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    [–] Are you attracted to gay face? IAmA_Cloud_AMA 12 points ago in gaybros

    I'd have to go with no, personally. I'm much more into masculine blokes, and I don't really make many feminine expressions with my lips either.

    [–] Canada is getting way too cold! Someone come keep me warm. IAmA_Cloud_AMA 5 points ago in gaybrosgonemild

    Mate you are absolutely stunning. If it weren't such a long trip from Kentucky, I'd gladly visit! :)

    [–] Comcast wants full control IAmA_Cloud_AMA 16 points ago in evilbuildings

    Is this a spam bot account?

    [–] It looks like Kellyanne Conway just violated federal law on national TV IAmA_Cloud_AMA 11 points ago in politics

    No no no, obviously this is the photo they should be using for her.

    (In all seriousness, I think this is the one they've been using, yeah?)

    [–] Joe Barton, Senior Texas Republican, Apologizes for Explicit Photo IAmA_Cloud_AMA 7 points ago in politics

    Oh blimey that was not what I was anticipating.

    Here is some eyebleach for people who were hoping for sexy Texan men.

    [–] The fight back is officially beginning IAmA_Cloud_AMA 1 points ago in gaming

    This is such a nostalgia trip for me. Bullfrog was one of the first gaming companies I learned of, and it was taken from me so swiftly. :(

    [–] Bush ethics lawyer: Conway should be fired for violating law IAmA_Cloud_AMA 16 points ago in politics

    Not to be mistaken with Robert Reich, in whose hands it would be far safer.

    [–] Arianna Huffington: Al Franken no more groped me than I strangled him IAmA_Cloud_AMA 36 points ago in politics

    ...Do you work for Breitbart? I'm fairly certain this is the exact title of their future publication.

    [–] Donald Trump Can't Even Pardon a Damn Turkey Without Mentioning Barack Obama IAmA_Cloud_AMA 2 points ago in politics

    The divide isn't South vs North. It is Rural and Urban. If we let a state secede, it takes with it all of the progressive, innovative, hard-working people that disagree with their causes.

    [–] Alabama columnist: Roy Moore first took interest in his wife when she was underage IAmA_Cloud_AMA 1 points ago in politics

    Sometimes, if my mum is busy or something. And sometimes she goes by herself if my dad is busy. Usually those times they just sit with people they know.

    [–] Alabama columnist: Roy Moore first took interest in his wife when she was underage IAmA_Cloud_AMA 3 points ago in politics

    It depends on the recital or the teens. For example, my mum and dad love supporting the local schools' performing arts, and will often see the shows and recitals. That said, they know the teachers and directors quite well, and are good mates with many of the kids' parents.

    So I wouldn't discourage adults from supporting the arts in their areas.

    [–] World Leaders Go to Democrats Behind Trump's Back IAmA_Cloud_AMA 1 points ago in politics

    If by "treason" you mean that California, Oregon, Washington, and Virginia are sending their governors to represent them (and not the federal government) at the UN climate council in Bonn, then sure.

    But it isn't treason, as it's perfectly legal for them to engage in international diplomacy for solely their own responsibilities (for example, sister cities, trade agreements between states, etc).

    [–] Flake: My 'hot mic' moment is what I say in public IAmA_Cloud_AMA 29 points ago in politics

    I think a lot of GOP politicians did. I know the Bush family said they did.

    [–] Alabama pastor: I’d back Moore even if sexual assault allegations were true IAmA_Cloud_AMA 2 points ago in politics

    Well, the 90+ pastors in Alabama are against Moore's actions and sexual abuse, while this one pastor (and likely some others) are in support of Moore with or without his actions.

    I think at this point we can say that ANY number of pastors supporting sexual abuse is something to be concerned with, but the majority have turned against Moore for the time being.

    [–] Kim Davis Denied This Gay Man A Marriage License, And Now He May Run Against Her IAmA_Cloud_AMA 9 points ago in Political_Revolution

    Oy, those of us in Lexington and Louisville have right proper family values. It's just that our family values tend to be more tolerant of LGBT people than those in Rowan county.

    [–] Clinton: How does Trump get things done 'between tweeting and golfing?' IAmA_Cloud_AMA -2 points ago in politics

    This isn't so much for us as Americans. This is for Trump to hear. He is incredibly emotionally fragile, and without holding any office whatsoever, Clinton has far more influence over Republicans than Trump does, just because they hate her with such fervour.

    [–] The "backdoor" Russia meeting proposed to Trump's team IAmA_Cloud_AMA 3 points ago in politics

    Reading this made me realize I have another strange pet peeve... wtf is with Don Jr.'s tie all the time? It's like he's trying to be a caricature of a used car salesman.

    [–] Sorry, There's No Equivalence Between Republicans and Democrats on Sexual Harassment IAmA_Cloud_AMA 8 points ago in politics

    That was a tad different since they were both consenting adults, but it was still shameful that he did that as a married man. As such, democrats have held that lie against him for well over a decade.

    [–] Millennials vs. Gen Z childhood starter pack IAmA_Cloud_AMA 6 points ago in starterpacks

    This is nice and all, but you're missing one VITAL component: Mean Girls. Everyone knows that the 90's truly ended when Mean Girls came out in 2004.