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    [–] Coupes d'Europe : Les Matchs de la 1ère Journée IkiOLoj 2 points ago in Ligue1

    Je peux déjà prédire les réactions marseillaise a l'issue de cette journée "On joue peut être contre des petits clubs mais au moins on gagne" voire "Heureusement qu'on est là pour représenter la France, et puis vous savez il n'y a pas de petit club a ce niveau"


    [–] Slovenian elite man's selection 2018 World Championship Innsbruck IkiOLoj 20 points ago in peloton

    Doesn't he ride for Czech Republic, I'm sure I've seen him racing the Czech Road National Championship ? /s

    [–] Paris IkiOLoj 54 points ago in CozyPlaces

    That's not really the honest way to present the facts. The "for profit" use of pictures is what is regulated, but for your vacations pictures or your reddit karma whoring, it's all okay.

    [–] Paris IkiOLoj 3 points ago in CozyPlaces

    Only if it is for profit, like using it in an advertisement.

    [–] Paris IkiOLoj 4 points ago in CozyPlaces

    He was, it's only forbidden if they are used for profits.

    [–] [Race Thread] 2018 Coppa Agostoni IkiOLoj -1 points ago in peloton

    He was probably insulting taramae with some racial slurs.

    [–] [Race Thread] 2018 Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 20 (2.UWT) IkiOLoj 5 points ago in peloton

    Because Astana give the first blow, but the other intend to give the deadly one.

    [–] Trash Panda makes Hurricane Florence slightly better IkiOLoj 86 points ago in trashpandas

    It's not my problem if you want to advertise here (that's between you and the mods) but can you at least use pictures of cute trash pandas ? Half of the picture is text about how to buy your product.

    [–] I'm World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, and I'm here to answer your questions about Battle for Azeroth. AMA! IkiOLoj 1 points ago in wow

    Why is fishing so dull ? As a returning player I have either the option to farm on Bfa where there is money to make and people, or farm in WOD/Pandaria/Legion where the zone are empty, the fish don't sell but where there look like to be something to win, some kind of endgame/progression.

    I'd love to have a cool Rod, a raft and a fishing seat, and some cool toys but that would mean at least a month farming old daylies and being locked out of Bfa.

    Is there going to be more fishing content ? And a way for new players to get cool fishing stuff ?

    [–] French selection for Worlds 2018 IkiOLoj 1 points ago in peloton

    What would be the most absurd ? 38 yo Valverde grinding 30s today following Pinot, or Valverde doing a Rasmussen tommorow and gaining 5 minutes ?

    [–] Results Thread – La Vuelta a España 2018 – Stage 19 IkiOLoj -1 points ago in peloton

    Honestly, if Vuelta didn't have a GC, it wouldn't change much for me.

    [–] Results Thread – La Vuelta a España 2018 – Stage 19 IkiOLoj 14 points ago in peloton

    I don't want to say anything because I don't want to jinx it.

    [–] Vuelta broadcast IkiOLoj 6 points ago in peloton

    Race coverage is really expansive, for a race like the tdf you would have a dozen of motos, two helicopter, and a relay plane, then half a dozen fixed camera around the arrival with an optical loop, and a fully manned OB truck.

    If you cut the first or two hour of broadcasting, you are able to make savings, and if you want to broadcast it, you need to explain to the channels buying the rights of your broadcast why you would like to charge as much for the dull parts of the race as for the best parts.

    For the Tour de France, FranceTV that produce the International Signal has a full program that start in the morning with Village Départ, and ends hours after the race has ended, it is one of their flagship production and they are willing to invest as much as needed. Plus it is the Tour de France, so they'll alway be able to sell it.

    [–] French selection for Worlds 2018 IkiOLoj 28 points ago in peloton

    r/olland new world champion confirmed !

    More seriously it's an all star team with serious contenders and hard workers to support them, it reminds me of the football team, if they work together they can have someone dangerous in every phase of the race. It reminds me of FDJ this past NC that had a climber alone upfront, a fast puncheur on the counter, and a sprinter in the bunch.

    If the National Coach can make it clear for each of them what their win conditions are, they can force other nations to only have the choice of who they will work against. A Pinot alone upfront or a fast Alaphillippe in the group ?

    The biggest danger I see is if Valverde decide to mock all we know about human body, aging, and doping, and go for the Vuelta+World double.