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    [–] Mitt Romney’s spine is missing in action again HeirOfHouseReyne 1 points ago in politics

    But they don't care about their children's children's children, otherwise they'd act appropriately on all the evidence on global warming instead of spreading misinformation and supporting the industries that are most harmful to our efforts to reduce the effects

    [–] Hello Grandkids! HeirOfHouseReyne 2 points ago in wholesomememes

    You really are a great mother. I hope your kids remembered mother's day last week.

    What are the important things you've learned by using Reddit that you don't think you would've understood?

    [–] Hello Grandkids! HeirOfHouseReyne 2 points ago in wholesomememes

    I really wish I could've played together with them more often because it felt like they perceived gaming a something anti-social (even when I was doing so online with my best friend) and they enjoy having my company when I wasn't at friends or school. I thought it would be two wins: being able to game and make them happy by being around (and then I could've shared my passion and talked to them about what fascinated me about those games at the time.)

    I'm glad you put in the effort to relate to your son's interests. I'm sure he appreciated that too, whether he remembers it or not.

    [–] Hello Grandkids! HeirOfHouseReyne 5 points ago in wholesomememes

    My parents just "get dizzy" whenever they watch me play anything. I tell them it's like driving a car or flying a plane : when you can steer yourself it'll be better. But they weren't convinced.

    My mother did get excited to try the Astrobot rescue mission trial on PSVR. I advised that game since it doesn't have violence and she could always see the controller in the game so she'd be able to see what she had to press, but even then she couldn't turn the camera, it walk and jump if I reminded her. Both she and I didn't have the patience to get her to the end of the trial version. But I'm happy she tried.

    [–] Howard Stern: The Trump I know wasn't anti-abortion because he probably got a 'few people abortions' HeirOfHouseReyne 1 points ago in politics

    That's what I don't get. They want lower taxes, but they pay a lot of politicians a lot of money to achieve it. It'll probably still be worth it, so this is about a ton of money and that worries me.

    [–] TIFU: I have officially branded myself as the biggest perv... and I 100% deserve it... HeirOfHouseReyne 40 points ago in tifu

    I wish there were more videos with scenarios like OP's, where you think the good scenario will happen but then one in every hundred video's will unexpectedly turn out to have characters reacting in a realistic way like OP's ex-wife did.

    [–] TIFU: I have officially branded myself as the biggest perv... and I 100% deserve it... HeirOfHouseReyne 3 points ago in tifu

    Asquith!? What on earth is wrong with you? This is supposed to be a bawdy 1970's hospital Please stick to using innuendo.

    Maybe you really aren't cut out to work in a bawdy 1970's hospital. Now, there's no need to make a scene. I think it's best you take the rear entrance and guard the back passage.

    [–] TIFU: I have officially branded myself as the biggest perv... and I 100% deserve it... HeirOfHouseReyne 48 points ago in tifu

    I'm so glad my SO doesn't have any sisters. I don't even have to pretend she's the one I desire the most, because she wins. By far.

    [–] Will Netflix ever get into the markets of live streaming sports? HeirOfHouseReyne 2 points ago in netflix

    Please no. I wouldn't want my money going to sport. I'm just paying for the shows, movies and convenience and to not get confronted with sports everywhere.

    [–] Squanch HeirOfHouseReyne 3 points ago in Mortytown

    JEEZ IS what's going on, Morty.

    [–] Farmer on Trump tariffs: 'We're in a free fall out here' HeirOfHouseReyne 16 points ago in Trumpgret

    Nah, let's vote for the guy who can't get a loan at any American bank. Or the guy who has been in at least 3500 legal battles and uses litigation as a bullying tactic. Or the one who has cheated on every one of his wives.

    [–] Alabama ranks 50th in education. I live in Georgia where we are ranked 30th. 🤮 HeirOfHouseReyne 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    This is the real "shithole country". Such excessive wealth, biggest army by far with technology that surpasses what's necessary. Yet they can't even fund all government schools with basic necessities to study? I bet most schools in Africa have better school infrastructure than this. Books are among the first things they purchase when they send developmental aid and somehow that's just an afterthought in Alabama?

    [–] Guy puts a GoPro on a sushi conveyor belt HeirOfHouseReyne 1 points ago in gifsthatkeepongiving

    But when I was In Tokyo around April a few years back, tons of people had these transparant umbrellas. I bought a brand new one as well because I liked them so much. They even have bins to put your umbrellas in at the door in most shops and hotels so you wouldn't have to take your umbrella with you. (it's either that or an "umbrella condom dispenser" as I called it, which puts a plastic sleeve around the umbrella to prevent it from leaking in the floor but which allows you to take it with you.) Sadly when I left my new umbrella at a door, someone else had taken mine, because the umbrella's all look very much alike. So I'd often end up having to use someone else's broken umbrella that was left instead.

    [–] What is something you do twice "just to make sure" although you perfectly know the first time was sufficient? HeirOfHouseReyne 2 points ago in AskReddit

    B) how the fuck do you forget your glasses? Surely as soon as you wake up you realise that you can't fucking see?

    I need my glasses to read things that are more than a few meters ahead. But when I'm inside and I'm not watching television, I rarely realize I need them because everything close to me is perfectly fine. It's only when I go outside (and I'm usually in a hurry) that I notice that the world is not in high definition and I have to choose to return for my glasses and be late OR go ahead without them and also be late.

    [–] Farmer who voted for Trump says he’ll ‘never vote for him again’ as family set to lose $150,000 in China trade war HeirOfHouseReyne 2 points ago in politics

    They are conservative because their propaganda channel is telling them everything used to be better and now it's not because of Democrats. And Republicans will not only vaguely promise turn back any progress you are told not to like, but also protect them from the doom of evil Democrats who are trying to ruin every good thing they have: their guns that "protect them" (and no doubt increases the incarceration rate among the poor), the economy (that already isn't working for them because of globalization, but which won't be saved by protectionism), white privilege, their self-righteousness, their right to bully others, their government hand-outs (which might also go to a foreigner or non-republican who might not have earned it, payed for by your taxes)

    And while they fear-monger, the GOP are robbing the tax payers by seeking their influences to companies (and profiting by having stakes in those companies) and they seem to pay less taxes than their own, lower wage servants.