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    [–] The History of the Discord Hypesquad IanM_56 14 points ago in discordapp

    You're opting-in by willingly joining.

    [–] Where can I find the Obscurity modpack? IanM_56 1 points ago in feedthebeast

    Thank you! I'll be sure to test it as soon as I get a chance. (MultiMC is awesome.)

    [–] Where can I find the Obscurity modpack? IanM_56 2 points ago in feedthebeast

    The attached files are no longer there, partly why I'm asking.

    [–] ULPT - If you delete your cookies from a newspaper's site, it will reset your monthly article limit. IanM_56 2 points ago in UnethicalLifeProTips

    Yeah, they check for things that would normally be available like the FileSystem API, and if it's not they assume you're using Incognito.

    [–] Don't tell me you're a programmer unless you know who this is πŸ˜‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ IanM_56 2 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    The show came out in 20021 if it is targeted at 10 year olds, the earliest ones to watched it would be 26 now. They are certainly old enough to call themselves programmers, and to have gone through college, and be working in the field. Even by 2010, "10 year olds" who watched it would be 18 now, which is plenty of time to teach yourself or through classes in high school to program even if as a hobbyist. There are plenty of people within this age range2 and be browsing here on Reddit3,4 for your simple refusal the be disputed.

    On a similar note, it is literally a post with a joke title and emojis, it is not meant to be fully representative of the people here like most other memes of this nature. See r/gatekeeping

    [–] Android 9.0 Emoji Changelog IanM_56 1 points ago in Android

    Gradients are a sin.

    [–] me irl IanM_56 5 points ago in me_irl

    We did it Reddit!

    [–] Beach bar ceiling [L] IanM_56 3 points ago in perfectloops

    Live, as opposed to [A] for animated.

    [–] DiscordApp has been recently suffering from a huge wave of spam bots and information scrappers, and the moderators keep removing every post discussing it and how to mitigate it, except for their controlled megathread. IanM_56 1 points ago in SubredditDrama

    Ah. Thank you for the useful removal reason, there are some comments in particular that discuss the drama. When I get on desktop later I may consider writing a self post, or instead posting on the sister subreddit.

    In terms of drama, if it's comments calling out the subreddit moderators form them removing all posts discussing the issue, that's subreddit drama?

    And if it's in regards to Discord's response outside the subreddit, that's Internet drama?

    Thank you

    [–] It's possible to chat with a business via Google app and Allo IanM_56 5 points ago in Android

    Problem is, people are still waiting for their carrier to enable it. I have AT&T and haven't yet got to experience RCS. While I have been able to easily download and install Allo and use it when I want.

    [–] Ok so I've always wondered.... IanM_56 15 points ago in Hungergames

    They wouldn't allow it. Cinna says it was hard enough getting the Mockingjay pin in because it could have been used as a weapon, they definitely would not allow a handgun.