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    [–] Something touched my paw! ID-10T_Error 1 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    I know better :-) just looks like it is, no need to get to serious on me :-)

    [–] Something touched my paw! ID-10T_Error 10 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    But no one is questioning that maybe it was the floating island in the background that freaked him out.

    [–] [Image] One more step ID-10T_Error 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    I'm expecting Mr meeseeks to disappear at the top.

    [–] And I'll be taking that ID-10T_Error 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Xerxes get master food

    [–] bandwidth monitoring ID-10T_Error 1 points ago in networking

    setup an nTOP server and enable netflow on your ASA this should give you what you are looking to gather.

    [–] There are tiny hands inside my girlfriend's bra ID-10T_Error 0 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Must be Trump hands! Wonder what the panties look li ke?

    [–] I am Scott Kelly, former NASA astronaut and author of ENDURANCE—ask me anything! ID-10T_Error 2 points ago in IAmA

    Can Confirm .

    Not the most Intelligent generally speaking, but i am a hyper driven engineer in my field of practice. But your advice is a good life protip, you don't have to be a genius you just have to try harder than the general population to be successful.

    [–] I am Elon Musk, ask me anything about BFR! ID-10T_Error 1 points ago in space

    Thank you for the ama, the vision you inspire for the human races is almost more then we deserve, thank You! I have 2 questions for you. One related and another that I have been dieing to know for sometime

    1. what is your strategy for refueling transport to and from Mars. Do you plan on setting weight limits On planned launches that would allow you to piggy back off existing sat. contracts launches and utilize the Access weight for cheaper refueling efforts ? 4 do you plan on Using dedicator launches for the refueling efforts.

    2. You seem to have a compounding overall business vision, where everything has a purpose and is one step closer to a larger grander vision, can the same be said regards the boring company. Do you plan on Optimizing and automating the tunnel building processes to the point of expanding this to The Martian surface. By first establishing a matured infrastructure here on Earth first.

    [–] Dignify this. ID-10T_Error 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Serious question, can vp be sued for wasting money on this obvious dog and pony show? There protests to others protests should not be coming out of the tax payers pockets. Exspecially if it was preplanned.

    [–] The Nikon with that zoom ID-10T_Error 79 points ago in INEEEEDIT

    No it's real I was able to read the barcode numbers on an product the on the other side of a best buy store. it was impressive.

    [–] My house came with a tiny model of the house. ID-10T_Error 7 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Or a model of a axe murder Crime scene. To look or not to Look that is the question.