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    [–] A Mad Emperor Hungover_Pilot 138 points ago in madlads

    How do you become North Korea? Asking for a friend

    [–] if it has something to do with andy samberg it has already been noted Hungover_Pilot 0 points ago in RoastMe

    How quirky. One of the most famous quotes from an extremely successful television show.

    [–] 2meirl4meirl Hungover_Pilot 21 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    Seriously. Why is my brain so judgmental about the (extremely) bizarre shit it apparently enjoys.

    [–] I made this for Valentine’s Day! Hungover_Pilot 1 points ago in pics

    Is the bam necessary or can I substitute it with a pow?

    [–] Oopsie, he does it again Hungover_Pilot 6 points ago in creepyasterisks

    Nifty! Thanks for the tip Karen!

    [–] “My sister has cancer. Give me free art” Hungover_Pilot 2 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I had an ex send nudes to one of those accounts that also has a subreddit.

    Didn’t know she had until I saw her on there

    [–] President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at White House Hungover_Pilot 4 points ago in politics

    Thanks for the donation Anal Prolapse Licker69, and but if you say NA LUL one more time I'm going to fucking nuke you

    [–] Invites me to a game, leaves shortly afterwards and messages me this. Hungover_Pilot 1 points ago in sadcringe

    How did you not know about the guy beforehand if he had been grooming her since she was 11?

    [–] Joe Flacco traded to the Broncos Hungover_Pilot 74 points ago in nfl

    Mahomes must feel so honored

    [–] Haha sike Hungover_Pilot 3 points ago in memes

    This is how hookups work

    [–] Haha sike Hungover_Pilot 7 points ago in memes

    How do I find this type of porn. Asking for a friend