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    [–] A Curious Mafia Strategy I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in TownofSalemgame

    ^ This, but thank you OP for sharing this story. I like hearing about YOLO-type strategies that one would think would fail spectacularly, but sometimes don't.

    [–] What company has lost their way? I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in AskReddit

    But her lawsuit wasn't vs. Reddit, right?

    [–] What company has lost their way? I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The goodwill by me still sells clothes BY WEIGHT.

    Still doesn't help when you wanna get some concrete shoes.

    [–] Psych Nursing I_lenny_face_you 3 points ago in nursing

    Psych nurse here, thank you. I've been at my job for 7 years (the first of those years was on a different unit) and I have been very frustrated with the focus on useless metrics (like whether a pt's location was charted the same minute that a staff member actually checks on them) vs. qualitative feedback and indicators that our efforts are of service and are helping the people in our care. I feel our administration's pushes are disconnected from the actual needs of the patients.

    Plus I was bullied on the job in January by a co-worker and a nursing supervisor and in the time since then, I've gotten to see how no one is very keen to hear that something happened that was NOT OK.

    So thank you again for your kind words.

    [–] How to coax out the inner kitten I_lenny_face_you 6 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    In your comments here I believe I'm seeing that you see the kitten as a "part" of yourself, one among other parts. Perhaps you would be interestes to check out books / articles about Internal Family Systems (IFS)? This is a psychological model founded by Dick Schwartz, seeing each person as a complex "family" of many parts as you allude to, all of whom have needs. There are IFS-trained therapists too. Also, I have heard that the movie Inside Out conveys these ideas but I have not seen it. Hope this helps--give yourself what you need.

    [–] Recent munch experience. I_lenny_face_you 2 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    From Christopher Moore:

    Your Daily Affirmation:

    Away from me, thou billious dongfish! thou scrofulous merkin! thou parox[y]smal fap clown! thou incontinent fuckweasel, away. I walk in beauty, like the night. And whatnot.


    I think "paroxysmal fap clown" is pretty brilliant (not that the rest isn't).

    [–] Where did you find your partner? I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    Are you willing to say how it unfolded with the cashier (that you started dating)?

    I just had a pleasant experience of being very kindly served by a staff member at a store (who is sometimes a cashier, she was also nice to me a couple months back in that role). I asked her out but she said she is taken already.

    [–] Reminder for fellow INFPs! I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in infp

    Honest question, was "molassed" meant to be "harassed" or does it have a different meaning?

    [–] Choosing a meaningful, humiliating name for my sub I_lenny_face_you -1 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    Kind of like a sexually charged version of ProZD's jokes about characters in this sketch (This goes to the first occurrence - there is a callback later in the sketch)

    [–] The Denver County Court will be closing today at Noon for Bomb Cyclone 2.0 I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in Denver

    Thanks OP. Unfortunately the comments have become a graveyard. Dear reader, if you see this, I suggest turning back.

    [–] What's an unwritten requirement for your job that you won't see on a job description? I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Guy here, I know a lot of us guys don't listen very well, but it's a little comforting that some women don't listen well either.

    [–] What is the dumbest post you’ve see hit the front page? I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in AskReddit

    my grandmother gave me a pet bunny when I was 5 and her neighbor passed away and on a morning stroll I found a rock. This is a sign because my grandmother’s neighbor loves anything grey. It’s a sign RIP NEIGHBOR”

    This is how conversations with my boss go, except they start with a seemingly rational issue at work, then it's all tangents from there, soon creating, to borrow a phrase from Jay Smooth (which tbf he used in a different context), a "rhetorical Bermuda Triangle" (where everything drowns in a sea of ever-changing subjects).

    [–] Job Switch Advice needed! I_lenny_face_you 5 points ago in nursing

    For real, let's hear reasons. OP, you put effort and detail into your post, expect others to do the same.

    [–] Old people of Reddit, what are some challenges kids today who romanticize the past would face if they grew up in your era? I_lenny_face_you 5 points ago in AskReddit

    The YouTuber OverSimplified, in his 2-part series on the Cold War, draws parallels between the situations and conflicts in Korea and Vietnam as well. He acknowledged he couldn't do the Vietnam War justice as a mere sidebar in the Cold War. So we will have to punish him severely keep pushing for him to make videos focusing on Vietnam.