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    [–] Ügyfélkapú nem-létezö cyber securityára senki nem emelt szót eddig? Hoihe 3 points ago in hungary

    Nyugatiban a kormányablakban kapott dokumentumon van leírva ez a 8 karakteres szabály.

    [–] Is it possible to force excel to approximate a polynomial whose order is above 6? Hoihe 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions


    For anyone wondering:

    =Linest(known_y,known_x{1,2,3...n} )

    where n is the order of the polynomial you want. You need to type it all out manually.

    Then select the cell in which you wrote the function, select (n-1) rows to its right while keeping the original cell selected and press F2. After releasing F2, press Ctrl+shift+enter.

    You'll get an array of cells n wide, where the value is the coefficient of the exponent.

    Leftmost is xn, rightmost is x0.

    It is recommended to create a header row above this to mark which is a coefficient and which is the constant.

    You can also have it display statistical data by making your array 2 dimensional and adding the right parameters (true/false) after the Linest(y,x{1..n} ,true/false,true/false) expression.

    [–] You: Swadian Knights are overpowered Me: Hoihe 4 points ago in mountandblade

    Yep. There's quite a few mixed-sex competitions, and women tend to come out on top.

    [–] What's your red flag that someone is a asshole? Hoihe 0 points ago in AskReddit

    I made a sort of rule for that.

    Venting without giving an identity to the object of the rant to an individual who cannot idwntify them is acceptable and very therapeutic.

    Gossiping about someone in a clwarly identifiable manner to someone who can easily recognize them is assholish.

    [–] How to stay strong against a transphobe Hoihe 30 points ago in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

    Eversince I got this trans thing under control rather than pursuing unhealthy coping methods, my academic performance skyrocketed.

    [–] Transphobia_irl Hoihe 6 points ago in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

    Chromosomes are just a blueprint. It's the proteins they encode that matters. The mere fact that those with chimerism can have opposite sex chromosomes in say, their arm, with no tangible effects is proof enough.

    [–] Purple bacteria can turn sewage into clean hydrogen energy while reducing carbon emissions from waste treatment. Hoihe 1 points ago in science

    Ah, I havn't yet had the chance to read the article (don't judge! Saw on train) - assumed the ammonia was part of the produced mix.

    Bubbling out or heating could definitely work - but as you did say, it's expensive.

    [–] Purple bacteria can turn sewage into clean hydrogen energy while reducing carbon emissions from waste treatment. Hoihe 28 points ago in science

    I'm only a chemistry tech, not an engineer but wouldn't simply spraying the gas mixture with DI water be more than sufficient to separate the ammonia from the hydrogen - akin to synthesis gas production (bubble H2 and CO2 through solution of K2CO3 to get KHCO3, divert the H2, then release the preassure to reclaim K2CO3 and CO2).

    [–] [Weekly] Office Hours - undergrads, please ask your questions here Hoihe 1 points ago in AskAcademia

    Are there any ill consequences to having the same person be the lecturer of a number of your classes, and to also assist in their lab?

    (Chemistry BsC)

    [–] What's "Space Chemistry" like? Hoihe 1 points ago in chemistry

    How'd they get such a poor reputation though?

    (And why are they the only one with English BsCs :(?)

    [–] What's "Space Chemistry" like? Hoihe 2 points ago in chemistry

    Only issue is that University of Copenhagen doesn't provide English BsCs, and the only university that does provide such is the Roskilde University - which I am told has an ill-reputation.

    Rough plan if I stay at this Hungarian one is to BsC - ELTE MsC - University of Copenhagen

    And if I have the right cut of jib

    PhD - UoC

    [–] What's "Space Chemistry" like? Hoihe 8 points ago in chemistry

    I'll try and hunt down that study (?) come monday! Thanks for the hint.

    [–] What's "Space Chemistry" like? Hoihe 3 points ago in chemistry

    Ooh, that does sound pretty fascinating!

    [–] Why are interdisciplinary degrees considered "hippie"? Hoihe 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I'm mostly talking about Roskilde University.

    Their curriculum for nat sci is.. (electives are all within Natural sciences) (Subject courses could also be math/biotech, geo, IT. I picked the ones I intend to study)

    1st semester: Empirical Data, Elective I, Elective II, Project in "Application of science in engineering & society"

    2nd semester: Experimental methods, Elective I, Elective II, Project in "Theory, model, experiment and simulations in natural sciences"

    3rd semester: Theory of natural sciences, Subject course in Chemistry, Subject Course in Physics, Project in "Natural Sciences and the Theory of Science"

    4th semester: Subject Course in Chemistry, Elective I, Subject Course II, Project in Chemistry

    5th semester: Subject Course in Chemistry, Elective I, Subject Course in Physics, Project in Physics

    6th semester: Subject course in Chemistry, Elective I, Subject Course in Physics, Bachelor's Project

    Where would this degree fall?

    [–] People who spend lots of money on a sword (like $200+) Why do you buy swords? Do you get your money's worth in enjoyment with your sword(s) Hoihe 3 points ago in SWORDS

    200 dollars is almost a whole month's income before taxes or expenditures in say, Hungary.

    Before taxes it's 489 USD. After taxes it's 343 USD. Then you pay rent, food, insurance etc...

    [–] CMV:I feel its odd to accept a trans women as a women when i would not accept a white person who identifes as black Hoihe 3 points ago in changemyview

    Take me or my friend for example. We're both transwomen - I'm starting HRT now after counselling-hell eating a good 4 months to clarify if I am worthy of it - she's waiting for the name change and surgery.

    We're both pretty damn certain of our gender identities.

    We also both love playing Airsoft (it's actually how we ended up meeting. Same pickup squad during a casual game and she spotted my bracelet which I wear exactly for that reason).

    She's IT. I'm a Chemistry student.

    Neither our hobbies nor our career-plans are remotely feminine. Well, except for fashion maybe.

    Still, we got our papers in a highly backwards country (Hungary) approving us to get name changes, legal gender changes, surgery and hormones.

    For me, the ideal future is "Become a Doctor of Physical Chemistry, get treated as one primarily, and also happen to be a woman."