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    [–] BEST 1:1 W2C IGbotter 8 points ago in Repsneakers

    There are no reps that’ll pass stock x or goat verification, if that’s what you’re getting at

    [–] ADISPLASH OR SOLE AIO ? IGbotter 2 points ago in shoebots

    Adisplash is adidas only. Literally. Only yeezys/limited hus or 4ds.

    Sole AIO is a great beginner bot. cooks dsm and looks like it’s been doing better on other sites as well. It also has an adidas option.

    Whatever you choose, make sure it comes with discord for Sole AIO and email access and discord for adisplash.

    [–] [QC] Coco (OWF) Grim Reaper Blazer (Is the 3rd time the charm?) IGbotter 2 points ago in Repsneakers

    I GL these even with this flaw. They look fine and I’m not selling them so I could care less

    [–] Ouch IGbotter 16 points ago in Tinder

    It’s a repost

    [–] New to bots, Looking to dive deep IGbotter 2 points ago in shoebots

    He said he wants to “dive in”.

    [–] New to bots, Looking to dive deep IGbotter 1 points ago in shoebots

    Cyber or get 2 copies of balko. Cyber will cover every site and will run you 3.5-5k. Balko will run you 1.7k a copy.

    [–] Beef brisket from Harvey’s Smokehouse, Jerusalem (Israel) IGbotter 5 points ago in BBQ

    I actually worked at Harvey’s last year while studying at Hebrew university. They serve 0 milk products. None whatsoever, as that would make the entire place not kosher. There is also no pork.