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    [–] Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2019 extended gameplay demo won’t release at Gamescom 2019, confirmed for PAX West 2019 IamSkudd 2 points ago in pcgaming

    Dude I'm so pissed. Went to Epicenter Festival. Tool got rained out Saturday night and they were gonna play those 2 new songs. I've never seen them before :'(

    [–] My dog, Ginger’s being adorable IamSkudd 91 points ago in aww

    My cat's a fucking dumbass. But he cute tho

    [–] 47 should be able to identify trespassing and hostile areas before entering them IamSkudd 2 points ago in HiTMAN

    Just a tip, what I do with the ones that have 2 objectives is I get the first target into a place where I could kill him (in this case I disposed of the woman that enters the office in the chest by the reception desk and I put the lawyer in the chest by his desk. Then I knew I had the target. ) then leave WITHOUT killing him to see what the other target's situation is looking like. Once I gain the knowledge for both targets I restart and do it SA.

    In this case I started in the safehouse with emetic pills. I ran around the back of the building of the lawyers office where you can climb the pipe up to the bathroom near the lawyer's office. There is a bodyguard directly above you at this point but if you wait like 10 secs, a mansion security will walk over directly above the bathroom. At this point, activating the radio will make the mansion security come down instead of the bodyguard. The mansion security is allowed inside the lawyer's office and of course, the mansion. So like I said I disposed of the two obstacles and then the target, all bodies hidden. I then go into the mansion and poison the wine in the cellar, drown the second target in the cellar toilet.

    [–] Post-Long-Term-Character-Death-Depression IamSkudd 2 points ago in projectzomboid

    A happy compromise I will make with myself is only refreshing the backup once a day or once a week depending on how long the sessions are. That way if I die I’m def losing 4-6 hours of progress, so it still sucks but not quite as much as losing a 20hr character.

    [–] The Traveling Merchant drowned in the lake, so I decided to install a lifebuoy. IamSkudd 7 points ago in Terraria

    You could also just hold onto the fish and play normally, then just turn in the fish out of your stockpile each day instead of having to trek out to whatever biome.

    [–] The Traveling Merchant drowned in the lake, so I decided to install a lifebuoy. IamSkudd 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in Terraria

    Yes. IIRC what you do is when you go to catch his quest fish, after you get it, put it in a chest and continue fishing. You will be able to catch more quest fish. Get as many as you care to, I'd say 20-40. Now here's the shitty part: You have to make a new character for each extra fish you caught. So if you did 20 you need 19 new chars. Then, you tediously log on with each character, take a fish out of the chest and turn in the same quest for each one. This is the same strategy to get the Angler cheevo.

    edit: I haven't done this and not sure if the quest reward will be the same for each char. Please try and let me know. Also autopause needs to be on.

    [–] Some see colours, some see CPUs, all I see is trains, assemblers, belts IamSkudd 1 points ago in factorio

    So on the bottom, about halfway to the left from center, there is a red one that goes left up right up left up right up. Anyone have any idea why it would be squiggly and not just connect straighter and shorter?

    [–] The way my cat curls IamSkudd 8 points ago in aww

    Came here looking for a Tool reference and you delivered!

    [–] 0 second prejump to equalize the game IamSkudd 6 points ago in RocketLeague

    RL is so heartbreaking sometimes.

    >Bad TM? Dang, guess I'll go ultra tryhard but try not to chase.

    >Ok through some freaking miracle we're ahead.

    >Going into overtime it's cool


    [–] Helipad speed run IamSkudd 493 points ago in KerbalSpaceProgram

    Valentina: Meet me on top of the VAB

    Jeb: I can't. I'm about to go to space

    Valentina: My parents aren't home.


    [–] Helipad speed run IamSkudd 89 points ago in KerbalSpaceProgram

    I love how he stands up (we need a "brush the dust off" emote) like "ah yes. Exactly as planned"

    [–] Im a archaeologist now IamSkudd 4 points ago in Minecraft

    Yeah fossils are already a thing mate

    [–] A short non-euclidean VR game I created IamSkudd 1 points ago in SteamVR

    Now I'm imagining some sort of 4 dimensional beings just hanging out in their apartment navigating their world like this with no thought to how odd it is. Like, imagine if this was just HOW IT WAS. It would not seem strange.

    [–] Clearing land to build a farm and I really didn't feel like climbing into this large oak to chop it down... IamSkudd 6 points ago in Minecraft

    Don’t even have to use ladders. Nerd-pole with sand or gravel off to the side then work your way down the tree. When you’re done quickly swap bottom sand with a torch and be on your way.

    [–] Playing my 1st playthrough of the game IamSkudd 2 points ago in TheForest

    Yeah I was wondering about that one

    [–] Michael "The Man of 10000 Sound Effects'" Winslow covers Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin IamSkudd 3 points ago in videos

    There are definitely bands that have them. Sometimes it's a redundancy thing as well if something happens with one of the pedalboards. Lots of big bands will have a tech doing some backstage while the guitarist will take over to do precise wahs or whatever.

    [–] Went fishing; every time a native American man chanted, he caught a fish IamSkudd 1 points ago in Glitch_in_the_Matrix

    How do you practice the rain dance? Does it rain every time you practice? If not, how do you know you’re doing it right?!

    [–] Chipotle > Dad IamSkudd 2 points ago in aww

    It’s really not hard to chamber if you already know what they are going to do.

    [–] BACKUP EVERYTHING ALWAYS. IamSkudd 1 points ago in edmproduction

    You always have one less copy than you think. So if you want 1 backup, make 2.