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    [–] Amelia Earhart (and an unknown man) standing in front of her single-prop plane in Burbank. California - 1932 - [702*1000]colorized IHaeTypos 66 points ago in HistoryPorn

    Yes, and the coolest part about this (text from Wikipedia):

    During World War II, the entire area of Lockheed's Vega factory was camouflaged to fool an enemy reconnaissance effort. The factory was hidden beneath a complete suburb replete with rubber automobiles and peaceful rural neighborhood scenes painted on canvas. Hundreds of fake trees and shrubs were positioned to give the entire area a three-dimensional appearance. The fake trees and shrubs were created from chicken wire that had been treated with an adhesive and then covered with chicken feathers to provide a leafy texture. Air ducts disguised as fire hydrants made it possible for the Lockheed-Vega employees to continue working underneath the huge camouflage umbrella designed to conceal their factory.

    [–] Reduction of Potassium Permanganate into Manganese Dioxide IHaeTypos 10 points ago in chemicalreactiongifs

    From the source:

    The chemical chameleon is a series of reactions of reduction of potassium permanganate into potassium manganate and into manganese dioxide sequentially.

    I will mix potassium permanganate with an aqueous solution of sugar and sodium hydroxide. Each one of the resultant products has a different color.


    [–] Perfect landing IHaeTypos 25 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Here's what it looks like actually reversed:

    Definitely legit in the OPs gif

    [–] Toluene + Sulfur crystallization IHaeTypos 56 points ago in chemicalreactiongifs

    The flask is filled with 10 grams of crushed sulfur. 100ml of Toluene is poured in, and the flask is heated up on a stove, and the sulfur begins to dissolve. When the mixture reaches 95 degrees Celsius, the sulfur is completely dissolved. The mixture is left to cool, and upon reaching 55 degrees Celsius, yellow needle crystals of Sulfur are created. If the mixture is heated again, the crystals will dissolve and the experiment can be repeated.