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    [–] The ending though lmaoooo Idontlikejokes 0 points ago in PublicFreakout

    This must’ve just caught me at the right time because I’m cry-laughing right now. Thank you

    [–] [NEWS] Vektor’s David DiSanto accused of violent domestic abuse by his wife Idontlikejokes 8 points ago in Metal

    No downvotes because 1. It was actually funny 2. It pokes fun at the abuser instead of the abused

    [–] Outstanding move Idontlikejokes 1 points ago in dankmemes

    No boys, you gotta reverse the order. That’s just DIY wet wipes. Smart

    [–] Kerrang’s Top 50 American Metal Bands of the Decade (Some surprisingly solid picks on this list) Idontlikejokes 1 points ago in Metal

    The inclusion criteria make for an interesting list, and I'm really pleased to see a good number of the bands on the list irrespective of the order. Would you guys consider making/linking a Spotify playlist of the bands if you haven't already?

    [–] MomoCon 2019 Loser's top 12 - Sinji vs. Shoyo James Idontlikejokes 2 points ago in smashbros

    Link or twitch timestamp where I can watch the whole set?

    [–] FIFAww Idontlikejokes 3 points ago in funny

    Intentional pawball, direct kick awarded to opposing team

    [–] Keep em on a leash Idontlikejokes 2 points ago in funny

    A picture of a mass produced sign with a canned joke. Pure comedy gold.

    [–] Why not bang head here? Idontlikejokes 2 points ago in funny

    Right in the middle of a firewall

    [–] I was given this at work today for being just average. Idontlikejokes 1 points ago in funny

    This reminds me of the condom company I’ve been meaning to start: Perfectly Medium

    [–] Hammerhedd - Restoration (FFO: Gojira) Idontlikejokes 1 points ago in Metal

    This is actually insane. 3 brothers from Kansas City. They released this EP last year when they were 16, 14, and 11 years old.

    It’s straight up Gojira worship, but it’s executed very well. Beyond the age factor, it’s just some badass music.