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    [–] Insurance Policy, MVE vs Others Hates_ 1 points ago in MotoUK

    MCE is cheap but the excess is massive. Adding crash bungs made my quote go up by £700 too.

    [–] Anyone here commute from Essex to London? Hates_ 1 points ago in MotoUK

    I commute in from Ebbsfleet to Regents Park. What route do you find quickest getting in? So far I'm doing A2 -> Shooters Hill Road -> Westminster Bridge -> Along the river to Embankment -> Up to Trafalgar Square -> Round and up Tottenham Court Road. Some occassions going over the crossing and just straight down the A13 and along the river then turning up at Embankment pretty quick too.

    [–] Anyone here commute from Essex to London? Hates_ 1 points ago in MotoUK

    I tend to chop and change between the A13 all the way in and along the river and taking the A2 all the way up to Westminster Bridge. They both end up being roughly the same time. Coming back out to Kent, the A2 is frequently is jammed up all the whole way back if the M25 is moving slow, and even with filtering it can be a bit of a slog.

    [–] Anyone here commute from Essex to London? Hates_ 2 points ago in MotoUK

    I commute in from Ebbsfleet in Kent, cross over at Dartford and take the A13 all the way into Regent’s Park. 27 miles and takes me exactly and hour. Do it all year round. Lovely in the summer and a bit miserable in winter. The dark hours make filtering more sketchy. But I still prefer it to the train. Heated grips and gloves really help. And Goretex Pro clothing mean you stay really dry the whole way. A 125 will be a struggle on the national speed limit section but I see people do it. For me riding in saves a hell of a lot of money as my monthly ticket is over £500. If the cost was the same I would probably take the train more.

    [–] My favorite mirror setup yet: CRG Arrows mounted on Rhinomoto bar-ends Hates_ 1 points ago in Triumph

    I’ve been wanting to get this setup but do you know if it works having the mirrors positioned below the handlebars rather than on top of them and with the thin end pointing in. As if you were to rotate your setup anti clockwise through 180 degrees.

    [–] KTM Duke 125 2017 Hates_ 3 points ago in KTM

    If it’s like the 1290, MyRide was a paid option on the 17 models but comes as standard on the 18 ones.

    You can find the manual here

    [–] Bought a '17 1290 super duke! Hates_ 2 points ago in KTM

    Picked mine up on Saturday and echo everything you said. I couldn’t be more happier. This thing is just mind blowing. The way it picks up speed is addictive.

    [–] Husky 701 VS KTM 690 Hates_ 1 points ago in Dualsport

    The 701 has the updated engine from the 690 Duke which has the extra counter balance shaft to make it less vibey. All 690 Enduros have the older engine. The new 690 with the updated engine is due for a 2019 release.

    [–] Does the 790 Duke sound worse than the 690 Duke? Hates_ 1 points ago * (lasted edited 20 days ago) in KTM

    Listened to a790 start up and ride away at a local dealer. I thought it sounded pretty good in comparison to my 690. I'm guessing as well the 790 is Euro4 compliant where as the 690 in it's current form isn't.

    [–] IPhone 8 Plus vs. Navigator v Hates_ 1 points ago in Motorrad

    One thing that I like about the Nav and other motorcycle GPS units like the TomTom Rider is that it can plan routes based on twisty roads. So I can tell it I want to go for an hour ride and it'll plot a nice route for me to take that comes back to where I started.

    [–] Would you advice having a helmet cam?why;why not? Hates_ 6 points ago in MotoUK

    I do, just because it removes any doubt when it comes to blame in case of an incident.

    [–] Opinion on a '17 1290 duke as a daily driver Hates_ 1 points ago in KTM

    Hopefully you get some replies as I’m thinking of doing the same.

    [–] ABS or no ABS for first bike Hates_ 2 points ago in MotoUK

    Personally I wouldn’t buy a bike without it. It’s saved me a couple of times when I’ve panic braked.

    [–] Tricks to stop speaking with a rising inflection (uptalk)... Hates_ 2 points ago in selfimprovement

    That's a really good point. On top of uptalk I have the habit of talking faster which is just confounding the original problem. I should pay more attention to slowing down and maybe that will in tern help with the uptalk.

    [–] Tricks to stop speaking with a rising inflection (uptalk)... Hates_ 1 points ago in selfimprovement

    In the context of the course I was on, which was about building influence amongst peers and management at work, it definitely was seen as a bad thing. Uptalk can make you sound unsure about what you're saying and doesn't build confidence in the person listening. We did a lot of exercises around how you can deliver the same message in different ways and how it can have a large impact on how it's recieved.

    [–] Thank you Amazon for this $500 rock Hates_ 17 points ago in pcmasterrace

    My brother in law ordered a 1080, revived an empty box and Amazon refused to refund or replace without a Police report. Took months to sort out and only after threatening to take them to court did they finally cave and finally refund him. I was really surprised as they had always been great when my packages had not arrived.

    [–] Enduro Rallies in Europe? Hates_ 5 points ago in MotoUK

    Wales 500 is supposed to be super easy if you want to try it out. Then there’s the All Terrain Rally Challenge, Tour of Portugal and the mega Gibraltar Race. Check out rallymoto for more stuff.

    [–] Efficient two-people moving device Hates_ 3 points ago in specializedtools

    How do you get it up off the ground? It looks like you’d have to squat really low with it behind you to get it up.