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    [–] Michelle Monaghan in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' I_Live_Again_ 25 points ago in WatchItForThePlot

    In the movie it was Robert Downey Jr's best friend in middle school, and he was enraged when he found out she fucked him as a going away present.

    [–] I finally found one in the wild on my facebook I_Live_Again_ -4 points ago in gatekeeping

    Take away their guns and they turn back into cowards.

    [–] Bongs unite all four elements... Earth, wind, fire, water. I_Live_Again_ 2 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Tear open a small hole, make a small cup out of tin foil and poke holes in it, put it in the tube hole. Use your hand on the opposite side of the tube as the carburetor. It's a pipe really, not a bong.

    [–] Bongs unite all four elements... Earth, wind, fire, water. I_Live_Again_ 10 points ago in Showerthoughts

    And I've seen depraved teenagers smoke out of empty toilet paper tubes.

    (Edit: OK it was meeeeee)

    [–] TIL an Applebee's Waitress in Colorado had her ID stolen on her night off. 2 weeks later while working, a woman orders a drink, and hands the waitress the waitresses stolen ID. I_Live_Again_ 17 points ago in todayilearned

    I swear they must be organizing Redditors into groups and filter what we see, because although I do see a lot of re-posts, lots of re-post I'm seeing for the first time.

    The motivation? To find the top comments from one group, then post it to another group of Redditors and make what will be the top comments, farming karma by design.

    [–] Lucy Li perfect pool posing I_Live_Again_ 1 points ago in NSFW_GIF

    Was expecting Lucy Liu... Nice surprise though.

    (Hubba hubba)

    [–] YSK Planet Fitness has a 3 day refund policy that they DO NOT tell you about before or after signing. I_Live_Again_ 33 points ago in YouShouldKnow

    When I tried to quit Fitness Connection they shredded my letter and kept charging me until I found out.

    I hope Planet Fitness is better.

    [–] Amazing twins I_Live_Again_ 10 points ago in BustyPetite

    Probably the reason makeup was invented.

    [–] Natalie Portman Pulls Out of Genesis Prize Ceremony in Israel Citing 'Recent Events' I_Live_Again_ 2 points ago in news

    Well said, and I'm not going to disagree. In fact I don't even know what the issue is. I just wanted to point out she's highly intelligent, yet may hold opinions different than my own.

    Also Dolph Lundgren has a degree in Chemical Engineering, so again, just because he's an actor doesn't mean he's stupid.