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    [–] Minimum effort required I_hate_these 8 points ago in nonononoyes

    that's nice. My brother psychologically tortured my sister and I. He is in his 30s now. Never acknowledged any wrong thing he has ever done to anyone in the family. He doesn't understand why were aren't close. I cut off contact about 2 years ago. I don't approve of his behaviors and I don't want to be cruel to him, but I couldn't pretend anymore. Glad you and your sister turned it around. It would have been nice to have siblings.

    [–] Future soldiers I_hate_these 6 points ago in Military

    Lego makes cybermen? Is there an entire Doctor Who - Lego line?!

    [–] Women who dont wear makeup either for personal preference or principle : what have been your experiences? I_hate_these 3 points ago in AskWomen

    I am 28. I don't wear makeup to work. Because it takes time that I don't want to spend in the morning. And honestly it doesn't matter. I might interact with 3 people during a weekday. They don't care about my make-up. Nothing has been said to me about it, ever.

    I wear makeup on the weekends/date nights/ other special occasions. Sometimes for big office meetings or when I give a presentation.

    [–] My mum is from country A and my dad is from country B, but I have lived in country C my whole life. What nationality am I? What do I say when people ask me where I'm from? I_hate_these 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Question! Due to your situation being vaguely similar to mine. I am American, SO is English. We work for the US Army in Germany. (not stationed) If we have kids here, it wouldn't be weird to consider them German right? They technically would be even if we moved to England or America later.

    [–] My mum is from country A and my dad is from country B, but I have lived in country C my whole life. What nationality am I? What do I say when people ask me where I'm from? I_hate_these 13 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I am American, my SO is English, we live in Germany. If we have a child here and raise it here I would consider it German. I suppose. But it does seem weird. The accents though, we would sound like a loose association more than a

    [–] Where/how to sell a 1.1 carat diamond engagement ring? I_hate_these 1 points ago in Frugal

    I didn't know this site still existed!

    and it auto directs to .... so maybe it doesn't

    [–] Succeed in life out of spite I_hate_these 2 points ago in funny

    ha, thanks. I do my best, but I still have a lot to work on. I am glad I am not mad at him anymore. Its amazing what a being a bit petty after a breakup can inspire. I did get fat for a while, and he got abs. So he won there. lol

    [–] Succeed in life out of spite I_hate_these 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in funny

    I dated a guy in my first year of uni that constantly compared me to others. (I don't know if it was intentional or not, we had a terrible relationship) But we broke up often and he made me feel inadequate. So I finished school with two degrees and moved all over the USA and now in Europe.

    Years later I told him I finished school to spite him. He thought is was funny and said "at least I was good for something." Not a bad dude overall. But damn, I did want to make him regret losing me.

    [–] I really dislike what lifting has done to my body. Help?? I_hate_these 2 points ago in xxfitness

    Its not bad to eat so little if you are sedentary. I am mostly sedentary and eat 1150-1300 most days. With an increase on days I am active. If you are similar to me 28/5'3/145lbs, if I eat 1,600 a day I will maintain my weight. I have to eat lower than that to lose. If I was your height, I would need to eat less than 1,590. Use or similar. Figure out your tdee, and eat less than that. And be honest about your activity level, so you aren't self sabotaging.

    Also as a general rule, ever 10lbs or so you lose recalculate your TDEE because you will need less to sustain a smaller body. Not doing this sometimes results in frustration and plateaus.

    [–] Oh god, there is many others..... I_hate_these 8 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    ha, I guess it depends on what American accent you have. I am originally Southern but I have lived all over. Now learning german and living with an Englishman I have barely any grasp of what vowels sound like anymore. So blurring and 'a' to an 'i' seems easy.

    [–] Oh god, there is many others..... I_hate_these 13 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    No idea. My SO is from Shrewsbury, and one of his childhood friends is married to a Welshman. He (the Welshman) thinks it would be funny to bring me back to his village to "see how they react to me." I feel like an experiment, but I am pretty excited about it!

    [–] What was your biggest problem when you were 11? I_hate_these 1 points ago in AskReddit

    When I was in highschool I was similar to your son. My favorite teacher at parent-teacher conferences pulled out my most recent test "C" and tossed it at me and said "We all know you are better than this shit. Do better." I was always an A-B honors student. But no one ever really expected anything from me. I was the youngest. Both of my siblings were bright, but actively fucking up their lives. Bomb threats, drugs, vandalizing shit. My parents marriage was horrible. I just kind of existed around all of them. It was really jarring when my teacher and mom both cared, said something, and expected more out of me. It worked. Only one of my siblings to graduate college, and with multiple degrees.

    [–] Oh god, there is many others..... I_hate_these 160 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    As an American, space-spice I can hear. But how in the hell does ghetto become girl?

    Sidenote. I'll be in Wales and Scotland over the holidays and it seems like I wont be able to understand anyone.

    [–] Dexa - 5'4" / 138 / 25.1% I_hate_these 1 points ago in xxfitness

    haha you are so positive!

    I am 100% not scared of carbs. I just have to remember I cant eat as much as my SO. At 6'5 and vegetarian, the boy puts away some pasta.

    [–] Dexa - 5'4" / 138 / 25.1% I_hate_these 1 points ago in xxfitness

    Man. Based on your stats I was thinking this will give me a rough idea of my body fat%. Nah. You have way more muscle than me. 5'3.5/ 145lbs

    I normally eat around 1500 a day. Started weight training 3 days a week + yoga. Lets see where I am at in 6 months !

    [–] BIRTH CONTROL IS AMAZIN’ YALL YOU KNOW WHY? I_hate_these 2 points ago in 1200isfineIGUESSugh

    IUD - was the best for me. Also wth is university insurance? I was on my mom's insurance in college. I didn't even know university was a thing.

    It might be possible through the local health clinic. I was on my on health insurance when I got mine placed and it was just a 20$ office visit fee.

    [–] I’ve been planning a girls trip the whole semester. My best friends took it without me I_hate_these 3 points ago in relationship_advice

    A girl I thought would be one of my bridesmaids got married last weekend and didn't even tell me. I don't live in the country anymore so I wouldn't have been able to go, but it sucks to not even have her mention it to me. I found out on facebook. Blows.

    [–] Thought y’all would get a kick outta this... I_hate_these 1 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Only good thing about missing Thanksgiving this year. I won't have two international travel days of binging + 5 days with my family doing nothing but eating.

    Might actually drop some weight. Shocking.

    [–] Schizophrenics of reddit, what were the first signs of your break from reality and how would you warn others for early detection? I_hate_these 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This happened to my grandfather. He was on a road trip with my mom (his daughter) and my aunt to visit family. One evening he didn't recognize them, called the cops on them 2-3 times for stealing his car and cut himself out of his seatbelt. Terrifying for everyone involved.

    [–] happy Halloween I_hate_these 17 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    She looks like a low rent blake lively