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    [–] Tornado Alley and Deserts Have Shifted East in U.S. | Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in climate

    C'mon - just a little more and I'll be out of tornado alley. No more sleeping in the basement hidey-hole 15 nights every damn spring.

    [–] What is the optimal setup for not burning down my house? Mosfet or marlin? Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in AnetA8

    Get rid of the original anet a8 board. Replace it with a Ramps 1.6 (or Ramps 1.4 if you want) and it will be a lot safer. Also Marlin, and a 30 amp power supply with a fan. Each of these adds a little safety.

    [–] Trump has sued to block a subpoena issued by the House Oversight Committee seeking information about his and his businesses' finances. Nothing shady folks. Believe me. Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in Impeach_Trump

    Trump has used this tactic for decades. Block a perfectly legit action against him with a baseless countersuit, delay the final outcome until the other litigant just gives up or runs out of money. That worked when he stiffed painting contractors. Won't work against the US Congress.

    [–] Saved $1475 by cutting my own hair the past 16 years. Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in Frugal

    My wife and I do one another's hair, for the last 25 years. Remington clippers FTW!

    [–] One trillion trees - a way to get them planted. Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in climate

    I've got ten acres of land, mostly trees but also some prairie. Native prairie is also surprisingly good at sequestering carbon below the soil. I manage the trees for firewood, harvesting unhealthy trees to let the young healthy ones grow. In the stage of forest recovery it is at, there are a number of short-lived species giving way to young oaks, so harvesting the older members of the short lived species is good management. The prairie, however, yields lots of flowers, butterflies and insects, good for lots of things beyond carbon sequestration. Humans often make the mistake of managing things to optimize a single outcome variable.

    [–] A mailman notices a mail box with the flag up Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in Jokes

    You put the flag up, someone steals your mail. You put the flag down, someone steals your mail.

    [–] New Electrical Contracting Business Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in electricians

    An awesome team! Most businesses fail because, although they know the technical stuff, they don't know how to run a business.

    Your best business tools are people.

    My best advice is to get a good accountant. Ask around who's good. A CPA deals with everything in a business, sees them thrive and fail. They know a lot more than how to do taxes. Sit down and jus have an open ended cnoversation once a year. Next a good lawyer. Have the same open ended conversatien - what should I be doing? Not doing? Pitfalls to watch out for? Strategies.

    Your biggest challenge is marketing. Assuming you are great electricians. And treat your customers like kings, how are you going to get the word out to new business? Who is your target market? General contractors? often a good web consulting company will have advice on marketing strategies.

    A fun excercise I've done with some new business people is to have a business advice party. The business person (in this case a couple) hosts a barbecue, and other folks help them invite business-savvy folks that they don't necessarily know to help them brainstorm about their business plan. In this case we also made th. Invitees sign an NDA concerning some patentable technology the couple had developed. It was a great sunday afternoon, with a pretty good general business plan outlined at the end.

    [–] I was doing brain surgery to a patient the other day Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in dadjokes

    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

    [–] I am terrifed of elevators Henri_Dupont 7 points ago in dadjokes

    I wish somebody would close the doors on these puns.

    [–] I am terrifed of elevators Henri_Dupont 6 points ago in dadjokes

    I think the OP is just trying to push our buttons.

    [–] On a scale from 0 to Notre Dame, how dangerous is this? Henri_Dupont 6 points ago in electricians

    Don't try this at home. Or anyplace that you care it doesn't burn down. Also shock hazard.

    [–] It finally happened (Ladder stories) Henri_Dupont 3 points ago in electricians

    This guy got tired of climbing up and down his 8 foot ladder in a build?ng with exposed sprinkler pipes. So he would hang on a sprinkler pipe, grasp the ladder with his legs, and lift the ladder, hand-over-handing along the pipe while he packed his ladder with his legs. Somehow he could set the ladder back down without tipping it over, and then stand on it again. Also somehow he believed this took less effort than climbing down and movindsg the ladder to climb back up.

    [–] 80 years of waffles. Toastmaster 2D1. Henri_Dupont 5 points ago in BuyItForLife

    I worked for Toastmaster for 15 years. Basically any older Toastmaster product is a BIFL find. They were the top of the line pack in the day and even into the 90's.

    [–] Climate change anxiety Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in climate

    I feel your pain and struggle with the same issues. In a normal time, I would probably suffer from anxiety and depression, but here is something that is truly worrisome.

    Our becoming paralyzed won't help the situation. We need to take care of ourselves more than ever. I have to spend a significant amount of time doing things that help my mental health. You brush your teeth to keep them healthy, your mind requires far more maintenance. Get counseling. Eat real food that actually nourishes your body. Get excercise, outdoors and in nature. Turn off those screens. And remember this: Human beings are the most tenacious, creative, and intelligent thing that has ever evolved. Humanity will find a way through this challenge. Our advocacy is beginning to crack open closed minds, just as you can begin to actually observe the effects of climate change with your own eyes, not just with a thermometer or a computer model.

    [–] QCOM Vs. AAPL settlement. How I lost the opportunity to make $50,000 on a very stupid decision Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in stocks

    If a stock trading decision upsets you this much you are in the wrong business. If you are buying options, you will lose or gain large amounts of money. If you agonize over these decisions, quit now and get another hobby. That's how the apple falls in this business.

    [–] Range hoods that don’t vent Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in HomeImprovement

    Range hoods with filters don't work. The filters don't remove grease from the air, just blow it back inside. Grease sticks to every surface in the kitchen. Roaches love grease. Want roaches? Get a filter range hood. Source: am a landlord, own a dozen kitchens.