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    [–] Overwatch - Sigma Origin Story Official Trailer HotelItOnTheMountain 30 points ago in Overwatch

    According to Twitter, it’s a Dutch voice actor named Boris Hiestand, which also suggests that Sigma is Dutch given that they usually source their voice actors from the same country as the characters. Definitely agree that the trailer shows some great stuff on his part.

    [–] Imagine being this trashy HotelItOnTheMountain 1 points ago in trashy

    You just gotta look a little harder to find it now

    [–] Imagine being this trashy HotelItOnTheMountain 86 points ago in trashy

    I looked through the tumblr, it’s an upside-down girl getting throat-fucked. Good times!

    [–] What band has done more for you emotionally than any other? HotelItOnTheMountain 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Jack Antonoff (lead guitarist) is still making music as Bleachers, who are more than worthy of carrying the post-fun. torch. I’d also recommend the band he worked with prior to fun., Steel Train, and the band Nate Reuss (lead singer) worked on prior, The Format.

    The band broke up because Reuss fell in love and felt that the songs he was writing were too intimate for a full-band setting, something I don’t spite him for, but I felt that the resulting solo album, Grand Romantic, wasn’t as impressive as I was hoping.

    The third member of fun., Andrew Dost, who played pretty much every other instrument but most notably was their pianist, is doing all kinds of stuff now, including film scores. I’m not a huge fan (and it’s a departure from the carnivalesque sound of fun.), but it’s definitely an impressive resume. My favorite line in his Wikipedia is the last sentence under “career”: “Dost also composes music for dogs”. No period, explanation, or linked text.

    [–] What band has done more for you emotionally than any other? HotelItOnTheMountain 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Are you not a fan of Track 8, Cancer? Seems like it’s one of the more loved tracks of the album according to responses in this thread

    [–] At getting a kebab HotelItOnTheMountain 7 points ago in therewasanattempt

    In the longer vid, she goes back to try again and winds up shattering the glass.

    [–] Unintentionally influential proto-vaporwave childhood aesthetics starter pack HotelItOnTheMountain 29 points ago in starterpacks

    Unsure what tree you’re talking about but the pattern was a design used by Solo cups (same company that makes “Red Solo” cups now) that they called “Jazz.” You can find apparel/more information by googling “solo jazz.”

    [–] 2020 Presidential Race - First Democratic Primary Debate, Night 1 - Part 2 | 6/26/19 9:00-11:00 pm EDT | Discussion Thread HotelItOnTheMountain 1 points ago in politics

    Asked about how he might withdraw from Afghanistan (when Obama and Trump could not), he said that his time serving on armed services committees in congress educated him on the importance of remaining engaged, stating that he would not pull out of the war effort.

    [–] I and Love and You (the album) disappeared off Amazon Music AND the iTunes store HotelItOnTheMountain 1 points ago in TheAvettBrothers

    Wanted to confirm that the same thing had happened to a friend and I, but oddly enough the album had NOT disappeared for my father. We all use Apple Music, and there’s really no reason to indicate why his wouldn’t have disappeared when ours had. Bizarre!

    [–] Widebody NSX HotelItOnTheMountain 1 points ago in carporn

    According to his Instagram (vbuems), he lives in Buffalo!

    [–] If you could take a bath in anything you wanted, what would it be? HotelItOnTheMountain 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Also, the “evidence” suggests that it wasn’t him actively trying to fake things but his own lapse in judgement, which for me (at least) is easier to forgive, assuming he’s being genuine (and he seems like a genuine enough dude)

    [–] still not over it tbh HotelItOnTheMountain 10 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    They tried to apologize to everyone they’d wronged and burned down the apartment, yessir