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    [–] [SPOILERS] Can we drop the notion that no action = filler? HendersonDaRainKing 1 points ago in gameofthrones

    Lol....I deserve to watch any show I want.

    If ham fisted reunions with sappy dialogue is your

    That was a poorly written show, last night imo.

    [–] Explosions rock Sri Lanka. Over 140 injured and 20 dead in Sri Lanka. HendersonDaRainKing 144 points ago in news

    Come on, man. A co-ordinated terrorist attack in which 7 bombs kill 150, maiming 500?

    Brown Christians don't matter as much.

    [–] Bouncer takes down gunman walking into a club HendersonDaRainKing 3 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Doesn't matter, Redditors expect the fat middle aged lady to pounce on the gunman like their beloved John Wick would.

    [–] Anthony Bourdain, 24 years old in 1980 HendersonDaRainKing 5 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in OldSchoolCool

    What's a T1? I keep thinking Terminator/Arnold. Which if you are all means, I meant no disrespect. Actually...if you aren't I didn't either. But especially if you are.

    [–] These 3 people are the luckiest in the world HendersonDaRainKing 22 points ago in videos

    Ah yes. I had a gut feel this was the Cornella` del Terri Plantada de I'Arbre del Maig Ball del Cornut Fesitval.

    [–] These 3 people are the luckiest in the world HendersonDaRainKing 55 points ago in videos

    I'm guessing not much excitement happens in this town.

    [–] 8 years ago, I was sleeping on an air mattress in a spare bedroom. Yesterday, at 33, I finally became a home owner! HendersonDaRainKing 3 points ago in pics

    How can you be "so proud" of somebody you don't even know? And you aren't "so happy". The guy has probably already exited your stream of consciousness forever!