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    [–] Super Smash Con 2019 Smash Ultimate Seeding Idontlikejokes 5 points ago in smashbros

    Damn it so he’s not going at all? I thought I saw on twitter amidst the EVO travel mess that he was planning on attending SSC, but I could be wrong

    [–] EVO Championship Series 2019 | Largest Fighting Game Tournament | Feat. MkLeo, Tweek, Dabuz, Nairo, Salem, Cosmos, Mr. R, CaptainZack, VoiD, Abadango, Fatality, Samsora and many more! Idontlikejokes 27 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in smashbros

    I haven’t gotten to watch it yet! I need to. Maister absolutely snapped in his set against Gluto at Smash Factor

    Edit: ok I watched their two sets. Even knowing the outcome ahead of time, I was biting my nails the whole time. Now THIS is Smash Bros

    [–] I Dont Drink Much Water Idontlikejokes 2 points ago in funny

    r/hydrohomies shedding a single, low salinity tear rn

    [–] SMONDAY - it’s real! Idontlikejokes 3 points ago in funny

    It’s just balancing out the scales for mentally checking out of work on Fraturday

    [–] The best one Idontlikejokes 35 points ago in funny


    [–] Found a bad leak under my sink today Idontlikejokes 1 points ago in funny

    Take your punny ass to r/dadjokes, and I mean that as a compliment

    [–] Ladies and gentlemen - the current U.K. leadership contenders. Idontlikejokes 0 points ago in funny

    The chances of them getting elected, I’d say, are more like one out of a million...

    [–] Drying your wets is crucial to the process. Idontlikejokes 2188 points ago in funny

    This is really dumb, yet here I sit laughing. Life is full of surprises.

    [–] Jack Black did it. Idontlikejokes 8 points ago in funny


    [–] I’ve seen some stuff man Idontlikejokes 2 points ago in funny

    Yes sink, I too am dead inside

    [–] Nothing else matters Idontlikejokes 2 points ago in funny

    Seems to be running a little funny. Might want to check the BAT-TE-RY