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    [–] Can't test run my game. HoxleyD 1 points ago in gamemaker

    Wow and you can't read the rules.

    [–] Selling 100$ Visa Gift Card for 20$ HoxleyD 1 points ago in beermoney

    Go fuck yourself, scammer. Reported to admins.

    [–] Being a cop does not automatically make you deserving of respect HoxleyD 0 points ago in unpopularopinion

    To anyone trying to follow this link, mods removed it but you can still see it on his profile

    [–] While my neighbor watched lol HoxleyD 17 points ago in ihavesex

    It's possible, but unlikely

    [–] What HoxleyD 5 points ago in trashy

    Lol no

    [–] Good morning Reddit HoxleyD 2 points ago in trashy

    Yes please

    [–] Hole Patrol HoxleyD 2 points ago in trashy

    Why the seven pointed star?