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    [–] Man Sets Up Ghost Hunting Camera, Catches Wife Having Sex With His Son Instead HasAnArchmageFetish 5 points ago in MensRights

    Well, I would. But I'm an equal opportunity degenerate who wants equal sentencing for male child sexual abusers.

    [–] "I don't care if men's lives are ruined by false sexual assault accusations" cunt makes it to TrollX. TrollXChromosomes is split between "YAAASSSS KWEEN!!!!" and rage quitting the sub. HasAnArchmageFetish 9 points ago in Drama

    No, they just listen to the feminist logic Any recognition of men as victims means that the resources spent will be taken away from helping female victims. Hence anyone who advocates for men must want to take from women. Hence constant dismissal of men's suffering as being "just a small minority/not as bad as what happens to women".

    Self-righteous hypocrites always project.

    [–] Americans Say To Pass The Turkey, Not The Politics, At Thanksgiving This Year HasAnArchmageFetish 2 points ago in politics

    LOL you'd rather die than pretend to care about people with different politics for a couple of hours?

    The definition of edge.

    [–] A list of statistics pulled straight from r/MensRights gets posted by GallowBoob on r/InterestingAsFuck and reaches r/all. Comments get locked after half an hour of being posted. HasAnArchmageFetish -3 points ago in SubredditDrama

    Well, the foreskin is actually the most sensitive part of the male body, and the internal clitoris still provides a large amount of sexual pleasure, so yes, they are.

    Anyone who callously dismisses male genital mutilation as the removal of useless tissue while believing that women who undergo mutilation can't even feel pleasure from sex is just ignorant.

    And female genital mutilation is already banned in every western country, while male genital mutilation is routinely preformed in America. So where do you think our priorities should lie? I'd say we need to clean up our own backyard before morally preaching at other for having backwards coustoms of their own.

    You can start by watching Child Circumcision: An Elephant In the Hospital, an academic lecture about the dangers of circumcision.(warning: there's a short NSFL clip in the middle)

    [–] Group of Alabama Pastors Support Roy Moore and Cite “War On Men” HasAnArchmageFetish -18 points ago in news

    So you're proud of being an emotional person who rushes to conclusions without waiting for the facts?

    [–] How does the MRA movement differ from feminism? HasAnArchmageFetish 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in MensRights

    MRAs haven't passed any anti female laws yet. We just want existing laws to stop discriminating against men.

    Edit: Although personally I'm here because the doctors cut off the most sensitive part of my penis by lying to my parents about the threat of infection, and I can't even makes medical malpractice claim agansit them for the damage that was done, because it was intentionally part of the procedure, even though said procedure was said to be completely harmless with no drawback whatsoever. Even though said procedure was found to be harmful and non therapeutic in other English speaking countries in the 70s. Even though preforming said procedure on girls, even symbolic versions that don't cause any lasting change, is illegal. Even though the 14 the amendment guarantees equal protection under the law.

    Not to mention the Duluth model saying that only men are perpetrators of domestic violence, leading to half of men who call the police to protect them selves getting bar rested instead of their female accusers. Not to mention feminists constantly using tortured statistics to push the narrative that women are the vast majority of victims and that male victim hood is just a blip on the radar that doesn't need to be effective.

    Tl:Dr You should ask questions with an open mind. Asking for more information but replying with a dissmisive mindset is just a waste of time that makes someone look like a troll.

    [–] Shouldn`t it be Personspreading then??? HasAnArchmageFetish 2 points ago in MensRights

    in Seattle the buses have poster warning passengers not to spread, with a picture of an octopus.

    [–] Should team 5 unerf cards? HasAnArchmageFetish -1 points ago in hearthstone

    Because shadow step keleseth turn 2 is just as fun and interactive?

    [–] SRD decides that women > autists HasAnArchmageFetish 3 points ago in Drama

    They read "in general less interested in" as " biologically incapable" .

    [–] I Just Realized How Completely Asinine Hunter's Class Design Is Becoming ... HasAnArchmageFetish 1 points ago in hearthstone

    I've noticed that Hunter's early game is bad because he can't utilize fire fly as more than 2 one drops. Druid has aoe buffs, rouge has combo, shaman has bloodlust and evolve, and flametounge totem. But hunter only has dire wolf alpha.

    If firefly was a beast then hunters early game would be dangerous.