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    [–] “Physical” Education HotelItOnTheMountain 6 points ago in Cornell

    You don’t even have to be good at yeeting the ball!! And you don’t even have to show up to all the classes!!!

    [–] “Physical” Education HotelItOnTheMountain 3 points ago in Cornell

    They also offer Salsa, Tango, and Swing 😇

    [–] Cult leader explains why he slept with his sons' wife HotelItOnTheMountain 2 points ago in cringe

    This is unbelievably wack. They’re suggesting that he touched a sixteen-year old girl once as a prayer upon the sternum and that got him seven years in prison despite the girl’s protestations of his innocence, and then they use the event to draw parallels to crucifixion?

    [–] Guy gets pulled over for not wearing his seat belt and gets window shattered HotelItOnTheMountain 3 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Can you imagine getting a bumper sticker to say “make awkward sexual advances NOT WAR”? You’d think the anti-war agenda would reach saturation after three or four of those stickers

    [–] Just released a hockey game on Steam where you can pick your player number. Here are the results. [OC] HotelItOnTheMountain 4 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    OP confirmed above that the game populates a random number as Jersey # and a lot of users appear to be too lazy to change them, which is why the distribution is so even (with notable discrepancies).

    [–] The Phenomenon of Floating, Rob Gonsalves, oil on canvas, 2012 HotelItOnTheMountain 46 points ago in Art

    All of his paintings are like that!! Here are a bunch, my personal favorite is the chessboard!!

    [–] TIL interstate 70 in Colorado has a mile marker 419.99 since the 420 mile marker kept being stolen. HotelItOnTheMountain 3 points ago in todayilearned

    Spoke to a policeman from said county — apparently they replaced the 420 with 419.99 to combat theft and then immediately saw 419.99 get stolen. Waited a couple weeks and tried a second time and the new 419.99 was stolen again, so they’ve left it sans marker. Skips straight from 419 to 421, and they apparently get a lot of calls about it, but what are you gonna do?

    [–] Pokémon go fight caught on tape HotelItOnTheMountain 30 points ago in funny

    “Every body know that BIG DICK BEE

    [–] Wholesome Starbucks Worker HotelItOnTheMountain 18 points ago in wholesomememes

    Fun fact: they’re like worms but watery

    [–] The Oscars Live Thread & Discussion HotelItOnTheMountain 1 points ago in Oscars

    You’re 100% right it was Krysten Ritter and I recognized her from Gossip Girl, yikes

    [–] The Oscars Live Thread & Discussion HotelItOnTheMountain 2 points ago in Oscars

    Who was the white presenter for Live Action short film? I think she was in Black Mirror maybe but can’t place her

    [–] Squidward is my man HotelItOnTheMountain 4 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    This meme about that episode never fails to make me laugh

    [–] You can add one more chess piece to the board. How does it move and what is it called? HotelItOnTheMountain 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I might suggest that he plays something like two moves as a regular pawn (so that he could get out of immediately team-killing zones) and then begins acting randomly, akin to a drunkard taking a few drinks before becoming drunk. Just a thought!

    [–] Me performing “John My Beloved” at school talent show! (Starts at 1:35) HotelItOnTheMountain 12 points ago in Sufjan

    I was initially wary given how difficult of a song JMB is to cover but this was an excellent rendition. Particularly liked your guitarist motioning to the drummer to kick in, and the vocal swell during the second and third choruses (really loved the emotion). Gonna save this post.

    [–] Chubb, McKinnon, Michel, or Guice? HotelItOnTheMountain 2 points ago in fantasyfootball

    He suggested in a higher comment that another member of his league looks primed to keep Hunt and that’s a concern for him as a potential long-term Chubb owner

    [–] The craziest play of 2018 imo, Dwayne Harris' 99 yard punt return vs the Broncos HotelItOnTheMountain 56 points ago in nfl

    Henry’s run was such a game-changer, my buddy and I started a drinking game for how many times the phrase “99-yard touchdown” was referenced afterward

    [–] What photograph isn't really that spectacular, but with the backstory/context it says a whole lot more? HotelItOnTheMountain 10 points ago in AskReddit

    I in particular like the quote from the Archbishop of Cape Town after the photographer’s suicide whereby he says, “And we know a little about the cost of being traumatized that drove some to suicide, that, yes, these people were human beings operating under the most demanding of conditions.” That last bit is really beautiful. Brutal stuff.

    [–] What photograph isn't really that spectacular, but with the backstory/context it says a whole lot more? HotelItOnTheMountain 23 points ago in AskReddit

    P sure you’re talking about @jojotsai1012, a heartbroken Chinese girl who — among other things — torched her room and posted the pic that you mentioned. Here is an article about it, but yeah very brutal stuff. She has 60k followers now and I wonder if Instagram will ever take her account down. It’s nearing five years.