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    [–] Plastic is not vegan Healyhatman 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Oil is made from plants way more than it is animals.

    [–] What’s wrong with me Healyhatman 1 points ago in sexadvice

    Just relax. Don't worry about cumming too soon, if you do keep her going and tell her you're getting ready for round two.

    [–] Uncircumcised dick and Masturbation. Healyhatman 1 points ago in sexadvice

    Just in case you're serious, because who knows, you're not really supposed to pull your foreskin back when your penis is erect. It doesn't really work that way. Definitely not when masturbating that sounds and awful and painful and not good.

    Also you don't need to rub the head of your penis to clean it. But goat's milk soap is good - not too harsh. I like to use the champagne setting on my shower head and blast it a bit.

    If you can't retract without pain when flaccid, talk to a doctor. And remember your embarassment is misplaced they definitely have seen smaller grosser smellier than your regardless of how small, gross, and smelly you THINK yours is.

    [–] Everytime i go out to eat Healyhatman 1 points ago in funny

    snaps twice. Keeps going.

    [–] Everytime i go out to eat Healyhatman 5 points ago in funny

    I don't agree with him AT ALL. All that power, and he only snaps out half?

    [–] True love Healyhatman 2 points ago in pics

    They're out of the ground, so they're now dying together.

    [–] Shooters are better with mouse & keyboard but are they necessarily more fun ? Healyhatman 1 points ago in gaming

    Console versions of FPS usually have a degree of auto aim, slower enemies, and less of them. For an example look at the Doom Eternal gameplay reveal, and the difference between when they're first playing compared to when they start the M&KB section.

    [–] Pornhub is popular because it has a pre installed "dark theme" Healyhatman 7 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I thought it was popular because it has an easy to remember web address and millions of hours of hardcore porn.

    [–] I love Team Cherry. Healyhatman 2 points ago in gaming

    Beating Nightmare King Grimm still ranks as one of my best gaming achievements, even though it's just pattern based timing.

    [–] If you can change the punishment for a crime, what crime would it be and what's the punishment? Healyhatman 2 points ago in AskReddit

    White collar crime. Instead of 2 years in a cushy resort style prison, 1 year in regular prison per person harmed.

    [–] On the topic of diversity Healyhatman -3 points ago in gaming

    It's not whether or not the character's sexuality makes a difference to the gameplay or not, it's the sense that gameplay suffers because instead of worrying about gameplay or story, they're trying to farm diversity points.