is achieved when n is exactly the average of two consecutive powers of two. In both cases, n/2 is the best worst-case ranking of the second-place team, and happens only when n is a power of 2.

    [–] Number 3509: Sensitive Information HarryPotter5777 9 points ago in questionablecontent

    I don't know if we really "have" them when we've seen them in the same strip exactly once since February of 2014. They could be broken up, married, or raising a kid at this point for all we know. Marten and Claire are at least a semi-regular presence.

    [–] The Origins of Spookybot(s) HarryPotter5777 6 points ago in questionablecontent

    This is some ASOIAF-level tinfoil. I love it.

    [–] [Let's Reread] Questionable Content (“The Double Date”, Comics #215 - #223) HarryPotter5777 1 points ago in questionablecontent

    Wait, are you sure she's 16? This strip suggests she's under 18, but I can't find any reference to her age elsewhere in the comic.

    [–] Zendo #13 - "Quantifier Monks" edition HarryPotter5777 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in mathriddles


    • Statement: The set of numbers congruent to n mod k is white for all positive integers k and 0≤n<k.

    • Koan: {2, 3, 4, 5, ...}

    • Koan: {1, 3, 9, 27 ...}

    (edited to not overlap with previous guesses; if you read this after the edit, can you indicate that you read it so I know which koans you're evaluating?)

    [–] Zendo #13 - "Quantifier Monks" edition HarryPotter5777 2 points ago in mathriddles


    • Statement: Every one-element set is black.

    • Statement: Every infinite set has two subsets of different colors.

    • Koan: {1, 2, ... 10}

    [–] [Let's Reread] Questionable Content (“The Double Date”, Comics #215 - #223) HarryPotter5777 2 points ago in questionablecontent

    Reading this whole arc made me realize that Ellen seems a little uncharacteristic for a 17-year-old? Things like the quality of her banter, or familiarity with Derrida, or generally being quite mature about the whole Steve situation, feel out of place compared to most of the 17-year-olds I know. (I suppose going to college early probably selects for intelligence, which in turn correlates with some of those things, but still, it feels like she's being ascribed this characteristic of youth while maintaining the same general level of experience and knowledge of the other twenty-somethings in the comic.)

    [–] Zendo #13 - "Quantifier Monks" edition HarryPotter5777 3 points ago in mathriddles


    • Koan: {1}

    • Koan: {1000}

    • Statement: For every finite subset S of N, there exists a set T containing S which is the opposite color.

    I've stickied this post and set the suggested sort to new.

    [–] How does the user pepsi_next post so many links in the span of an hour? HarryPotter5777 14 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    The median logged-in user tends to consider them worth upvoting, at least (though I sympathize with "popular" and "good quality" being very different things in some subs).

    [–] How does the user pepsi_next post so many links in the span of an hour? HarryPotter5777 43 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    Automated scripts; I believe they manually select the images from whatever source they use, and use a script to schedule posting to the relevant batches of NSFW subs over extended periods of time. It's content that the users of those subs appreciate, and it's not particularly spammy, so the admins are fine with it.

    [–] Why does reddit have such an extreme right wing bias, and what can we do to prevent this website from becoming Breitbart Fox News? HarryPotter5777 1 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    far above a realistic reflection of the real world.

    But "the real world" kind of sucks - you have to get pretty far from what are likely the default views in either of our social circles to get to a real-world level. At least in America, something like a third of people think that gay/lesbian relationships and premarital sex aren't morally acceptable (Gallup, 2015). Outside of the most conservative religious subreddits, I'd wager that almost every place on this site is unrealistically left-leaning with respect to social issues like that, including the_donald. As for economic issues or questions of immigration, there's certainly more of a split, but again, if you look at the vote totals on posts, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything on a default subreddit that's less than explicitly left-wing.

    [–] Seen on /r/meirlgbt/ HarryPotter5777 4 points ago in bisexual

    I've tried to find /r/meirlgbt to no avail, and /r/meirllgbt doesn't exist either - where did you find this post from?

    [–] Partitioning {1,2,...n} into consecutive blocks with equal sums HarryPotter5777 1 points ago in mathriddles

    I wouldn't consider it one, but I'd be curious to see the reasoning that led you to it! Although since no one else has reached a solution, I might be willing to mark this one solved if you can get a CAS somewhere to verify that.

    [–] Why does /r/all/posts send me to a tf2 trading guide question? HarryPotter5777 15 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    Reddit gives all posts base-36 shortlinks (you can find them in the URL or the sidebar of the comments section). or will take you to this one, for instance. That URL takes you to the one whose random shortlink happened to be posts. If you do the same thing for inbox you'll find some comments on the relevant post from people who stumbled across it.

    [–] Why do many redditors have an Anti-american bias? HarryPotter5777 5 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    "Hey, this thing is going pretty well and functioning as normal, like we'd expect it to!" doesn't make the front page. American-centric viewpoints are the dominating ones on reddit, and so anti-American sentiments draw more attention, and there's a greater focus on the ways in which America is inferior to other western nations (such as cost and quality of healthcare). "Worse nations which do worse things every day" certainly exist, but your average 20-something in the US or the UK doesn't really care about the plight of impoverished Somalians, and likely has a much greater interest in something like the USA's approach to gun control.

    Although it's a little hard to answer your question if the single most powerful person in the country at hand can't be discussed.