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    [–] [Jason Witten] My man @stephenasmith really kicked himself in the foot on this one!! IamManuelLaBor 1 points ago in nfl

    Baby steps, not everyone has the charisma and raw sexual energy of Romo.

    Did I say sexual energy? I meant raw coherent and intelligent analysis. Silly me.

    [–] Spotting flare radius: IamManuelLaBor 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    It was still cancerous on pc but not as bad as on xbox I think. Played only a few dozen hours on pc though so I didn't see it as much as on sexbox.

    [–] On a serious note, why is this game so poorly made? IamManuelLaBor 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Battlefield

    Highly disagree with your practice range bit.

    Letting me get a feel for weapons and ESPECIALLY vehicles and DOUBLE ESPECIALLY planes in a neutral environment where I'm not being a weight around the neck of my team is crucial to my enjoyment of any game, let alone battlefield.

    I'd rather practice flying for 10 hours in the range than try to take a plane out in game and get instantly fucking smoked by better players with no meaningful improvement being made, and I'd have to repeat that process for far longer than 10 hours to get 10 hours of flight time in.

    A practice range can never be a negative for me if you can't tell.

    Tides of war is a good idea executed meh-ly so far as I've seen. I like the premise of meta campaigns (Chromehounds and For Honor did it very well for instance) but because you don't choose a faction in bfv it loses a bit of immersion for me. However, I see a lot of room to grow and even woth this launch being rocky as fuck I trust dice enough to get it into a decent place - see bf3, bf4, bf1, swbf2.

    It's basically their MO after bad company 2 to launch a poor product and improve it post launch. We can probably both agree that approach fucking sucks but their track record of steady improvement is there for all to see. At least they're not bethesda right?

    [–] Samsung kills headphone jack in the new Galaxy A8 IamManuelLaBor 2 points ago in gadgets

    Every boop is unexpected when I play overwatch.

    Lijang gardens! I love this map! Gee let's just take a stroll over the scenic bridge overlooking the city seemingly miles below, no one would ever willingly throw me off to a long and horrible death!

    sounds of EDM and roller skates in the distance

    [–] Post Game Thread: Philadelphia Eagles (6-7) at Dallas Cowboys (8-5) IamManuelLaBor 5 points ago in nfl

    Garrett has shown me he has the capacity to be a winning head coach, that 4th down was ballsy.

    Linehan was bailed out by cooper and zeke. Though with our O line being the ghosts of Tyron Smith/zack martin and 3 bums I'm not surprised that the offense is so bad for 4/5 of each game.

    [–] Game Thread: Philadelphia Eagles (6-6) at Dallas Cowboys (7-5) IamManuelLaBor 5 points ago in nfl

    It's more fair than how it used to be where a field goal won it. I don't think the owners are going to change it to be any better than it is now.

    [–] Game Thread: Philadelphia Eagles (6-6) at Dallas Cowboys (7-5) IamManuelLaBor 2 points ago in nfl

    There was that ugly 10-6 cowboys loss 10 or so years ago that was about as bad as this game has been.

    [–] Sunday Dinner Megathread - Were you a winner winner this week? Share your dinner dinner with us here! - (December 09) IamManuelLaBor 1 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    Won for the first time in over a month on friday. Sealed my undying love for suppressed vector as the last two guys had no idea where I was shooting from and I was within 30 meters of them.

    [–] Shitpost Saturday IamManuelLaBor 3 points ago in nfl

    Why does he look like a black version of Mcnulty from the Wire to me.

    [–] Pp-19 Bizon? IamManuelLaBor 1 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    God I loved slapping people with my big black pp19 in battlefield 3.

    It wasn't overpowered in the slightest and had one of the worst ttks/accuracy plots/spread/recoil in its class and in the game so it made it even more delicious to style on a whole squad with it.

    [–] Damarious Randall on Packers: “They traded away all their good players and they expect Aaron Rodgers to just be magical." IamManuelLaBor 8 points ago in nfl

    The idea was that talent would shine thru regardless of position and also allow for the cowboys to have a lot of flexibility in the backfield. Being able to cover 3 wideouts well with 2 corners and a corner-turned-safety could allow for creative defensive plays and flexibility in hurry up situations. That's how I look at it at least.

    However, that theory proved to be wrong or very meh level correct at best.

    [–] Who’s your main, and do you have any tips that you learnt from your experience? IamManuelLaBor 1 points ago in OverwatchUniversity

    Moira vs all - in a 1v1 don't just fade back or to the side its very telegraphed where you're going if they're paying attention. Fade initially in one direction then double back in any other or even just back to where you were. I baited so many scatters by faking going behind a hanzo and it works for flashbangs, hooks, punches, charges or really anything where they'll try to be cheeky and outsmart you by predicting your fade exit.

    You only get a split second before they realize you tricked them and it probably only works a couple times per game before they're on to your tricksy ways but then you have them trained and can double fake them too.

    I wouldn't open with the move, and it's really a matter of you predicting their ability usage because you want to trade your cooldown for theirs and then succ them off while they're without it.

    Usually it will still be better to try to escape but sometimes you have to fight it out and you'll need to be slippery to win more often.

    [–] Am I the only one that thinks the Sidearms should have Specializations too? IamManuelLaBor 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    Did ww2 guns actually have that level of modularity in their choice of attachments like with modern guns though?

    I don't like the spec tree as it feels way too arcadey but there's probably no way to do a full attachment system considering the era.

    People were bitching about the historical-ness of the reflex sights as it is.

    [–] The current status of the STUKA-B2 with 37mm cannons. I don't have to say more. IamManuelLaBor 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    Wouldn't like a near miss by the tracks of a tank be considered a glancing blow? You catch the vehicle in the explosion but don't actually give it the full force of detonation.

    Or is the game really applying armor angles to top hits?

    [–] DICE, please let us use OUR guns in the practice range IamManuelLaBor 2 points ago in BattlefieldV

    The free range didn't have me doing any mini games, that's to the right of spawn.

    [–] What is a good amount of healing per 10 mins as Lucio or Moira? IamManuelLaBor 2 points ago in OverwatchUniversity

    Both can easily hit 1k per minute though moiras burst heals can hit 2.5k+ per minute.

    All depends on comp but even more on your teams spacing. Tight group means a lot more heals than a normal spaced out comp for either lucio or moira.

    A decent moira should be hitting 10k per 10 easy if she's solo healing and her team isn't playing outside her heal radius.

    However as a number raw healing is not the best measure of performance.

    Sure I pumped out 20k heals in 10 minutes but that's because we had no shield so my team was taking a lot more damage than normal and thus also charging more enemy ults which makes me heal more etc.

    [–] What would you like to be added to BF V IamManuelLaBor 1 points ago in Battlefield

    I would like the tides of war to extend to the end of the war.

    The way things have been going with review bombs and critical panning and just the negative perception of the game as a whole is probably enough for EA to decide to pull the plug past whatever content is in the pipeline right now.