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    [–] Good everyday (subtle) gold/bronze eyeshadow under $20 HeroesAndVillas 1 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    I have olive skin and brown eyes/hair and LOVE the bronze and gold shades in the Naked Smoky pallet. Dirtysweet and Radar.

    [–] First Mentions of Paul Holes? HeroesAndVillas 1 points ago in myfavoritemurder

    Didn’t they talk about him a lot when the book first came out? They did that live thing with Patton during the book tour.

    Edit: Check Episode 115- I’ll Be Gone In The Dark at Skylight Books

    [–] Rough/dominate sex tips? HeroesAndVillas 6 points ago in AskRedditAfterDark

    Even if it isn’t extreme, you still need to discuss consent with her. She can tell you what she likes in advance and give you permission to do them spontaneously later. She may also withdraw that consent at any point, before during or after.

    But PLEASE don’t spring anything on her, ESPECIALLY anything physical and aggressive. Her version of dominated and your version could be entirely different and you could end up actually harming or traumatizing her.

    D/S relationships require MANY conversations and ALOT of trust. You earn trust through those conversations and showing that you’ve heard and understand her by supporting that with action.


    [–] Overshared yesterday to my bf, think my baggage is showing, and it got awkward HeroesAndVillas 1 points ago in datingoverthirty

    I’d say this shows more about his issues than yours.

    Having emotions is not getting “turnt up”. Just like women with feelings and boundaries aren’t “drama”.

    Be weary of him.

    [–] Found on twitter... think it fits here HeroesAndVillas 1 points ago in NotHowGirlsWork

    To be fair, it seems like everything fits in there.

    [–] If both men and women could get pregnant after coitus with a 50:50 chance either one would have to carry the baby for the term of the pregnancy, how would the world change ? HeroesAndVillas 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Whut. Do you know how many women are fired for being pregnant? Shamed for their choices as a mother before and after and during pregnancy? How many women DIE during childbirth due to stupid choices made by male doctors?

    [–] Guys almost always refuse condoms HeroesAndVillas 2 points ago in datingoverthirty

    Then ask your regular doctor or clinic for a printout of your results.

    I was merely pointing out to the previous poster that results are and should be easily accessible.

    [–] Guys almost always refuse condoms HeroesAndVillas 32 points ago in datingoverthirty

    Planned Parenthood has a patient portal with lab results. I asked a dude recently for his results from a supposed test he’d gotten since his last partner.

    He said, “Who just has those results handy?”

    I logged into my PP patient portal on my phone.

    We were at his house. He still didn’t “have the results handy”.

    [–] Legal threats / harrassment HeroesAndVillas 1 points ago in legaladvice

    You started out better than last time but it devolved again. Totally impossible to read.

    [–] Confused... is this just friendship or is this something more? HeroesAndVillas 5 points ago in datingoverthirty

    I think asking and prying are different. If you feel like your friendship with this person is ethically ambiguous, that’s a pretty important detail.

    You can ask us what’s up until you’re blue in the phase, but I think you’ll have to confront this head on and use your words.

    You may not have a reason to feel guilty. So go find out.