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    [–] when customs find out it wasn't just socks HooglaBadu 1 points ago in FashionReps

    The ups truck has 21 active shooters. Bet u feel dumb right about now

    [–] Choo choo mother... HooglaBadu 2 points ago in funny

    Wow he's still shit posting on youtube lol. I've watched some of his recent shit too, without even realizing

    [–] Sheriff Takes No Shit HooglaBadu 4 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Literally never heard anyone call it that lmao. I've heard Napoleon Syndrome though.

    [–] Facts are a biatch for the right HooglaBadu 2 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Make America great again! Wait no not that part

    [–] 12 slightly sad comics (OC) HooglaBadu 1 points ago in funny

    I like how "open 24 hours" is a feature on Earth, but a limitation for the universe

    [–] What Reddit story has stuck with you to this day? HooglaBadu 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Lmao that's the funniest shit, I wonder how that kid's doing now

    [–] me💵irl HooglaBadu 5 points ago in me_irl

    That wouldn't make me sorry though, I would be happy to see a friendly dog

    [–] Me_irl HooglaBadu 1 points ago in me_irl

    Yeah go drunk-fuck your disney princess at 1am on your goddamn high horse buddy. I'm not gonna let you kink shame me for saying what we're all thinking

    [–] Me_irl HooglaBadu 21 points ago in me_irl

    thog don't caare

    [–] Me_irl HooglaBadu 22 points ago in me_irl

    Sometimes you want fun ariel, sometimes you want strong moana, but you'll usually settle for a clawjob from sebastian

    [–] me_irl HooglaBadu 4 points ago in me_irl

    I read that on the Wall Street Journal cover page

    [–] Me_irl HooglaBadu 6 points ago in me_irl

    I have a wife and 3 daughters. Also 2 golden retrievers. We all love each other.

    [–] Me🧢irl HooglaBadu 17 points ago in me_irl

    haha funny duck

    [–] me💵irl HooglaBadu 20 points ago in me_irl

    Sorry you're color blind

    [–] Coyote learns what a brain freeze is HooglaBadu 1 points ago in aww

    Have you seen any of your flairs pop up again? I used to but I never ran into anyone twice

    [–] Introducing Lil Buddy! Name will probably change once it’s bigger and we can tell it’s sex ❤️ HooglaBadu 1 points ago in axolotls

    Do you keep them in the same container? I always thought you had to separate them but I heard someone say that 2 is fine in large tanks.

    [–] Women are expected to cover their breasts at the public pool but there’s almost always a man there with bigger breasts than all of them completely uncovered. HooglaBadu 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Yup. Even Trump supporters (that I've met in person) generally have relatable reasons for wanting to support movement in an unfavorable direction. I've never budged from my position by being called a fucking scumbag, I have 180'ed from respectful conversation and fresh insight and research. Evil is held up by ignorance.