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    [–] North Yankton from GTA V with Photrorealistic mod looks wonderful. IamSkudd 8 points ago in gaming

    "When simulation becomes indistinguishable from reality, how can you be sure you aren't already in one?"

    [–] The male urinals at the nightclub lets you see the female washroom without them knowing. [OC] IamSkudd 260 points ago in WTF

    There was a place in Atlanta called The Masquerade with this general idea, but there was a middle floor called Purgatory. It wasn't as elaborate as the different entrances or transparent floor but it was themed and still cool nonetheless.

    [–] You wake up when you die in a dream because it is the only thing in existence your brain does not know how to simulate. IamSkudd 24 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Same. It’s probably been 20 years since this dream I had, I remember it vividly. Three of us in a short cab pickup. I’m in the middle. We’re on a sketchy-ass dirt road when some thugs with bandanas come out the bushes in front of the truck, pointing guns, telling us to get out. We did and they got in the truck. As they were leaving one of them shot me in my chest. Last thing I remember was seeing my blood pool up on the ground in front of me as my friends panicked.

    [–] The new pilot experience... Did not go as planned.. xD IamSkudd 1 points ago in starcitizen

    Man all I want to do is some space truckin' and the game runs fucking flawless until I empty my account on a shipment of cargo, then you bet your ass I'm gonna crash or DC for no reason. Ughhh, next patch I guess..

    [–] Skyrim at it's best IamSkudd 50 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in gaming

    Good bc Archery and Magic is where its at in Skyrim VR. The swordplay feels like you're whipping a pool noodle around. You obviously can't add weight to the controller but Skyrim never had what I would call "weighty" melee and it's amplified in VR.

    edit: you're

    [–] Skyrim at it's best IamSkudd 93 points ago in gaming

    and those one-shot killcams are fuckin sweeeeeeet.

    [–] My Nonna wanted me to post this on the internet so that “everyone in Italy can see how big my Tomatoes have gotten” IamSkudd 1 points ago in pics

    It's funny, you can tell when a server has been an expo before b/c they will actually fucking help you instead of just "How long on table 15?"


    [–] Moving to Epic Launcher from a dev perspective: IamSkudd 15 points ago in SatisfactoryGame

    You’re missing the “deal” part of “exclusivity deal”. It is almost NEVER in a company’s best financial interests to decrease the outlets in which the product is available. They would obviously make way more sales (read: more money) if the game was available on Steam, Epic, Humble, and GOG as opposed to just Epic. So please try to explain why a company would do that if they were not getting some sort of compensation from Epic. They wouldn’t. They would have to be literal dumbasses to pull their store from steam without some sort of guarantee from Epic that they are going to be able to pay the bills.

    [–] How to become the most hated man in SC. The great Jumptown wars of 3.3.7 rage on! IamSkudd 2 points ago in starcitizen

    God the feeling of staking out, waiting for a convoy to leave and then following them, and selling the new location to the highest bidder really gives me a chub.

    [–] Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds looks like sci-fi Fallout IamSkudd 8 points ago in Games

    Now I want a “sarcasm” skill that has better quips the higher you level it.

    [–] [TGA 2018] The Outer Worlds IamSkudd 2 points ago in Games

    I'm not saying they would go under, but they won't go back to something more along the lines of this game. I don't know what they plan on doing but I doubt it's making their games more niche.

    [–] Subnautica will be free on the Epic Store for a limited time IamSkudd 2 points ago in pcgaming

    Is there a way to get motion control support? The steam page doesn't say that it supports it.

    [–] Whether you were rooting for RDR2 or GOW for GOTY, we can all agree... IamSkudd 11 points ago in gaming

    Different strokes man, people enjoy different things! Who knew, right? It’s quite obviously a very polished experience, it’s just not for me.

    [–] Whether you were rooting for RDR2 or GOW for GOTY, we can all agree... IamSkudd 49 points ago in gaming

    • I hate playing third person in a competitive shooter
    • I hate the cartoony art style
    • I hate the goofy weapons
    • I hate the way the weapons handle
    • I hate that my opponent can build a castle in 2.5secs if I fire on him while he is exposed

    There’s honestly nothing I enjoy about it, at all.

    [–] Whether you were rooting for RDR2 or GOW for GOTY, we can all agree... IamSkudd 17 points ago in gaming

    Yeah this is Reddit! You have to conform to the hive mind if you want to be unique.

    [–] Satisfactory listed on Epic Store IamSkudd 10 points ago in SatisfactoryGame

    Yeah bc this is right up FN demographic’s alley. SMH