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    [–] This shirt is red ISO_Thane 7 points ago in notinteresting

    Yes. You're correct.

    [–] This shirt is red ISO_Thane 9 points ago in notinteresting

    If it were a door I'd consider painting it black

    [–] Discontinued Part ISO_Thane 1 points ago in AskMechanics

    Unfortunately no, the pipe is longer and more curved

    [–] old is this Nazi? ISO_Thane 27 points ago in facepalm

    Uhh my buddy who is 23 was in the 82nd. Those divisions don't go away, people move on

    Edit: not that I support what he is doing but I just want to point out some facts

    [–] Ron Perlman everybody ISO_Thane 3 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Yeah dude! Makeup artist earned their salt with that one

    [–] Ron Perlman everybody ISO_Thane 5 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Yeah, and also played Hellboy. He's been in a lot of movies

    [–] Wed 2017-07-26 ISO_Thane 1 points ago in nameaserver


    [–] Hey Nerdist fans, has anyone else a serious lack of energy from Jessica Chobot lately? ISO_Thane 6 points ago in nerdist

    I noticed that too, I'm going to assume it's the lack of rest she got from having to do comic con AND cover comic con

    [–] Transgender Health AMA Series: I'm Joshua Safer, Medical Director at the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Boston University Medical Center, here to talk about the science behind transgender medicine, AMA! ISO_Thane 1 points ago in science

    I've been trying to understand this for some time now. What's the difference between the biological genders, all the genders that are coming up recently, and personality traits? I guess it almost feels like a personality type than a gender at this point to me, so could you explain it to me?