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    [–] Cops of reddit, what’s the most bullshit sounding excuse you got that actually turned out to be true? I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Okay, however, I'm assuming you're referring to diphenhydramine / Benadryl and I have seen that much more commonly in capsules than tablets, so many people might not have tablets on hand.

    [–] What's the nicest way to tell someone to F off? I_lenny_face_you 2 points ago in AskReddit

    But between you and the secretary, did one of you strike the other with jumper cables?

    [–] Has anyone volunteered as a disaster mental health worker for the red cross? I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in nursing

    It's late so I'll have to keep this short. Before I was a nurse, I was a qualified medication administration person and a case manager for folks with mental illness. I tagged along on a trip organized by some local nurses to San Antonio in 2005 to volunteer to help folks displaced by hurricanes Rita and Katrina. I collected information about people being seen for mental health intakes and talked to at least some of them. I remember in one case I identified that a patient had med bottles for two SSRIs, possibly indicating that they had had a med change recently.

    Also, because unions had some information about the addresses and other contact information of their members, I was tasked with trying to track down some union members. Unfortunately I don't think I was successful with that in the short time I was there.

    Edit, it was a long time ago, I don't think our trip was under the auspices of the Red Cross but I'm sure we dealt with some Red Cross folks during the work.

    [–] "A Defense of Hedonistic Kink" (Opinion Article) I_lenny_face_you 2 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    Ouch. Looks like you have seen a number of issues. Thank you for laying it out.

    [–] "A Defense of Hedonistic Kink" (Opinion Article) I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    Great comment. May I ask what group or groups you found the swinger lifestyle to be non-inclusive of?

    [–] Good ol’ CGI Tarkin I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in PrequelMemes

    It is critical we send an attack group there immediately.

    [–] Hi, Registered dietitian here. What are the most common psychiatric drugs? (I hope this is okay to post here) I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in nursing

    MAOIs are less commonly used

    I've heard (like online) of a few ppl being on them, but haven't ever knowingly worked with a pt on an MAOI of any kind (old or new) in 7.5 years as a nurse and 10 years before that as a QMAP (med admin person) who frequently sat in with pts seeing the psychiatrist.

    I think the dietary restrictions are considered less with new MAOIs as they are more selective. OP u/hannahkoko20 if you are interested about MAOIs, I thought this was a good article (2005 tho):

    [–] If someone borrowed your body for a week, what kind of "jiggle the handle" tips would you need to tell them so they are not caught off guard? I_lenny_face_you 2 points ago in AskReddit

    This is very interesting to me. Do you know Dick Schwartz's model Internal Family Systems? He talks about us all having many "parts" within us and how to manage them effectively through when he calls "self-leadership." I've heard that a lot of people have felt helped by the model. I myself am interested in learning more about it.

    [–] Don't lecture me Obi-Wan I_lenny_face_you 1 points ago in PrequelMemes

    ass eyes

    ball sockets

    You have unusual upgrade slots my friend