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    [–] With the Amazon on fire, are we already doomed? If not, when will be doomed if nothing changes? Henri_Dupont 9 points ago in AskScienceDiscussion

    We are all going to die. Meanwhile, we have a chance to do something about problems in the world.

    Staying laser focused on bad news does nothing to help any of these problems. The news media isn't going to tell you when something goes right with the environment. OK, there are a lot of fires in the Amazon. Can you, personally, do anything about it? No. Can you do something about an environmental problem close to home? Yes. DO THAT. Quit worrying about every bad news story on the intertubes-they will only make you crazy.

    Are you a person in a position of power in Brazil? Do you speak Portuguese? Live there? OK, maybe you can have some effect. If not, go to to the nearest stream and keep a few plastic bottles and tires from ending up in the ocean, get your city council to make a plan to get to 100% renewables, lower your carbon footprint incrementally, write your senator and tell them to protect wilderness.

    Meanwhile, I can report that despite having 1.3 million visitors per year in the three months of summer, the National Scenic Riverways at he Current River is still quite pristine. It isn't on fire, hasn't been clearcut, hasn't been dammed, water still flows clear, wildlife abounds. You won't see that headline in your news feed.

    Stop dwelling on bad news from somewhere else, you can't do anything about it, following it will make you depressed, instead focus on something that you can affect.

    [–] Excavating a missile silo Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in HomeImprovement

    OMG this was a constant fantasy of mine once I heard that decommissioned silos were a thing. You're living the dream, buddy! Good luck!

    [–] I got into the train this morning.. The train won’t move.. am I to heavy for the train? Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in Unwise_Advice

    So, Dude, like me and all your friends have been wanting to tell you something for a long time, but I drew the short straw. It's about these eating contests you're always doing ...

    [–] Homebuilding plans/tips for life in a wheelchair? Henri_Dupont 8 points ago in HomeImprovement

    I have two rental properties I rent to folks in wheelchairs.

    First, wheelchairs tear up floors. Forget about carpet, which makes it hard to roll, I use vinyl plank or vinyl composition tile. 36" doorways and we widened the hallway to 48", an open plan house would be better. Watch where the chair hits the wall, and then place a hard surface over that spot - metal or clear plastic. Some of my clients like door opener buttons - but putting these on a standard weight hollow core residential door is iffy, the doors are crap. Use a better grade of solid core door if openers are wanted.

    If you build a roll in shower (a must) put 2X8 blocking in the walls all the way around the room between 30" and 48". Find out from the person what they need int he way of grab bars, but as this could change over time you can put grab bars everywhere. We took an entire walking closet out, tore up the floor, and put in a tile shower 10'X10' with walls built like a submarine. If you put a shower above a basement, watch out - wheelchairs are hard on tile floors and cause the tiles to break and leak. Use porcelain tile (tougher than ceramic) no more than 2" wide in the floor - those big format 12" tiles will break. Use urethane grout - not cemet based grout - it is tougher. This is a special order but worth it because you won't be regrouting in two years like I did.

    If the person uses equipment like a bedlift, etc consider extra large bedroom area for this.

    Of course all transitions have to be accessible, there are rubber ramps for sale that can fix most thresholds cheaply, but better not to have them.

    If the person has an attendant consider an apartment for them, or a room to rest with a day bed. Depends on the circumstance but both my houses have this feature and the attendants use them.

    [–] where to buy Anet A8? Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in AnetA8

    Anets are junk. They are great printers after you upgrade the shit out of them. We had to buy two to get enough complete parts so we could print replacements for the missing/broken/unusable parts and get the second one working.

    [–] I have deleted Windows 10 and installed Ubuntu. I will never use Windows again; Game Over. Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in Ubuntu

    Hear hear! I use Windows under duress when I can't find equivalent programs that run under linux. These are yery specialized engineering programs. No they won't work under Wine.

    [–] Using the title of "Engineer" Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in AskEngineers

    In Missouri, it is against the law to use Engineering in a business name if you are not a licensed professional engineer. I"m not sure about the laws about job titles of "engineer", but in some circumstances this constitutes "practicing engineering without a license" which is also against the law.

    [–] Best places to homestead taking into account climate change? Henri_Dupont 5 points ago in homestead

    Climate change ill bring unpredictable changes in frequency of severe storms to many parts of the world. One may live in a temperate paradise but then tornado alley expands to ruin your day.

    Obviously someplace that is already hot and subject to severe storms like the gulf coast might not be your first choice. Sea level rise should certainly bea consideration, but most places are well out of that range.

    Moving north seems easy, but north of missouri, illinois, kansas and such can already have severe winters, and winters might be getting worse in the midwest due to those "polar express" ultracold fronts.

    Somewhere with mild weather now, not to close to the rising ocean, but close enough to get the stable temperatures, might be ideal.

    [–] Any good budget knives for scouts? Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in Bushcraft

    This is a misunderstanding. In the US the current Scout manual specifically says it is OK to carry a sheath knife (but a pocket knife is all you really need, it says). some troops have gotten the idea that sheath knives are outlawed. Well that troop can add rules if they want but it isn't in the book.

    [–] Wanna hear a paper joke?? Henri_Dupont 1 points ago in dadjokes

    I thought pay per view was a ripoff, now they expect us to paper joke!

    [–] How did Romans wake up to be in time for work? Since there were no alarm clocks. Henri_Dupont 2 points ago in AskHistorians

    From the pespective of modernity we think that a clock is required to wake up on time. This is a modern bias. Most people will wake up at the same time every day, at first light or thereabouts. People who don't have electric light don't stay up all night and thus don't need to sleep late. I have waken at the same time every morning, without an alarm clock, for about 30 years. It is incredible to me that people think they cannot wake up on time without a clock, people have this ability naturally. The question IMHO reveals modern bias.