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    [–] Plant based pancakes, bear barcode IOrangeKing 3 points ago in BarcodePorn

    I eat both normal and these pancakes and honestly these taste way better.

    [–] Plant based pancakes, bear barcode IOrangeKing 7 points ago in BarcodePorn

    Normal pancakes can have milk and/or eggs in them. This does not have either, making it plant based

    [–] Green Tea Barcode IOrangeKing 1 points ago in BarcodePorn

    Looks like an archway that comes from Asia I think specifically from Japan

    [–] Amazon warehouse collapse last night IOrangeKing 29 points ago in antiwork

    I live in southern Illinois and was awake during the storm, that storm was horribly intense and anyone who would make people work during it is a psychopath

    [–] caught sleeping IOrangeKing 26 points ago in perfectlycutscreams

    Metaphor is the goat

    [–] 4hrs today wasn’t bad IOrangeKing 3 points ago in grubhubdrivers

    It is definitely a bot or someone from Grubhub. This account only posts and comments on this sub. Kinda fishy…

    [–] What is it about the whole Kyle Rittenhouse thing? IOrangeKing 31 points ago in Socialism_101

    Kyle went to my high school (two grades below me) all of the right wing nut jobs I used to go to school with can’t stop posting about how Kyle is innocent and they can’t wait until he’s free.

    Kyle lives (not sure if he still does) right below my dads best friends apartment and is likely where he loaded the gun that he used

    Fuck this kid I hope he never walks the streets again

    [–] What punchline of one of Bo's jokes were you able to predict? IOrangeKing 98 points ago in boburnham

    I said “I’m bored” at exactly the time he said it on accident. I just knew he was going to say it. That’s the only time I’ve been able to say it on time

    [–] When I finally show Robert to my husband and he doesn't "get" it IOrangeKing 13 points ago in boburnham

    I watched it with my parents and they loved it. Showed it to my girlfriends parents and her dad barely payed attention and said he didn’t get it and her mom said that the jokes must be going over her head because she doesn’t get it. Made me sad

    [–] Save the reefs IOrangeKing 8 points ago in ThatFunnyFeeling

    Isn’t that I-R-O-N-I-C