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    [–] Printing with TPU? Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in 3Dprinting

    I've done all this and still had no luck with TPU on an A8. I gave up.

    [–] I met someone who helps old people get out of their chairs Henri_Dupont 3 points ago in puns

    I like to dump them out of their wheelchairs. Does that mean I'm the fall guy?

    [–] Garage Door with broken spring, can I open it manually? Henri_Dupont 4 points ago in HomeImprovement

    Call a pro. I can fix almost anything, I own rental property and fix everything in it, but I call a pro to fix garage doors. Those springs can hold an incredible amount of energy and they are very dangerous. You are playing with fire, if you make a mistake you could end up tied in a knot or cloboered by a flying wrench.

    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review Henri_Dupont 218 points ago in science

    Second link is a scholarly article. Insects are at the base of many food chains, so this is an important threat to a wide range of species. Ultimately it could affect us.

    They do note that some more adaptible species are [email protected], taking up the empty niches.

    [–] Top dividend plays that are not dogs of the Dow? Henri_Dupont 16 points ago in stocks

    Look into "dividend aristocrats" articles on Motley Fool

    [–] To Vapor Barrier or Not to Vapor Barrier? Henri_Dupont 14 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in HomeImprovement

    DO NOT USE PLASTIC IN WALLS and ceilings AS A VAPOR BARRIER. Please re-read the previous sentence several times. Anyone who advocates putting plastic in walls and ceilings understands nothing about building science, and is living in a 1970's time bubble. We've learned from our mistakes.

    In a ceiling, the air seal is the sheetrock. Make sure that is tight, foam around el ctrical boxes, caulk and spackle gaps, use airtight can lights. Almost nobody advocates using vapor retarders in ceilings, and the code does not require them.

    Every time I ha-e torn into the walls of an old building, with plastic, I have found mold. Why? A wall with polyethylene in it can't dry out in that direction.

    Water will get into the wall or ceiling. If it can't leave, it condenses on the next cold surface once enough of it builds up. That's why you get mold.

    The code does not require plastic sheeting in walls or ceilings. Not anywhere. I teach classes in the IBC, and I'm pretty familiar with that part of the code. It requires a vapor retarder, in most climate areas, and even that isn't necessary in many cases. A sheet of plastic allows no water to move through it. A vapor retarder allows a controlled amount of moisture to move.

    How does moisture move through walls and ceilings? A small amount by diffusion through surfaces. But 100x more water, in the form of moist air, can move through holes and leaks in the wall. You cut a hole in the plastic for a pipe or electrical box, that's where air moves and thus moisture. Great place to find mold in a leaky wall.

    Then, to make more mold, add fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass can't stop air movement. It is terrible stuff, and is still allowed because it is cheap, the lobby is powerful, and people are slow to change. Fiberglass plus air movement through the wall = mold. I've got photos from inspections.

    The detail you use depends a lot on your climate. But in my area in the midwest, climate zone 4, all the vapor retarder many people use is a layer of latex paint on the interior. Paint is a vapor retarder? Yep, look it up it's in the code.

    Seal up the sheetrock in the ceiling. Install blown in cellulose. Ventilate the attic. That works in almost every climate zone.

    [–] Why is an aircraft painted? Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in Jokes

    Well, repost it already.

    [–] Where did Hitler buy his sofas? Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in dadjokes

    This was a pretty good joke, am I reich?

    [–] How does a CME disrupt electricity? Henri_Dupont 0 points ago in askscience

    ... in only the most extreme circumstance. Coronal mass ejections happen all the time, the vast majority are incosequetial. A major one is so infrequent, in fact ,that you should really worry about almost anything else. Mostly they just make nice auroras.

    Are you a utility company manager? No? In that case you should not worry about them at all - that's someone else's job.

    [–] I just lost my entire life's savings to online fraud, what do I do now? Henri_Dupont 13 points ago in personalfinance

    Lock down your email and any websites that involve money (paypal, etc) with two-factor authentication. They have to send you a text as part of your login. Get a good password manager like lastpass or keypass, and lock that down with two factor authentication too. Use really long passwords, 50 characters, automatically genertaed by lastpass instead of anything you ca/ remember. Do regular security reviews and change passwords proactively.

    [–] What makes a UPS joke funny? Henri_Dupont 9 points ago in Jokes

    Did you know that UPS and Fed-Ex are going to merge?

    They are going to call it Fed Up.

    [–] Renovate and rent out house, and purchase a new home or let money sit in a Roth? Henri_Dupont 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in personalfinance

    Don't know the distances involved, but remote rental property sux in inverse proportion to the distance. If you have to get on a plane to fix it, don't rent it.

    Why are you spending so much to renovate? Is there something wrong with it now? Renters tear things up, that pretty floor will be shreds soon. Is it really so bad as to be unrentable, or are you just fixing it up to look really nice? That is a classic mistake. Rent something decent, not the Taj Mahal.

    Are you handy? Ready to get dirty fixing toilets and cleaning up dog poop? After you have to be the bad guy and kick them out for violating the lease that says no dogs? If you plan on paying someone else to fix it, you'll never make any dough. If you aren't ready to be assertive, people will walk on you. Not mean, just assertive.

    Find out the cost of property tax and fire insurance. Here that eats up two months rent.

    I budget $250 per month for maintenance. If I don't use it, it goes into an accrual fund for big items like the roof. Most months I spend $0. Last month I wrote a $500 check to a plumber with no hesitation. Next month a plumber and a backhoe will cost me $3500. Can you handle sudden cash flow emergencies like this?

    Could you afford to fix a major problem?like replace a roof without insurance coverage?

    Rental is the most common small business in America. 80% of the people doing it are terrible at it, don't make any money, spend too much remodeling, let tenants get away with murder, and don't have enough money to handle a major problem.

    I have four rentals and they make money.

    [–] What technologies will become obsolete in the next 10-20 years? Henri_Dupont 5 points ago in AskEngineers

    Relays and contactors. People have been predicting the death of the relay since about 1960, and they just refuse to die. However, maybe it will finally happen. Relays are heavy, mechanical, prone to failure from dust and dirt and use, cause electrical interference, but they are a cheap way to interrupt large electrical currents and thus power. Hell, even fire ants can clog up relays - I worked with a guy who fought them in an oilfield control situation. Fire ants would shut down the whole operation by getting into the relays that controlled all the motors. Solid state contactors are getting better and better, maybe one day they will flip relays off their throne.

    [–] Thoughts on Pot Stocks? Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in stocks

    Pot stocks are a high drama trend. Lots of news, yet the folks who will make money in them have already done so. You're late to the party. All those guys are ready to sell to you, the late-bubble rube, because they made their money already. Come back to this post in a year and let's see. But jumping onto bubbles when they've gone on for a while is a classic way to lose money. Unless you can afford to lose it all, put your money in something that isn't sexy.

    [–] Investing noob: Am I making a mistake by letting my 100k USD savings stay in my savings bank a/c? Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in personalfinance

    You made a lot of money in gambling. Good for you. But the best way to invest this money is first, do not gamble an of it. You know well, I guess, how swiftly that nest egg could dissappear.

    $100k is not that much in relation to the cost of living where you are now. It's enough to buy a house moany other places, or at least a hefty down payment. In SF, it's a decent emergency fund. I'd put it into something safe.

    [–] Is it unsafe to allow a renter to make their rent payments to me by just giving them deposit slips? Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Yeah, sounds like this is really a low risk idea. I really doubt these folks will hit me with a shovel, or go to any lengths to forge checks, and my bank requires ID for any withdrawal. I get notifications about any activity so I would know right away if something was fishy.