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    [–] Enduro Rallies in Europe? Hates_ 4 points ago in MotoUK

    Wales 500 is supposed to be super easy if you want to try it out. Then there’s the All Terrain Rally Challenge, Tour of Portugal and the mega Gibraltar Race. Check out rallymoto for more stuff.

    [–] Efficient two-people moving device Hates_ 3 points ago in specializedtools

    How do you get it up off the ground? It looks like you’d have to squat really low with it behind you to get it up.

    [–] What are some good dualsport adventure videos on YouTube? Hates_ 3 points ago in Dualsport

    Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV, Races to Places, SibirskyExtreme are some of my favourite adventure channels.

    [–] Zero SR commuting: a cost analysis Hates_ 2 points ago in motorcycles

    Good write up. I’d definitely consider one if the price was nearer £5/£6k as that feels like the sweet spot for a decent second hand petrol bike. I have my worries about the longevity of them and as you said, how far along might the technology have progressed in a few years which make it obsolete and difficult to sell on.

    [–] Why are KTM bikes so unknown in America? Hates_ 1 points ago in KTM

    From what I've read it should be going on sale in the US fall of this year.

    [–] What are you guys using for luggage/storage on your 701SM? Hates_ 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Husqvarna

    What made you decide to get rid of them? Been thinking of getting the R80 for a while now but it’s a pain to get here in the UK. The Kriega solution is a lot easier to get hold of here.

    [–] 3 days left until I get my license! Hates_ 10 points ago in supermoto

    You might be under estimating this bike a bit ;) Even after a few thousand miles on mine it still scares me.

    [–] Do any of you use molded ear plugs? Hates_ 2 points ago in MotoUK

    I bought the Mercury Hearing Dec Filter plugs. You can change the filters depending on how much noise you want to let through.

    [–] Do any of you use molded ear plugs? Hates_ 2 points ago in MotoUK

    Yes. I went from cheap foam ones to £15 Alpine Motorcycle ones up to £100 custom Mercury ones. I’d say each has been a big improvement on the last. The customs ones filter out a lot more noise and they’re a lot easier to get in and out. If I happened to lose one I’d definitely pay to get it replaced. Best thing is to wait until one of the big bike shows and get the fitting done there. I got mine in the post about a month later.

    [–] Recommendations on waterproof and heated gloves? Hates_ 2 points ago in MotoUK

    My only gripe is the wiring is a pain. Definitely going to buy the battery packs next winter.

    [–] Spoke covers dumb, not dumb? Hates_ 1 points ago in DRZ400

    Not dumb. Got some black ones on my KTM and they not only look sweet but they don’t show dirt up as badly as exposed spokes.

    [–] Buying a bike with much lower horsepower and displacement? Hates_ 2 points ago in MotoUK

    I have more fun on my tiny KTM 690 SMC than my R1200GS. It’s impossible to keep the GS pinned without going silly speeds, where as the smaller bike can have its neck wrung without going as fast. The biggest hurdle when it comes from moving down is just the idea of not having a proper “big bike”. My plan had been to sell the GS when I got my 690 but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    [–] Chain bike to car tow hook instead of ground anchor? Hates_ 1 points ago in MotoUK

    Could you put your ground anchor in a bucket of concrete instead?

    [–] Seems like the perfect Anchor right? Hates_ 1 points ago in MotoUK

    You could always put your anchor into a bucket of concrete.

    [–] KTM SlowMo Hates_ 2 points ago in motorcycles

    Love that video. Especially when Adam jumps on the older 990 at the end. Made me start to want one so bad.

    [–] TfL in talks over extending Crossrail eastwards Hates_ 1 points ago in london

    Having moved out to Ebbsfleet this year I’m really hoping they do this. Although it’s not projected to finish until 2027 if they do.