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    [–] I bought a retired cop car, like a douche. What more is there to say? ImAnIronmanBtw 2 points ago in RoastMyCar

    yeah i just moved to CA myself.

    unmarked cars in most other states have normal plates.

    [–] I bought a retired cop car, like a douche. What more is there to say? ImAnIronmanBtw 1 points ago in RoastMyCar

    It depends on where you live and who is your local department and what kind of unmarked vehicles they use.

    Where I use to live, the local PD there had alot of unmarked Tauruses.

    and the state police there had a lot of unmarked Dodge Chargers.

    Where I moved to now its definitely not the case.

    [–] Roughly how many times per week/month do you fear for your life? ImAnIronmanBtw 3 points ago in AskLEO

    A deputy sheriff in Nowhere, Montana is gonna fear for his life a lot less often than a patrol officer in a heavily gang / crime infested neighborhood.

    Its gonna vary from officer to officer.

    Also, experience, training, and knowledge can effect this too.

    [–] I bought a retired cop car, like a douche. What more is there to say? ImAnIronmanBtw 6 points ago in RoastMyCar

    Usually people buy decomissioned police vehicles because they want people to get scared when they get behind them or just want strangers to think they're a cop / badass.

    Im a douche and I'd buy one.

    Crown vic though.

    [–] After sending out well over 1000 resumes in the last 3 years I finally have an interview! ImAnIronmanBtw -4 points ago in CasualConversation

    Apply for jobs you're 'qualified for' more sweetie.

    Clearly you're doing something wrong. I've gotten every job I've ever applied for on the first try.

    [–] Ladies who be like “he’s too young”, what does that mean to you? What’s the concern I guess? ImAnIronmanBtw 1 points ago in datingoverthirty

    sure but age is just a number.

    you can be in your 20s and still be more mature, have better values, make more money, have more responsibility, and be able to handle shit better than people older than you.

    i would know.

    [–] It's a love, hate relationship ImAnIronmanBtw 1 points ago in Trucks

    i want to get a ford but seeing shit like this makes me glad i have a toyota

    [–] Leaving my wife, going my own way ImAnIronmanBtw 0 points ago in MGTOW

    A hard working, tough as nails immigrant woman that understands hard work and struggle and she is the fucking best.

    I've had similar experiences with immigrant women.

    [–] How these past few months have felt... ImAnIronmanBtw 1 points ago in 4x4

    just get a landcruiser and throw some big tires, a small lift and a bumper on there and call it a day.

    and then get a winch, lights, recovery gear and shit another day...

    and then the next day...

    [–] What is your “type”? Who have you been recently dating? ImAnIronmanBtw 0 points ago in datingoverthirty

    Huh? All 4 of those types can be into NCAA teams? You're clearly after money and status. You want to be seen with a high value man. Thats your highest priority.