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    [–] TIL of the Son of Sam laws that state convicted criminals cannot profit in any way from their crimes whether it be from books, tv, film, etc. All proceeds from these deals go directly to the victims or their families. HotelItOnTheMountain 391 points ago in todayilearned

    Simpson’s manager told HuffPo that Simpson had rationalized:

    “Hey, they offered me $600,000 not to dispute that I [wrote] the book." He said, "That's cash." I said, "They're going to think you wrote it." He said, "So? Everybody thinks I'm a murderer anyway. They're not going to change their mind just because of a book."

    What an idiot

    [–] I was feeling very lonely tonight HotelItOnTheMountain 2 points ago in Sufjan

    Me but with All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands

    [–] I asked my cousin if he liked the book I lent him HotelItOnTheMountain 7 points ago in iamverysmart

    141414 words about a book that mean nothing and only serve to insult the person who recommended the book to you who is your cousin !!!

    [–] What’s the one horror movie that genuinely terrified you while watching it? HotelItOnTheMountain 5 points ago in AskReddit

    It depends on the person, I suppose. It’s a channel on YouTube that follows a little cartoon guy with salad fingers who basically travels around a desolate universe of pain and sadness and monsters but the way that the narrator voices the character coupled with the subject matter is super uncomfortable and somewhat eerie. Apparently the newest episode is super weird too, although I can’t speak to that. When I think about it the first emotion i feel isn’t fear, it’s revulsion with a healthy dash of discomfort.

    [–] [Discussion] What do you think about the idea of having acid in Minecraft? HotelItOnTheMountain 1 points ago in Minecraft

    I think my biggest concern would be that the practicality of it as a tool to eat away certain blocks for usage while mining is tempered seriously by its potential to eat away at valuable blocks like diamond, iron, etc. It would have to be a very slow eating away, and that sorta defeats the purpose I think.

    [–] SpongeBob's 'Sweet Victory' will be part of Super Bowl halftime show, per report HotelItOnTheMountain 18 points ago in nfl

    To be fair though Ween has a lot more of a legacy with Spongebob than just the one song. Hillenburg apparently got part of the idea for the show from their album “The Mollusk.” Here’s a really great quote from Dean Ween:

    I got a call a long time ago from a marine biologist that said he wanted to start a cartoon inspired by Ween’s album The Mollusk. His name was Steve Hillenburg and his idea was to create a Bugs Bunny type cartoon on the bottom of the ocean floor. Ween had been on tour for a long year and we ended up recording and writing the song in one night at Greg Frey‘s studio. It was to teach kids how too tie their shoes and we wrote it really fast and mailed it back on X-mas eve and for once they said “don’t change anything about its, it’s perfect.” It remains one of our proudest legacies and we went on to do a lot of work together with SpongeBob, and the show went on to be the best cartoon of 2 generations. So this is for you Steve. The show wasn’t even on the air at the time mind you.

    They also mention that Hillenburg and the SpongeBob team featured The Mollusk track “Ocean Man” in the closing credits of The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (2004).

    Link to Loop de Loop, the song Ween wrote for the show.

    [–] 2019 NFL Playoffs, as told by in-game win probabilities [OC] HotelItOnTheMountain 16 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    P sure he’s wrong, most teams choose to start on defense. Whoever goes second usually wins. Source

    [–] My local Skate Shop rewards high GPA's HotelItOnTheMountain 120 points ago in pics

    I’ve got it on my laptop, should I watch? It looks good but it’s sitting in a queue with a few other new ones I haven’t gotten around to yet (such as Three Billboards or Sorry to Bother You)

    [–] This teacher in Ghana taught children how to use MS Word without a computer. He drew it all on the chalk-board. HotelItOnTheMountain 43 points ago in wholesomememes

    Sounds like Microsoft heard about it as well and the teacher was flown to Singapore to attend the annual Microsoft Educators Exchange. They also gave him a laptop!!!!! Very wholesome :’)

    [–] On September, 26th, 2018, FiveThirtyEight published the article, "The Patriots Look Finished. So They Will Probably Win The Super Bowl." HotelItOnTheMountain 2 points ago in nfl

    An intellectual Brady debate? I don’t know if I could make a case for anyone (inc. Favre, Manning and Rodgers) besides PERHAPS Montana over Brady, and none “contemporaries.”

    [–] Me irl HotelItOnTheMountain 4 points ago in meirl

    It just didn’t work for me the first time around

    [–] Gillette? Nothing To Cogitate Over. HotelItOnTheMountain 8 points ago in iamverysmart

    I can’t believe that with a full thesaurus of mean words he settled on “lout”

    [–] Brilliant HotelItOnTheMountain 6 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    The hero we don’t deserve

    [–] Brilliant HotelItOnTheMountain 128 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    I was waiting for this as the final image