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    [–] Don’t ask Howland_Reed 1 points ago in funny

    I remember being in Juarez Mexico and people put broken bottles on the top of walls like that so people wouldn't be tempted to jump it and break in.

    [–] Trump has 62 percent disapproval rating in new AP poll Howland_Reed 22 points ago in politics

    I had the weirdest argument with my brother once. He said divorces should be hard to get because people getting divorces made HIS marriage mean less. I could not understand how that made any sense.

    [–] When you're having so much fun you gotta lay down. I wanna go back! Howland_Reed 4 points ago in bonnaroo

    I fell asleep under a tree that had shade on Saturday last year because I was pretty tired. Like 2 hours later when the shade (and everyone else) had moved I had Bonnaroo staff people wake me up to make sure I was okay. Good on them, but I was just like "yeah I'm good, my legs just didn't want to move and there used to be shade here".

    [–] Feds Arrest Neo-Nazi Trump Fan for Threatening to "Exterminate" Miami Hispanics Howland_Reed 1 points ago in politics

    There isn't that much overlap probably. Most Americans are Protestant . Only 20% of Americans are Catholic, and Catholics are split almost 50/50 Republican/Democrat.

    [–] I'm not doing it Howland_Reed 3 points ago in Teachers

    Hey! I resemble that remark.

    [–] Big brain time Howland_Reed 1 points ago in gaming

    My parents took my Warcraft 3 cd and hid it under their mattress which was basically the first place I thought to look. I just took the CD out and replaced it with a blank CD.

    [–] What's the biggest bachelor/bachelorette party or wedding night fuck up you have seen? Howland_Reed 1 points ago in AskMen

    Best bachelor part I ever went to we rented a cabin in the mountains on some hunting land and drank, played poker and pool, and shot clay pigeons for 3 days straight.

    [–] Loving my school’s cellphone policy Howland_Reed 5 points ago in Teachers

    I get that with free speech all the time too. "I can say what I want. I have free speech".
    Dude, that protects you from Uncle Sam curtailing your speech. That doesn't protect you from calling your classmate a "fucking dipshit".

    [–] Loving my school’s cellphone policy Howland_Reed 1 points ago in Teachers

    We just started a pretty strict no cell phone policy except during lunch at our school. If you see a cell phone, you ask them to put it up. If they say no, we send an email to the admins. In about 2 minutes one will be at your door taking the cell phone for the rest of the day and then calling home. I'm lucky to have pretty damn good admins though. It's refreshing because last year cell phones were rampant. We are held to the same standards though, and I think it's great. I put my phone in a drawer when I come in and only take it out during lunch and when the last bell rings.

    [–] Dang. Howland_Reed 1 points ago in funny

    God I used to have a roommate who wore Brut so our bathroom smelled like it almost every morning. For some reason it came off as the "mildly alcoholic, manual labor working uncle" aftershave.

    [–] Dang. Howland_Reed 1 points ago in funny

    Yeah I go to music festivals and it is pretty rare to find people who smell that bad, and most of the ones I've gone to were camping. Rinse yourself down, deodorant, goldbond, etc. It isn't that hard. The smelliest thing at musics festivals is all the weed being smoked.

    [–] Who do you want Victarion to interact with in Winds ? Howland_Reed 39 points ago in pureasoiaf

    "His left hand still throbbed—a dull pain, but persistent. When he closed his hand into a fist it sharpened, as if a knife were stabbing up his arm. Not a knife, a longsword. A longsword in the hand of a ghost. Serry, that had been his name. A knight, and heir to Southshield. I killed him, but he stabs at me from beyond the grave. From the hot heart of whatever hell I sent him to, he thrusts his steel into my hand and twists.

    Victarion remembered the fight as if it had been yesterday. His shield had been in shards, hanging useless from his arm, so when Serry’s longsword came flashing down he had reached up and caught it."

    [–] I think I’m going to resign Howland_Reed 8 points ago in Teachers

    Georgia doesn't have unions. Can I pay my union dues to a bartender instead?

    [–] Holy cow... teachers have to remember SO MUCH. Howland_Reed 5 points ago in Teachers

    Yeah clip board is amazing. I wildly gesture with it while I talk too. Also I keep all my sticky notes on the wall behind my smart board. That way students can't read them and my colleagues don't think I'm a crazy person with a wall full of sticky notes. I've been known to write things on my arms as well. Probably not the best model of behavior, but I have to do what I have to do.

    [–] Old Hickory couldn’t be stopped Howland_Reed 4 points ago in HistoryMemes

    I mean Hamilton is also on the $10. Maybe we should put significant Americans on the bills instead of politicians. Other countries do it. Give me people like Linus Pauling, Jonas Salk, MLK, Mark Twain, Harper Lee, Harriet Tubman (who I think will be there soon), or any other number of activists, writers, artists, and scientists we have a bunch of. At least then our currency celebrates our culture and scientific achievements instead of presidents with shifty back stories.

    [–] TIL On his second day in office, President Jimmy Carter pardoned all of the Vietnam War draft evaders. Howland_Reed 3 points ago in todayilearned

    I mean you should be able to say no to an ally that is about to start a war that is stupid, long, expensive, mostly pointless, and costly in humans lives. I know that's not really how NATO works, but I can understand the sentiment.

    [–] "Make sure your syllabi are in by 3 pm today!" Howland_Reed 8 points ago in Teachers

    Lol pretty much the same. "We're doing chemistry. It's the name of the class".

    [–] "Make sure your syllabi are in by 3 pm today!" Howland_Reed 8 points ago in Teachers

    This is the first year where I have to turn them in. I've always written them, but never in an "official" format. It's always just notes I make planning my week on Saturday or Sunday. I don't even know what they are expecting to learn. I teach chemistry and AP chemistry and my administrator who looks at my lesson plans was a social studies teacher 11 years ago. What are you even going to garner from looking at "Monday: Atomic theory and periodicity lab"?

    [–] Just people living with a constant expectation of the next mass shooting Howland_Reed 1 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    I agree with the trauma response training being good. I'm glad I have it. But it's still off putting WHY I received it.