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    [–] [Slightly Off Topic] The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is incredible Idontreadrepliesnoob 3 points ago in GilmoreGirls

    Such a good show. I'd forgotten how fun that rapid-fire dialogue can be.

    [–] How to make an ancient meme Idontreadrepliesnoob 7 points ago in starterpacks

    Honestly, I miss those sorts of memes.

    [–] [META] A sincere thank you! Idontreadrepliesnoob 10 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    That's really awesome.

    FYI, there's a little information icon in the top right on RiF (circle with an i) that will bring up the sidebar for whatever sub you're currently browsing.

    [–] The "I lost the hooks to the ornaments" starter pack​ Idontreadrepliesnoob 15 points ago in starterpacks

    What kind of trashy dude is using twist ties to hang Christmas ornaments??

    [–] Some reassurance from Ezra Idontreadrepliesnoob 14 points ago in Vampireweekend

    I can understand being overhyped and jaded from it with regards to the new album, but people being assholes to Ezra on social media. . .I mean, how can they enjoy the art but treat the artist like a music dispenser? It'd be like getting a blowjob from a woman you detest: sure it's a blowjob, but how enjoyable can it really be?

    [–] Some reassurance from Ezra Idontreadrepliesnoob 58 points ago in Vampireweekend

    I can't believe people are straight up dicks to him about it. I want the new album too, but Jesus.

    [–] Watching Lost for the first time. Idontreadrepliesnoob 5 points ago in lost

    I think going in as fresh as possible is best; that way you get everything the way the creators intended. Half the fun is having mysteries teased until they're finally made clear. Well, most of them.

    [–] Gilmore night Idontreadrepliesnoob 5 points ago in GilmoreGirls

    Break out the Bop It and you're golden!

    [–] Freshman Writing Assignment starter pack Idontreadrepliesnoob 23 points ago in starterpacks

    This is the most innovative starter pack I've seen in a while. A+!

    [–] Driving through the void starter pack Idontreadrepliesnoob 29 points ago in starterpacks

    And don't get me started on the gas station bathrooms!

    [–] r/TrueDetective needs True Moderators, apply within! Idontreadrepliesnoob 2 points ago in TrueDetective

    Very active user here with moderating experience in several subs, including /r/oldpeoplefacebook and /r/starterpacks.

    I use the Reddit is Fun app, which works great for mod work.

    I'd be happy to help out in any capacity.

    [–] Horny on Wikipedia Idontreadrepliesnoob 43 points ago in starterpacks

    That sarlacc pit really lights my saber.