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    [–] Could When They See Us Beat Chernobyl at Emmy? IDoDash 2 points ago in ChernobylTV

    Would be really hard to choose between them. Both excellent shows.

    [–] Seen on the Piccadilly line IDoDash -2 points ago in london

    Oh you’re fun.

    [–] What brings out the worst in you? IDoDash 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Agree. Also walnuts in fudge. Can’t I just have gooey chocolate awesomeness without nuts in it?!

    [–] What brings out the worst in you? IDoDash 1 points ago in AskReddit

    PMS. I turn into an actual crazy person. Once the situation has passed, my evil self disappears again and everything is cool. It’s like an out of body experience.

    [–] My living room. Staffordshire, UK IDoDash 1 points ago in AmateurRoomPorn

    Those couches look super, naptime comfy.

    [–] Whoa I need one of those IDoDash 37 points ago in wholesomememes

    This is really cute! I love that under the veil he’s wearing a backwards hat...

    [–] Gunshots? Fireworks? Something else? IDoDash 3 points ago in SeattleWA

    It could be a car backfiring...

    [–] Woman stabbed to death at Cal Anderson Park IDoDash 7 points ago in SeattleWA

    Where do the “thoughts and prayers” come in?

    [–] Three Lakes Earthquake (7/12/19) Megathread IDoDash 4 points ago in SeattleWA

    Same (I’m in Kent) - although I have a vague recollection of waking at some point in the night to a sound that made me wonder if someone was moving around in the house...but the sound was gone so I fell back asleep. Felt no shaking whatsoever, and the animals didn’t seem to either. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    [–] LPT: Don't ask Uber/Lyft drivers to stop at the drive thru IDoDash 2 points ago in SeattleWA

    I’ve only done this once - I asked my driver and offered to get her whatever she wanted from the menu as well. It was all cool.

    [–] S'mores casserole I made for dessert IDoDash 8 points ago in DessertPorn

    Well this looks delicious dammit

    [–] He mastered the command “Be Lazy” IDoDash 2 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    Ah nuts - nowhere close (Seattle area). ☹️

    [–] I emailed my boss if there were jobs available in another location and he forwarded the email to the supervisor of that location. The supervisor never responded. Was I supposed to say hi or something? IDoDash 2 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Sounds like your boss is trying to connect you with the correct people to help you with your inquiries and you’re not following up properly. If it was me, I’d reply with “Thank you (boss) for connecting me with (name of other person). (Other person), please let me know if you need any other information from me to resolve the issue with my missing paycheck” or “I’m eager to learn if you have any opportunities at your location - please let me know if you have time to connect.”

    [–] What are you tipping for Costco Instacart delivery? IDoDash 4 points ago in SeattleWA

    Loving that you’re assuming the only reason a person would use a service like Instacart is “laziness”. 👍🏻👍🏻

    [–] Real recognizes real. IDoDash 4 points ago in wholesomememes

    One-Eyed Willie and the rest of the Goonies would like a word...

    [–] A message from Batman IDoDash 2 points ago in funny

    Ah perhaps!