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    [–] My tutorial on trees I_Am_Err00r 2 points ago in PixelArt

    I’m just about to start creating art for my game and seeing something like this really helps, thanks for the simple breakdown.

    [–] Roger Stone calls Black radio host a racial slur on air I_Am_Err00r 1 points ago in nottheonion

    This is going to get buried I already know, but I worked phone sales for a few different companies and guarantee that Stone thought his phone was muted and he was talking to someone in the room with him (maybe legal adviser or longtime confidant).

    This has never happened to me, as I generally try avoid venting about people while I’m talking to them, but there’s always some rookie in training who is just as immature as Stone is.

    [–] Trying to start a series about Game Design & Math I_Am_Err00r 9 points ago in gamedesign

    When I first started programming (which I learned to game dev), this is what I wanted more info on as well because I could never find much on it; what I always did find was so advanced to me it was obvious I was missing the prerequisite knowledge to understand.

    After a few years of seeing others try to make it simple (including a Udemy video on the exact subject) I’m still at the same point and it never makes any sense.

    I’ve gotten by and have always been able to find my answers online, and especially when it comes to things like shaders and drawing shapes with lines, so I doubt taking the time to learn the prerequisite stuff these math theories require would be any better than finding it online.

    Granted, I’m probably just your average amateur game developer/programmer, and not a pioneer or expert looking to further my craft or push boundaries of what is possible, but I think most are similar; the point I’m trying to make is I think most questions already have solutions easy to find online (after a few years of programming it’s pretty easy to spot good elegant solutions from bad ones that you call the easy way out), and the prerequisite knowledge to understand this stuff makes teaching it such a gateway you may not have much an audience.

    [–] Seriously? I_Am_Err00r 1 points ago in trashy

    I was looking for this comment, amazing how nobody talks about this.

    Marrying a step kid isn’t new and Woody Allen’s case is arguably more weird because his step daughter was much younger when he became her step dad than these two it seems.

    [–] Joel really was a "great guy"... /s I_Am_Err00r 1 points ago in thelastofus

    You're absolutely right, ND botched his killing, I can't argue with anyone about that; there are easily dozens of other ways they could have better handled the execution of Joel if in fact Neil decided that his death was necessary for the story.

    I had to find YouTube videos dated back in early May when the leaks surfaced to hear about the controversy because I avoided it back then; the main thing I hear echoed from those is that people were instantly upset over the news of Joel's death, so much so that the game's reputation was arguably ruined as a result of the onslaught of criticism from the simple news that Joel will die in TLOU2; keep in mind the only thing leaked were images with no explanations provided as to anything the images represent, so to make such an assumption without knowing the story is irresponsible;

    It's definitely unfortunate that Neil didn't come up with a better way to have Abby and Joel cross paths, but I can honestly overlook this because of how much the game makes up for in the story telling and character development, environment design, and gameplay; I would agree that this oversight alone could give this game a rating of 8/10 from someone who isn't as forgiving as me.

    [–] Joel really was a "great guy"... /s I_Am_Err00r -1 points ago in thelastofus

    I can see how this post could be interpreted that way, my intention was to illustrate that Joel had quite a bit he needed to reckon for and even pre-outbreak he was a very flawed man.

    During the leaks, most people were upset at the mere fact that Joel was killed regardless of the reasons, so this post is to remind people that Joel isn't a character worth feeling so attached to.

    [–] Joel really was a "great guy"... /s I_Am_Err00r 0 points ago in thelastofus

    I’ve seen this argument too, and I want to try and understand this but I can’t.

    Game of Thrones always killed characters; some were likable, some were evil, some were complex, but regardless nobody ever complained about getting attached to these characters so much that the whole series is ruined when a character they had related to dies.

    Also, why do you think they ruined Joel, Ellie, and Tommy in 2?

    Thanks for the feedback by the way, I’m looking for these types of discussions to understand the hate

    [–] TLOU2 has the best environment designs of any game I_Am_Err00r 0 points ago in thelastofus

    Was that the archer guy (Bruce?) who locked them in there?

    Yes, for how much shit fanboys are giving this game for not being able to tell a story they like, little nuggets like this give life and meaning to things that literally every other game developer ignore because ND are masters of their craft.

    [–] TLOU2 has the best environment designs of any game I_Am_Err00r 1 points ago in thelastofus

    Yes! I totally remember this one, it sort of reminded of that encounter from TLOU 1 with the sniper in the Pittsburgh suburbs.

    This encounter really gives you a chance to experiment with the gameplay because by now you have proximity mines, silencer for pistol, bow/arrow and these dogs don’t allow to sneak up on them, so you really have to start using other tools if you relied on stealth.

    This encounter alone probably took me two hours to beat the first time, and that is because I kept loading the encounter to get more efficient with resource usage.

    [–] TLOU2 has the best environment designs of any game I_Am_Err00r 4 points ago in thelastofus

    Yes! Also, some of the safe combinations had the combos very well hidden within the level design; the one that comes to mind is the one where the hint is the 30th anniversary on a calendar dated at 2013 (I still can’t believe I solved that one on my own), best puzzle I’ve seen integrated within a level ever.

    [–] TLOU2 has the best environment designs of any game I_Am_Err00r 7 points ago in thelastofus

    The hotel was pretty terrifying as well, especially those stalkers that come out of the walls.

    [–] Something I noticed about Ellie I_Am_Err00r 1 points ago in thelastofus

    That’s a really good point, definitely worth considering she tied Abby down because she wanted to get revenge on the monster she remembered.

    [–] Learning Unity, making a Smash Bros-like game I_Am_Err00r 2 points ago in Unity2D

    All the advice listed is pretty good and despite your intentions being genuinely inquisitive I’m sure, it’s rather arrogant thing to post.

    Your post reads like this to me by the way: “My friends and I want to start a band, but we don’t know music or how to play any instruments or anything like that. We know the genre we want to play, but want to know if there are any videos or things we can use around our homes that can help make our music for us.”

    [–] Theory about Owen and Joel I_Am_Err00r 1 points ago in thelastofus

    What I’m saying is both Joel and Owen were both living lives they were tired of living, and the story he tells about the seraphite is very relevant to Joel’s own death

    [–] I think Ellie is pretty clearly the villain of TLOU2 I_Am_Err00r 5 points ago in thelastofus

    Everyone who is complaining that Joel didn't deserve his death, let's consider these other points outside of what happened in Salt Lake City with the Fireflies.

    When Joel and Ellie enter Pittsburgh in the first one, a hunter tries to fool them into thinking he is injured so they can jump them; after you get out of that encounter and when the dust settles, Ellie asks "How did you know that he wasn't hurt?" and Joel says "I've been on both sides of those schemes" (or something to that effect).

    Also, when Tommy and Joel first meet up, after the pleasantries of catching up after 10+ years or however long they were apart, Tommy is reluctant to help Joel out saying "I still have nightmares about what I did when I was with you!" to which Joel says "We did what we had to do to survive!" and Tommy says "It wasn't worth it."

    Tommy would have rather died to prevent some of the things Joel forced him to do than to live with the memories of what allowed him to survive, if this isn't proof enough that Joel has a ton of blood on his hands that can come back to haunt him, than I don't know what other proof you need.

    Maybe what they should have done before releasing this game is have a prequel where you play as Joel, maybe then all this fandom around Joel won't be so baseless, and people will understand that Joel isn't a flawed hero but he is someone who slithered his way out of so many situations that he eventually lived long enough to do something good, but not enough good to forgive what he had done in his past.

    Again, what he did to Abby and the Fireflies alone is justifiable for what he got, but considering he had 20 years of fucked up shit he has never reckoned for begs the question why everyone loves Joel so much.

    [–] This guy said it best I_Am_Err00r 3 points ago in thelastofus

    That is really solid point, and one of the reasons Democracy as a whole is actually a very dangerous form of government because it gives those with no expertise on an opinion (or even the factually wrong one) the same authority as the subject matter expert in that field.

    It's really sad that a game like this is suffering from cancel culture right now.

    [–] Only ever semi-plot hole I THINK I've found. I_Am_Err00r 7 points ago in thelastofus

    Every Firefly pendant has first and last name on it, and Tommy was a Firefly, so maybe they knew Tommy's last name, but it is a good point to make because I don't believe his last name is ever given out in the first one and isn't necessary for that scene to make any more sense.

    Really good point!